Vända - playing cards redesigned

by David Goldklang

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    1. Nathaniel Huff on

      This looks very classy!

    2. Alexander "Xan" Kashev

      Where's the $25 level?

    3. Benjamin Hill on

      If I choose the $19 level, can I get one of each deck?

    4. Alexander "Xan" Kashev

      @Benjamin - see the pictographic description on the project page. Apparently, the $25 level is exactly for that (plus two tokens).

    5. Missing avatar

      Joseph J on

      Do early backers at the $6 level have the option to select Gold version decks?

    6. David Goldklang 14-time creator

      @Joseph - Yes, early backers can add on golden edition decks at $7 each (+2 each for international shipping)

    7. Bryan Sebeck on

      So the first reward that I see which specifies adding additional decks at $7 each is the $39 tier. By your wording, I think that this is the first level (other than the new rewards that specifically call it out) where you can get in on the gold deck option. Is this the case, or can those currently at lower tiers get in on the gold deck action as well?

    8. David Goldklang 14-time creator

      @Bryan - that's correct. The first reward level that offers additional golden decks at $7 each is the $39 level.

    9. Isaac Jedlicka on

      Looks awesome!
      too bad I can afford it

    10. Isaac Jedlicka on

      Well, it's going to put me under, but this deck is just too awesome to pass up!

    11. Missing avatar


      Just upped my bid. The new deck is SICK! Now getting two of each color, with tokens!

    12. Devon LaVoy on

      Are the golden and crimson editions going to be available after this funding run?

    13. David Goldklang 14-time creator

      The Crimson decks will continue to be available after the project ends, however the Golden decks are going to be a limited printing of 2500 and though they might be available, you won't be able to get them at the price offered through Kickstarter.

    14. Kirk on

      Just noticed that you hit 101%!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Really looking forward to these decks. Killer concept man.

    15. Matthew Snellbacher on

      I noticed there was 3 empty cards on the uncut preview for the gold deck. Might I just suggest a golden ace of spades?