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An innovative playing card deck design unlike anything you've ever seen!
742 backers pledged $27,553 to help bring this project to life.

Clearance Sale + Bacon Playing Cards news + new KS project


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Uncut sheet sale + Porper clip update

Vända cards on Opensky

We have just set up a store page on and will be offering discounted prices on some of the remaining uncut Vända sheets as well as some Vända Golden Edition decks.

In order to activate the store page, we first need 20 followers. So, please go to and follow us. Once we reach 20 followers, the store will open and items will be available for purchase.

Porper clip update

I spoke with Joe and he said he has finally completed the gold clips (I'm hoping they are done correctly this time). We will be picking them up this week and shipping them out soon. If you are waiting for a gold clip and have also ordered Polaris decks, please send me an email at so I can ship both together.

Thank you,


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Shipping complete + clip update + NEW vanda deck!

Rewards complete!

I'm happy to report that all rewards have been shipped out (except the Porper clips - see below). There are a few international packages that may still be in transit but should arrive soon. It is possible that a few orders may have fallen between the cracks so if you have not yet received your reward, please send me an email at and I'll look into your order.

Porper clip update

I just heard from Joe Porper and he's in the process of producing another new batch of clips from scratch. They are being anodized currently and will then go to the engraver, expecting to be completed end of next week. Fingers crossed they will be without scratches this time. I'll keep you updated with any new information.

New deck: Mustache Playing Cards

Our newest creation will launch on kickstarter tomorrow morning (April 24th) at 10:00am PST. 

Facebook event page here:

Please check out the humorous VIDEO on the loopcuts feature page:

A few images below...



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Shipping almost complete + Porper clip news

Your order has been mailed, or will be soon!

Well, it's taken a bit longer than I had expected due to a number of factors, including custom packing different combinations of items and just the learning process of packing/shipping orders efficiently. The good news is that almost all of the kickstarter orders have now been shipped - I have a handful of them to still put together, mostly because there are a few more items I have to laser cut, but those orders will be completed and shipped very soon.

Porper clip delay + images

Unfortunately, I've received another batch of clips from Joe Porper that are not at an acceptable quality to send out to my backers. I'm working with him to resolve this as quickly as possible and get the clips to you at a quality that I'm completely satisfied with. I've taken a few photos of the rejected clips - you can see they look really great, except for the scratches (that are present on every single clip). I apologize for the continued delay but for those of you who ordered a clip, I've gone ahead and shipped out the other items in your order and I will pay for the added shipping cost of sending the clips separately once they are ready.

Also, if you have contacted me and are still waiting a response, I will get back to you shortly - I've been so busy with fulfilling the orders that I've fallen behind on correspondence a bit and am working to catch up now.

Thanks so much!


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Orders keep shipping + Polaris 2nd chance + LA backer party + Porper clips

Orders are shipping

Orders continue to ship out - I'm packing and shipping each one personally so it is a slow process, but your order will be in the mail soon if it isn't already. I dropped off several hundred packages at the nearby post office are a few photos:

Polaris - 2nd chance

If you wanted to back the Polaris project but were unable to because you missed the deadline, you can now sign up as a 2nd chance backer and still get the same price offered through the project. Details on the Polaris card deck are here: Polaris Kickstarter

Please click here to pre-order Polaris decks: 2nd chance backer order form

Backer Party Los Angeles

This is a reminder that the Los Angeles Vända backer party will take place this coming saturday, February 23rd from 6-9pm. Please see the previous update for details on how to RSVP if you haven't done so yet.

Porper Clip delay

Due to a quality issue, there has been a delay in delivery of the Porper gold clips. I actually received the entire order of clips earlier this month but the Logo had been etched incorrectly and there were some issues with scratching. I spoke with Joe and he confirmed that he'd been frustrated lately with the work by some of his 3rd party services and was seeking alternative options so I'm hoping the new batch will be up to the quality that I expect for my backers. I apologize for the delay and will keep you updated when I have more details - I think the clips should arrive within the next 2 weeks.

This entire fulfillment process has been very educational and I've figured out many ways to improve the efficiency for Polaris and other future projects. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding while I'm working out all the issues involved in fulfilling a project of this size.