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£1,174 pledged of £16,926 goal
By Golden Ratio Games
£1,174 pledged of £16,926 goal


In Elementa, each player takes the role of one of these sentiences, aiming to defeat their opponent to ensure they are free to shape a universe to their own design. This is done by influencing the balance of the six elements in two distinct, but inextricably linked, theatres.

The first, representing the consciousnesses in conflict, enables players to infuse the elements with their raw power that can then be consumed, or nurtured, to determine the how the second proceeds.

That second environment is the domain of summoned, customised proxies - the elementals. Their power is governed by the first theatre and can be directly manipulated by players’ evocations. Conflict between elementals may encourage one side to end hostilities and rethink their strategy in a new round, but the battle of wills is not infinite and it is only the player who succeeds at the pre-defined end of the contest that is victorious.

Elementa's Playtest Prototype
Elementa's Playtest Prototype

Included in the basic Elementa Box:

  • 1x Rulebook
  • 1x Reference Sheet
  • 1x Motherboard
  • 1x Elemental Board
  • 108x Cards (18x of each element)
  • 24x Bits (12x for each player)
  • 6x 12-sided dice
  • 1x 6-sided die
  • plus any upgrades and additions as per the Stretch Goal section below!

For a look at the full rulebook, please head on over to our website!


The conflict opens with each side claiming a balance of the elements on the motherboard by placing pieces.

Godlings then consolidate the elements' strength and open themselves to the flow of chaos by using the pieces to draw cards.  The cards are then used to summon elementals and imbue them with abilities.

Finally, the elementals do battle using their abilities with power determined by elemental balance.  Godlings can support them with spells from the cards remaining in their hand.

The struggle continues for six rounds as strengths are consolidated and losses sustained, until the final battle to determine the ultimate victor!

Having run the numbers based on quotes we've received from manufacturers, we're excited to offer Stretch Goal rewards to backers who pledge £39 or more at the following far-too-specific funding totals:

A print-and-play edition to be supplied at the conclusion of the Kickstarter.  It won't be as polished as the final product, and you'll have to find your own bits, but it'll be as good as the edition that I've been playing with for the last two months and will enable you to hone your strategy months before your friends flood down to game stores to pick up their own copies.

A digital download pack of wallpapers of the digitised mixed-media artwork that underlies the ELEMENTA board and box, prepared for a full range of mobile, tablet and desktop resolutions.

An additional rulebook detailing the ELEMENTA Strategy Rules. The strategy version of the game is played with bits & motherboard only. ELEMENTA actually began its life in this form but, after playtesting, I decided the pure strategy of the game would have too niche an appeal to stand alone as a product in the boardgaming industry. However, if you like chess and abhor random aspects in games, I think you'll love this.

An additional cloth bag to keep all of your ELEMENTA bits and dice in!

Replacing the d6 used as a turn counter for a custom-made truncated octahedron, engraved with not only numbers for the turns, but the elemental sigils as well.  A die, but so much more!

The addition of 108x card sleeves to keep those cards pristeen. Also, replacing the single card tuck box that would have held all 108 cards with six card tuck boxes sized to each hold 18x sleeved cards.

The big ask.  Interlocking elemental meeples.  Each of your elementals may embody only up to three of the elements.  Once this final goal is met, we will design and include meeples that can be built up dependent on your elemental's currently manifested elements, in order that you have a stronger visual reference as to its makeup.  With this stretch goal reached, we will include in the game 3x meeples of each element, for each player - that's a total of 36x custom meeples!

Hello there! Golden Ratio Games are Geoff Greenwood and Stephen McCormick. We've been playing games together since 1993 - RPGs, wargames, card games, board games and video games. I think there were even a few games of football at some point.

Career-wise we each have a decade of experience in finance and project management respectively, but we've decided this year to combine our business experience with our long-time hobby and focus our creative abilities beyond the house rules, mini-games, campaigns and tournaments we've experienced with our gaming groups and bring our ideas to a wider audience - you. In July, we started full-time work for GRG, drawing up a five-year business plan, and researching the online community to get a grasp on what bringing ideas for our games into reality fully entails.

As you can probably imagine, our schedule has involved crystallizing our game concepts into something solid, playtesting them, commissioning artwork and graphics in order to create prototypes, and preparing for manufacture and distribution. Also visiting shows to meet existing designers and manufacturers served well to further our industry knowledge.

We look forward to staying in contact with you over the duration of the campaign.  Of course, even if you haven't got the ability to back us financially, we really appreciate it every time someone spreads the word with a 'like' or a 'share' - small actions like that can give real help toward achieving our goals.

Risks and challenges

I feel the major risk you face backing this project is that it is our first, and we are ourselves a new company. But we all have to start somewhere!

The main mitigating factor to our rookie nature, however, is you, as part of the boardgaming community. It is hugely encouraging to be able to follow in the now reasonably well-trodden path of the independent boardgames publishers of the last half-decade. Special mention, of course, has to go to Jamey Stegmaier's blogs, The Dice Tower, and the BGG forums without which, we would be fumbling about in the dark. And we welcome any and all suggestions as the campaign continues.

We're not in a position where we're able to have produced a professionally manufactured prototype, without acceding to another couple of months' delay - what you see in the 'How To Play' video is a home-printed effort (rather like the video itself!).

However, we have paid our artist and graphic designer for their work, using our own funds to do so, and the professional designs are print-ready to be sent to the manufacturer according to their guidelines. This is a significant financial outlay from us to both this project and our next, which hopefully illustrates on that level our commitment to success of all of our projects.

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