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Tales of the Crescent City—Adventures in Jazz Era New Orleans; a collection of scenarios for the Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying Game.
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International Backers Update 12/01/2014

Posted by Oscar Rios (Creator)

Hello Again,

Unfortunately I am slowly coming to realize that once again I have been lied to by my international re-distributor, Angus Abranson of Chronicle City. I was given assurances that all of the missing rewards were mailed out, and I sent out the few items he claimed not to have. The items I mailed out seem to have arrived, but the items he claimed to mailed I now believe were never sent out.  I cannot express how deeply this entire business sickens me.

I promise that everyone due material will get their rewards, I just ask for your patience. If I am forced to resend everything out, to mail all the missing items directly it will be ruinous. I have already shipped these items to him and paid for the postage, promptly sending him a small fortune I might add.  Golden Goblin Press cannot afford to pay for all this shipping a second time. We are a very small, very new company.  A hit this severe could sink us, and as such it seems unlikely we'll be launching another Kickstarter in 2015.  

 If it is any consolation I have recently learned that we are not alone.  Angus Abranson has done this same thing to the backers of the Cathulhu Deluxe game, taking the publisher's money and stock while not shipping out the items he was paid to. He is actively being sought for comment and resolution by at least three publishers that I know of.  

I have been emailing him and messaging him on Facebook constantly.  If you are missing your rewards I invite you to join me in attempting to contact him as well.  He should be reachable at:   If anyone out there, especially those backers living in the UK, has a way to get in touch with him I would be very grateful for your help.  

I am deeply sorry for all of us affected by this situation.  Please know I am working very hard to try to resolve this.  Golden Goblin Press is a small company, a handful of people working from their homes, on their laptops, running Kickstarters to raise capital to produce the best books they can.  We never wanted our fans treated poorly in any way.  We are just as much victims of this situation as you are.  

Stand by for further developments as they take shape,

Oscar Rios - President of Golden Goblin Press.

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    1. Jason Williams on

      I am still waiting for mine and hope to hear some kind of positive update soon.

    2. Bruce McIntosh on

      I (@bruceemcintosh) sent Angus Abranson a message via twitter @Angus_A asking what was happening with delivery of backer rewards for ToCC. Sadly no response.

    3. John Fiala

      It looks like he just left a new update on the Space: 1889 kickstarter, if that's any help at all.

    4. Vivienne Dunstan on

      I've emailed him too, at a different gmail address I have (which I have forwarded to Oscar).

    5. Steve Mumford on

      Well, I've dropped Angus an email; not expecting anything from it, mind. Very disappointing behaviour from Chronicle City - at least people are aware of the situation now.

    6. Vivienne Dunstan on

      @Darren I didn't know it would be Chronicle City either, until this latest update. And even if I had, to be honest, I would have hoped all goes well. And I did get my book, despite being in the UK. I'm lucky! But am still waiting for stuff from another Kickstarter they are handling post for.

    7. JF Boivin on

      @Darren honestly, I didn't know the physical reward would be sent by Chronicle City. There was no issue with the previous Kicksarter so I assumed this would go smoothly, given Oscar's amazing service. Of couse if anyone could have predicted all the problems I would probably not have contributed and just bought a copy after the release.

    8. Missing avatar

      AndreasDavour on

      When I ordered Island of Ignorance, Chronicle City was a bit slow on delivering, and on answering. Then he claimed he had caught the flu and been incommunicado for a long time. Considering this sounds like a repeated issue, storms clouds seems to gather.

      Considering this, I wonder if the reason I got my copy so fast was my history of bugging him about my order...

      I still hope it can be sorted.

      If push comes to shove, this sounds like lawyers need to get involved. If it has happened multiple times, maybe resources can be pooled?

      For future endeavours, maybe Pegasus Spiele is an option?

    9. Missing avatar

      Stewart Robertson

      I received my books a while back, so I guess I'm one of the lucky UK backers. Still waiting for my Call of Cathulhu though, so I know the feeling.

      Good luck getting this all sorted out.

    10. scionofnyarlathotep

      Oscar, I am truly sorry to hear this. I know Angus has been getting a lot of grief on the UK Roleplayers forums about Space 1889 and other matters. His G+ account hasn't been updated since the end of October and Chronicle City do not have a stand at Dragonmeet this year. This is all very ominous.

      Charlie Krank, Mike Mason, Robin Laws and Scott Dorward all have him in their G+ cricles. Maybe they can throw some light or help you get in contact to resolve this?

      Best of luck and keep up the great work, I hope this doesn't sink Golden Goblin.

    11. Cameron Manski on

      Well this sucks. I guess I won't be seeing a hardcopy of this book anytime soon, if at all

    12. Missing avatar

      crazy_cat on

      Maybe worth reporting AA and Chronicle City to Kickstarter - he has a project (Space 1889) currently running 10 months late that has gone quiet and not delivered and he has £72K of backers money from that - and isn't responding to posts or direct messages via KS.

    13. Darren

      If problems were known about using CC for international distribution, why use them. Or if backers of this KS knew of concerns due to experiences of other KS projects, why weren't they raised with Oscar? Seems like there is plenty of talk now, albeit after the event and too late to be useful

    14. JF Boivin on

      I had to deal with Abranson one time when I ordered the Weapons Compendium book. 1 month later I wrote him to say I didn't receive, and he promptly "re-sent" one (although I'm not sure it was shipped the first time). I did receive my copy eventually. Oscar: Maybe you can look into a refund option from him.

    15. Missing avatar

      Iain Smedley

      Very sorry to hear about this. I am in the UK and also a Cathulhu backer. I have however received TOCC - not sure if this was from you direct or via Chronicle City, but it arrived safe and well a week or two ago.

    16. Tara Cameron

      So frustrating that this is the third KS I've been in where Chronicle City has caused such horrible headaches. Shipping seems to be where a lot of KS's flounder. :( Here's hoping things get sorted out sooner rather than later! But you are definitely not alone in your CC misery...

    17. Honking Weasel on

      A tragedy the margins on KS projects are so small. I really feel for those affected and GGP :(

    18. Petri Wessman

      Onyx Path has since moved on to better distributing options and have given CC the boot.

    19. Petri Wessman

      Ouch. Chronicle City / Angus were also problem points with a couple of past Onyx Path Kickstarters; my own copies of Werewolf 20th + Hunters Hunted *finally* arrived, very late, after Onyx Path spent a lot of time pressuring CC. Sounds like the same shenanigas here. Once I can believe is an honest accident, but this? It's a pattern of either incompetence or (maybe even) fraud. Hope things get straightened out.

    20. Todd W. Olson

      My thoughts exactly. This doesn't impact me, and yet I can't help but find myself outraged on behalf of Golden Goblin. Shame on this Abranson blackguard.

    21. David M Jacobs

      I'm very sorry to hear of your predicament. Golden Goblin has heretofore built an exceptional reputation for delivering its backer rewards on time, and it's a shame that the actions of one individual have not only tarnished this reputation, but set back your production schedule so dramatically.

      This isn't the first product to which Mr Abranson's name was attached which I've not received; I hope he can at least be convinced to clarify the whereabouts of missing items.

    22. Munchezuma

      This really frustrates me. I have not been affected by this situation as a US customer, but I am quite sorry to hear about it. My time on Kickstarter has been filled with trouble and I am sorry to see yet another product in the game sphere run in to issues.

      Good luck to you Oscar, and good luck to Golden Goblin.

    23. A. Gammell on

      Oscar, does this include Canadian backers as well? Or just non-North American backers? (I meant to email you about the lack of arrival, but forgot prior to this update.)


    24. AJ the Ronin on

      I was looking forward to the next (and possible first 7e) project. This is sad. Hopefully it will get resolved in a just matter.