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A collection of 1920's era adventures for the 7th edition Call of Cthulhu role playing game set in the Caribbean.
A collection of 1920's era adventures for the 7th edition Call of Cthulhu role playing game set in the Caribbean.
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Art, Editing, Dread Shadows and Future Horrors


Greeting everyone.

We have a big update this week. We’ve been very busy here at the Goblin Lair and have some wonderful news to share. 

ART – The art assignments for two scenarios, eight items in total, have been issued to Reuben Dodd. So we should have art for Black as Pitch at Midnight and The Devil Cuts In soon. 

Editing – Black as Pitch at Midnight (our scenario set in Trinidad by Oscar Rios), and Wrath of the Sulfurer (our scenario set in St. Vincent and the Grenadines by Dave Sokolowski) are now in formal editing. The Trinidad scenario is much further along than the St. Vincent one, but progress is being made on both. 

Play Testing and Rewrites – The rewrites for The Devil Cuts In (our scenario set in Monserrat s by Phredd Groves) was successfully play tested, rewritten, and arrived in house this week. It is now much improved and about two thousand words longer. It now joins the Cuba scenario in the Waiting To Be Edited Pile. 

Stretch Goal, Dread Shadows in Paradise – Our companion fiction collection to this project is just about ready to be released digitally to all backers due to receive one. When you ask? How about tomorrow, Monday May 16th! 

Yes, you read that correctly. Dread Shadows in Paradise will be released digitally (PDF and ePub formats) on Monday May 16th. 

Backers due to receive one will get a 100% discount codes to purchase it in our online store. Keep an eye on your email tomorrow for the code and link. Here is a sneak peek at the stories!

“Jamal” by Glynn Owen Barrass - Jamal is a man of two worlds - poverty-stricken Port Royal, and the sunken pirate city beyond. The horrors concealed within one are about to bring terrifying consequences to the other. 

“With the Storm” by Pete Rawlik - Etienne de Marginy came to Cuba to escape the law, he never expected to weather a hurricane, or confront the maddening truth that came With the Storm. 

“Crop Over” by Tim Waggoner - On Barbados, Crop Over is supposed to be a time of celebration. But for one couple, it's a time of deadly sacrifice. 

“Tradewinds” by Sam Gafford - The smuggling vessel, The Young Tanzer, agrees to take a mysterious man to an island not on any map for the promise of gold and riches. What they find is horror beyond belief beneath the waves. 

“Gods of the Grim Nation” by Ed Erdelac – When a series of ritual murders plague the Haitian backcountry, the police crackdown hard on the rural Vodoun societies. But anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston suspects a more sinister force behind the killings, and sets out to uncover it. 

“The Gold of Roatán” by Sam Stone – When Daniel Meriwether discovers that the letter he is carrying to the descendant of a once infamous pirate is in fact a treasure map, the simple task he’s been paid to do takes a sinister turn. 

“Sugar Rush” by William Meikle- Only one place holds out against a new railway system - a high plantation where the sugar cane feeds something that has become very, very hungry. 

“Hearth of the Immortals” by Konstantine Paradias - In 1916 Dominican Republic, Father Lajaras watches a trio of uncaring, cold gods come bearing down across the world, riding on the crest of a tsunami, with his only option to make amends with his enemy.

”Upon an Altar in the Fields” by Lee Clark Zumpe - A fact-finding trip to St. Croix introduces Churchill Gardener, Harvard archaeologist, to the island’s painful legacy of slavery – and to a group of cultists toying with powers beyond understanding. 

For those who ordered physical copies, we hope to have these printed up over the summer and shipped out with the other physical rewards. Unfortunately this is still a few months away, so please be patient with us.

Lastly, I’d like to say that if you enjoyed Tales of Cthulhu Invictus, and if you enjoy Dread Shadows in Paradise, I hope you will take a look at the upcoming Kickstarter for our 3rd fiction collection. It launches June 20th and will be a 100,000 word collection (twice the size of either of our previous fiction collections). It is called Heroes of Red Hook. The book is currently 60% written, and we hope to have it completely done before the Kickstarter launches in a little over a month from now. An ad for the book/Kickstarter appears in the back of Dread Shadows in Paradise

Heroes of Red Hook, the fourth Kickstarter from Golden Goblin Press, is a compilation of short cosmic horror stories set in the 20’s and 30’s. What makes this project unique in that it features protagonists who are immigrant, minorities, independent women, non-Christian, and members of the LGBT. Our heroes and heroines struggle to overcome not only the dark horrors beyond mankind’s understanding, but a society seeking to deny them basic human rights. 

Edited by Brian Sammons and Oscar Rios, the collection features stories by Glynn Owen Barrass & Juliana Jozens Quartaroli, Edward M. Erdelac, Sam Gafford, Tom Lynch, William Meikle, Christine Morgan, Wilum Pugmire, Pete Rawlik, Oscar Rios, Tim Waggoner, and many more…

Well, I think that just about covers it for now.

On behalf of everyone here at the Goblin Lair, thank you everyone for your patience and generous support.

Oscar Rios, President, Golden Goblin Press

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