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A supplement for 7th edition Call of Cthulhu, a collection of between five and seven adventure scenarios set in the 1920's
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Stretch Goal One Fall! Onward to Stretch Goal Two!

Posted by Golden Goblin Press (Creator)

Greetings everyone and once again… Congratulations!

We have just unlocked stretch goal one! We hope this will be the first of many stretch goals added to this project. The book will now have expanded art, with a minimum of four illustrations per scenario and an additional map if necessary. 

Our next stretch goal is a larger one, as we’ll be able to upgrade the book to a full color interior. This will greatly improve the overall look of the book, but unfortunately increase the printing costs as well (which is why this is a stretch goal).

We have adjusted the main Kickstarter page to list Stretch Goal One as unlocked, as well as putting up Christopher Smith Adair’s photo, bio, and interview question. While he’s not attached to the project yet, adding his scenario to the collection is just the stretch goal after next. With luck it won’t be long before we unlock that one too. 

Every time we unlock one stretch goal we’ll announce the next one, so there should always be at least three unfulfilled stretch goals displayed. We have also added Stretch Goal #4 to the Kickstarter page, but to save you the trouble of looking it up, we are including the details in this update too!

Stretch Goal #4, 8 x 10 Color Art Prints (Additional $750 / Unlock Mark: $25,500) – Upon unlocking this stretch goal every backer receiving a physical book directly from Golden Goblin Press will also receive a color 8 x 10 of our cover art by Reuben Dodd. 

In other news we’ve gotten in touch with our authors to let them know they now have official deadlines to deliver their scenarios. Most had already been working on their scenarios, having faith in this Kickstarter funding and not wanting to waste any time getting to work.

As for myself, I was superstitious and decided to wait to get started until after we fund. However, since this is a scenario I have run several times and know very well, this new revised version won’t take me as long as writing a new one. 

I will also be meeting with Brian Sammons to discuss the fiction collection, Shadows of an Inner Darkness, later today. This collection of short stories is quite likely to become our fifth stretch goal.

Shadows of an Inner Darkness / black & white mock up of future color cover.
Shadows of an Inner Darkness / black & white mock up of future color cover.

I’ll be posting again soon as we are already racing towards unlocking Stretch Goal #2. 

That’s all there is to say at the moment, so goodbye for now.

Oscar Rios – President, Golden Goblin Press 

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