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A supplement for 7th edition Call of Cthulhu, a collection of between five and seven adventure scenarios set in the 1920's
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We Are Funded! Onward to Stretch Goals!

Posted by Golden Goblin Press (Creator)

Greetings everyone and congratulations!

This project is now going to become a reality, thanks to the support and generosity of our 375 backs!  On behalf of everyone here at Golden Goblin Press I'd like to convey our deepest thanks. Now that this is going to happen we can relax just a bit, but only just a bit.  You see, phase two of the campaign is about to begin!


We have a large number of stretch goals planned for this campaign.  They include expanded art and color layout, two additional scenarios, three additional sections of the core book (a pre-gen/NPC collection, a collection of investigator societies, and a framework to run this book as a campaign), art prints, a second book (a fiction companion), and book marks. 

We've already posted the first three to the Kickstarter page.  In case you missed it here are the first three stretch goals we've got planned.

 Stretch Goal #1, Expanded Interior Art (Additional $750 / Unlock Mark: $20,750) – Upon unlocking this stretch goal all scenarios will get an additional interior illustration (to a total of four), and if necessary additional map and/or handout.

Stretch Goal #2, Full Color Interior (Additional $1500 / Unlock Mark: $22,250) – Upon unlocking this stretch goal the layout of the book will become full color. 

Stretch Goal #3, Bonus Sixth Scenario; Dreams of Silk by Christopher Smith Adair (Additional $2,500 / Unlock Mark: $24,750) - Upon unlocking this stretch goal a sixth scenario will be added to this collection!

Dreams of Silk, by Christopher Smith Adair – Pennsylvania, 1922. The cosmetics industry is growing fast, as the public’s obsession with youth and beauty grows. As profits soar and businesses expand workers at such companies suffer due to lax regulations and poor conditions. At Hempstead Cosmetics, located in Brights Mill, Pennsylvania, a state infamous among labor advocates, conditions are especially bad. Local government turns a blind eye to protect their economic boom, ignoring any indiscretions or complaints against chemist and owner Mervyn Hempstead. Consumers marvel at their newest skin cream, promising to give a complexion as smooth as dreams of silk, and the youthful glow of Imelda Hempstead, Mervyn’s wife and chief model.  Meanwhile, his employee’s bodies and minds deteriorate and their complaints of rashes and troubled sleep are ignored.  But things are much worse than anyone can possibly imagine, as they are drawn into a web of literal nightmares as unspeakable horrors from beyond our reality are tied to Hempstead Cosmetics' “miraculous” secret ingredients. 

Dreams of Silk by Christopher Smith Adair
Dreams of Silk by Christopher Smith Adair

We have three weeks left of this campaign. Hopefully that will give us enough time to really push this project forward so we can expand it's size and scope.  Please help us promote this project by sharing news about it on social media.

We'll be updating you as things progress.  Once one stretch goal is unlocked we'll release more formal details of the next one.  

Thanks again for joining us on this project, we couldn't have done it without your support.

Oscar Rios - President, Golden Goblin Press.

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