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GOLD is over $1300 oz. With old style pans only experts can get it. New tech makes catching gold easy and fun, no experience is needed.
GOLD is over $1300 oz. With old style pans only experts can get it. New tech makes catching gold easy and fun, no experience is needed.
354 backers pledged $20,454 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goal - Pay Dirt For All!

Posted by Gold Claw - Klint Washburn (Creator)

Stretch Goal:

We are fighting the good fight learning all this social media magic and are finally getting traction. We believe we will fund. Achieving our original funding goal of $20K is a worthy stretch goal with one week to go. 

So that's it, if we fund every backer gets pay dirt! You will have everything you need to pan and successfully catch gold right out of the box!


Pay Dirt is gravel that contains GOLD! It's the gold ore all the miners are searching for.

Our mission is to enable all to enjoy success in the world of gold. The first step into this world is via the gold pan. You have all ordered the Gold Claw, the best pan on this amazing planet!

A pan without pay dirt gets you nowhere, you must have both! Now you do! 

  • With pay dirt you can immediately try your new Gold Claw pan right out of the box!
  • There is nothing like GOLD! Practicing on anything else is not the same.
  • Practicing on pay dirt before you go out gives confidence, you'll know you're panning right.
  • Practice pay dirt can be used over and over to refine your skills. 
  • Our practice pay dirt is washed. The muck is out and the gold is still in so you can see what you are doing under water and get it right.

Each backer that has selected a pan in any way will receive a resealable container with pay dirt having typically 5 to 10 flakes of gold in it. Once we have sample containers in hand we will know more accurately but they should hold around a pound of material.

To make sure you have everything you need we will also post a how to video for using the Gold Claw pan and the accessory kit.

I have to say, the kids featured in the videos, and others including the local gold club owners 6 year old, and our own team members 4 year old are all getting this right their first time panning just by watching with very minimal coaching. There is no pan out there like Gold Claw!

If the little ones can do it, anyone can do it!

What we are learning about social media is that all of you can have a big impact with simple efforts. To help the project fund, you can copy the link below:

You can copy the link and paste it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and all the many others.

You can also paste the link into an email and send it to your friends and family letting them know that they can help you and everyone else get their Gold Claw pan by helping the project fund.

These seem like small efforts but they really make a big difference.

We thank you all so much for sharing and your enthusiastic support!


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