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GOLD is over $1300 oz. With old style pans only experts can get it. New tech makes catching gold easy and fun, no experience is needed.
GOLD is over $1300 oz. With old style pans only experts can get it. New tech makes catching gold easy and fun, no experience is needed.
GOLD is over $1300 oz. With old style pans only experts can get it. New tech makes catching gold easy and fun, no experience is needed.
354 backers pledged $20,454 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Douglas Liebert on

      @ Doug Johnson --- About seasoning the pan, it couldn't hurt to give it a good cleaning to remove the release agent coating the pans surface (a by-product of the manufacturing process so that the pan does not stick to the mold). The other reason for seasoning is that all the other pans out there have s smooth surface (unlike the gold claw) and roughing it up helps small gold to stick. When you are done seasoning, water should Not bead up on the pans surface. Remember to use oil free soap for this process.

    2. Missing avatar

      James Webb on

      I recieved my package and everything is in good shape. All product is there. Looks great and can't wait to try it out.

    3. Missing avatar

      Kamil Gawel on

      Hello there!
      I have a problem -it seems that I have received a starter kit without the pan... I was convinced that I have purchased the right one but apparently I paid 35 US dollars and that's with shipping. Is there any chance to paid extra and get the pan? The real reason I bacekd the project was the pan.. Regards,


    4. Clark Pinkus on

      Got it!! Thank you guys, can hardly wait to try out---looks great!

    5. Missing avatar

      Rod Hodgson on

      Hi, I received my package - But it is missing the extra 2 gold claws I paid extra for.

    6. Missing avatar

      Marcos Gonçalves on

      I would like to know how can I track my package? Since this is an international delivery, I need to know if I have any problems with that.

    7. Missing avatar

      Doug Johnson on

      Thanks the pan looks GREAT! I got the clear one. I panned the bottle of dirt and got 12 small pieces of gold. It does go a lot faster the regular type of gold pan! Thanks again. :-)

    8. Steven McGovern on

      Should we all have received our pans by now? I've still not received any tracking info or the actual package. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    9. Missing avatar

      Doug Johnson on

      Thanks, just received my Gold Claw pan (the transparent one) it looks GREAT! Haven't panned the dirt that came with it yet. Been raining and waiting for a sunny day. Thanks again for a GREAT product!

    10. Missing avatar

      Doug Johnson on

      Should we season the gold claw pan like they tell us to do to the regular gold pans? Like this video? Thanks…

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      Douglas Huskins

      @GoldClaw, I received my pans today and tried them out with your "pay dirt". This pan is the easiest pan I've ever used. After screening out the bigger rocks/pebbles, the pan was better able to work the black sand quickly. Thanks. This was a great pan and I'm planning another trip just for panning with a Gold Claw.

    12. Gold Claw - Klint Washburn 3-time creator on

      Thank you all for the great comments, this is exciting! So far everything is coming together! I'm excited to see the starter kit samples next week and possibly get the mold assembled and ready for first article!

    13. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Trantham on

      It should be interesting to see how well this product works first hand. My parents are planning a trip to Alaska next summer and I believe the Gold Claw is going with them.

    14. Missing avatar

      Corey on

      Posted my pledge yesterday to$80. Congrats on funding. I will be giving my 2 claws and accessories to my boys. I'm not gonna lie I'm pretty excited to :D

    15. Missing avatar

      Pearl on

      GOLD FEVER--full blown--and so welcome!☺ Your good news about successful funding truly warrants a GREAT CONGRATULATIONS and a sincere "Thank You" for lifting my spirits during these times when good news is so scarce; Thanks to the folks at Kickstarter and you for letting me be a part of your American dream. Go for it !!

    16. Missing avatar

      Jeanie Maw on

      Wow! I almost want to cry, because for years I have thought about how I could find the gold nuggets that are so plentiful in the mountains of Utah. Now I have a source and I know what my family will be getting in the future!

    17. Douglas Liebert on

      Wow! Wasn't sure you were going to make it there for a while. Glad to see this will make it to production. Can't wait to try this out.

    18. Missing avatar

      Todd ghorai on

      Congratulations! This is very exciting. I upped my pledge. To help make sure you got funding. Kirk, how to I get a translucent gold claw pan.

    19. Missing avatar

      Ray Robertson on

      The investment that will pay for itself! I can't wait to try out the gold claw in the hills of Alabama and Georgia! I'm pumped that this project funded! Congratulations Klint!

    20. Missing avatar

      Henry Gonzales on

      I look forward to trying them out

    21. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Dallman on

      Congrats! I can't wait to try my hand at panning for gold!

    22. Missing avatar

      Wayne Hodson on

      Hi Klint, Congratulations on achieving your target. I look forward to receiving my pans and getting out there panning for gold.

    23. Nathan Sylling on

      I have never panned for gold but I am excited about the Gold Claw! Can't wait to take it hiking with me and see what I get.

    24. Missing avatar

      KassiAnne Fondaw on

      Woohoo! Congrats! I look forward to having my pan with me while I go on future adventures!

    25. Gold Claw - Klint Washburn 3-time creator on

      We will continue to send updates, for additional pans after this campaign ends be sure to go to and visit our store.

    26. Gold Claw - Klint Washburn 3-time creator on

      You are all amazing, your comments are so heart warming. I feel like you are all family now. Thank you everyone! What a full effort from all of you! I'm excited for the next phase, getting all these pans shipped.

    27. Marlena Harris

      You've got it! Less than two hours left before a successful campaign. I look foreward to having my Gold Claw!

    28. Missing avatar

      James Webb on

      congratulations. funded.

    29. Emily G

      I went off to take a shower, came back, and it had funded! Congrats -- I know we're all very excited and hope you are, too!

    30. Missing avatar

      William Maney on

      Congrats! So glad you funded!

    31. Clark Pinkus on

      Looks great everyone!!!

    32. Missing avatar

      Douglas Huskins

      I couldn't wait any longer so I simply added the rest of the money on my pledge.

    33. Missing avatar

      jose on

      Just upgraded my pledge, $3 left! I don't even know where to start panning but I'm going to enjoy this hobby.

    34. Missing avatar

      Douglas Huskins

      $80 and three hours to get it. . . . Nail biting . . .

    35. Missing avatar

      Curtis on

      I just doubled my pledge to two pans! Hope we make it.

    36. Missing avatar

      Evelyn Estrada-Cobos on

      Thanks Tracey Bentz and Anthony! We only need $549 more to go with 5 hoursl left. Let's hope others do the same. It was figured that if backers were to pledge $2 more, we will meet and exceed the goal. Just saying...

    37. Missing avatar


      I pledge $50 so hopefully the goal will be reached.

    38. Missing avatar

      Tracey Bantz on

      I increased also. I sure hope this works efficiently with the micro gold in my area...

    39. Missing avatar

      Evelyn Estrada-Cobos on

      I've increased my pledge...let's help meet this goal people.

    40. Gold Claw - Klint Washburn 3-time creator on

      Henry: With only seven hours we have no currently physically planed bonuses (the pay dirt is the bonus). But we're currently considering the idea of giving all supporters a code-based coupon to use for a discount on our storefront when it's up and running (thanks to the Kickstarter support!) that they can give to friends & family to make use of, or keep to for themselves to use later.

      But we're only just about $700 away! I don't think that's very much at all, and by my estimates we should complete our goal.

      If you would like to up your pledge and get another pan just in case it funds (you aren't charged if it doesn't go through, of course), you are more than welcome to. If not, we're appreciative of your support thus far!

    41. Missing avatar

      Henry Gonzales on

      Need some kind of bonus to motivate the backers to increase their pledges

    42. Michael Gilberg on

      I increased mine to 2 a few hours ago. Let's go backers, get one for the spouse and/or kids and get them panning!!!!!

    43. Missing avatar

      Henry Gonzales on

      I'd be willing to pledge for another pan.....but we're going to have to be closer

    44. Missing avatar

      Anthony Barnes

      We have only $1515 to go before the campaign is funded. With only 11 hours left we will need 30.3 people to pledge at the $50 to be funded or if we all (331 backers) increase our pledge by $4.58 it will be funded.

    45. Gold Claw - Klint Washburn 3-time creator on

      The founder of American Prospector visited yesterday morning to see it for himself. He was so impressed that he cam back late yesterday to make a video about it. Once he posts it I will share.

    46. Michael Gilberg on

      I'm in and shared this on Facebook. Let's do this Folks!!!!

    47. Missing avatar

      Henry Gonzales on

      It's the final stretch let's do this.

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