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ModiBot is a design-your-own-toy system of more than 400 different interlocking parts, personalized by 3d printing & your imagination
250 backers pledged $14,950 to help bring this project to life.

Phase 2 shipped, color printing in-progress, final shipments targeting Nov 15th(ish)

Posted by Go Go Dynamo (Creator)

Sorry for the delay in the most current update, but there's been a lot happening and a TON of learning about what it takes to get a 'custom products' Kickstarter out the door. The net of it is- basically, you should double the time expected for every part of the process. That being said, things are progressing, but not at the speed I expected. You guys are awesomely patient and curious about where we are at, so here we go

Phase 2- Backers with white 3d printed accessory kits just shipped

Yesterday, I mailed nearly all of the items that contained a combo of Mo figures and white accessories. These larger print orders take a bit longer than I expected, but the parts are looking great and I think people will be really pleased once they get them in the next 2-5 days. This gets us about 2/5 of the way to completion. 

The one (all white) backer group that has not shipped, yet, are the folks who ordered the Bravest Chris figure. We are having some logistical issues with it, but are still hoping to ship soon. I'll be contacting the Chris-level backers directly with an update soon.

All color prints are ordered from Shapeways and in production

The majority of you have at least one color kit in your order, so my last order from Shapeways was huge (Thanks, Shapeways!). Sorting and packing these kits has been an unexpectedly large speed bump. After getting the white kits out the door, we've learned a few trick that should speed up the hands-on part of this final color batch. 

In checking the cool, print progress meter at Shapeways, it shows that we are about 3/4 finished with the current order, so we'll likely get them mid to late next week and it will take about 1 week to get them back in the mail to everyone. My current estimate is that everything should ship around Nov 15th.

I was really hoping to have it in everyone's hands by Halloween, but its mostly looking like everyone will have their items in-hand for sure by Thanksgiving. 

Party postponed

A lot of you have asked about the launch party and its looking like that may be put on hold for now, mainly due to the complexity of determining an exact date that we can celebrate the final shipment. I'll look for opportunities in early December for the party, but by that time everyone will have received their parts in the mail. The main thing is that we're still really excited about seeing those of you who can make it. More to come. is live, Large accessory kits for sale at the ModiBot Shapeways shop.

In between the raindrops, I managed to get a proper site up and mostly debugged. You can see some fan builds, order figures (but not accessories, yet), grab 3d print files, and news about events, new items and tips and tricks. It'll be your homebase for everything ModiBot.

Many of you have asked about the larger CreatureLab, CharacterLab, connector set, and Arms and Armory kit. I just posted them to Shapeways for sale. 

At this point, its the best way to order them. I'll be posting a revised version of the Figure Modifier set this weekend and will slowly be adding things like the Angel and Anubis once the Kickstarter is fulfilled. You can see them at

Contact info

If any of you have questions, concerns, ideas, requests, etc. feel free to contact me directly via The Kickstarter mail mostly works fine, but I've been noticing that not everything makes it into my inbox.

Thanks again!

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