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ModiBot is a design-your-own-toy system of more than 400 different interlocking parts, personalized by 3d printing & your imagination
250 backers pledged $14,950 to help bring this project to life.

Backer survey tally, 1st batch of 3d prints, Mo is go!

Posted by Go Go Dynamo (Creator)

Its been exactly a month since last update, sorry for the radio silence, but we've been furiously trying to grab your information, create orders for all the great stuff you've requested and ensure that Mo (and Moli) are quality products that we can be proud of. Updates should happen a bit more frequently in the next few weeks and leading up to final shipping.

Survey update

All surveys are out and about 95% of you have replied with your figure information. Thank you so much! 

We are still contacting people who have requested additional items beyond their regular pledge amount. We'll be contacting you later this week so we can complete our ginormous backer spreadsheet.

For the 10 of you that still haven't answered, we understand that some of the surveys for the higher pledge level are really long, so if you'd like some help, just let us know.

Some fun little facts that we've discovered from assembling the spreadsheet.

  • The SpyBorg was the top ordered accessory choice (52), followed by the Spartan and the Angel. Our underdog, the scuba diver was the least requested.
  • Blue was the most ordered Mo figure color, followed closely by gray and then surprisingly light green was the 3rd favorite. Least requested color was red (another surprise)
  • White is the most requested color for 3d printed accessories (by a large margin), followed by blue.
  • The most requested 3d printed bonus accessory is the TriClaw weapon at almost 2 to 1 over the other accessories. Followed by the aviator cap, weapon clip and robo-eye attachment.

Mo is go!

When we walked into the Kickstarter, we thought we had determined the best material (polycarbonate) to produce a high quality figure experience. What we found is that our design really needed a material something with more give in the sockets. After trying some fixes to the molds, we were literally shattering them after just a few assemblies.

We went back to the drawing board and worked with our sourcing agents and the manufacturing vendor to redesign Mo. We closed the side holes in the sockets, added a slot in each socket to reduce the assembly force, and tried a bunch of new materials. And the winner is... PETG! You know PETG from its use in plastic water bottles. Its durable, paintable, and best of all 100% recyclable!

I played with the new parts from China on friday (shown above) and placed the final order with the vendor yesterday evening. Figure production will finish on Sept 9th and the first batch of Mo's should hit US shores on around Sept 15th.

3d printed accessories and countdown to final shipment

Our friends at Shapeways had a surprise sale on their white prints and we had enough prelim information to place a sizable order for white accessories. It was a lot of parts and makes up about 1/3 of our total order.

The parts looks great, but we'll need to sort them into separate packs and put them aside until final packout.

We've just started building the Angel and Anubis kits. We'll order the first set of prototype prints around Sept 10th and a second revised set around Sept 26th.

The final order for the rest of the 3d printed accessories will be placed around Oct 1st, we'll begin to sort everything and final shipments will begin to ship around Oct 10th or so.

Appearance at Maker Faire NY

We'll be set up at International Maker Faire in NY on Sept 21st & 22nd. If you are in the NY area and want to pick up your Mo figure early (sorry, we won't have the accessories available, yet), please come stop by the 'Building with ModiBot' booth. We'll have more details, booth #, etc., as we get closer to the show.

As always, thank you so much for helping us turn this into a reality. Even with all the little hiccups, its been marvelous to see Mo come to life and make his way into so many people's hands.


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    1. Go Go Dynamo 2-time creator on

      Yeah, the translucent ones are nice! We want to do an orange one and an ice blue version. Fire and ice.

    2. Tom Carlson

      Ah, now I want a translucent one.

    3. B Alan Eisen on

      When will you contact those of us with complicated pledges? TIA.
      Al Eisen