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ModiBot is a design-your-own-toy system of more than 400 different interlocking parts, personalized by 3d printing & your imagination
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'Moli Modifier' female hero Kits & 1st Bonus Incentive Unlocked!

Posted by Go Go Dynamo (Creator)

Wow! The last few days have been spectacular. We're hovering just under 75% of our funding goal with only 14 days to go. We've had times where as much as 80% of the people coming to the page have been from off the Kickstarter site. 

That means that you are helping us to get people there. That deserves some applause- THANKS!!!- but please keep it up. Tell people, watch for news and updates to share on Facebook. (If you haven't done so, please like us on TumblrFacebook or Google+. We've gotten good exposure and its really working at the ground level.

1st Unlock!

We've achieved our first 'Unlock' of the preliminary Bonus Incentive! When we fund, you can add yellow to your Mo figure colors options, which also unlocks the Angel figure option for any of the 'Choose-a-hero pledge levels.

We're quickly creeping-up on the next incentive level at $10K which is the purple color option, which also unlocks the Anubis figure kit option (we're pretty excited for this one).

We've added a Moli Modifier female figure level!

We've had a lot of people asking for a female option. We both have girls of our own and want them to grow up with the same options that our boys have. So, unlike our earlier endeavor on the Hero Project, with the magic of 3d printing, we've been able make that possible. 

We've created a new level which adds a female torso and hip set to the 'Choose-a-figure' kits which feature a Mo figure and you choice of any hero set. By switching out the torso and hip parts you have the choice of building your hero as either Moli OR Mo!

Logistically, this changes some of the kits which have chest plates. When you order a Moli-based hero kit, you will receive a chest plate that fits the Moli figure only (for proportional reasons, its nearly impossible to make one chest plate that fits both). For the figures who have a belt accessory, it will be the same- Mo orders get big hex belt and Moli orders get a new chevron belt. 

The parts are already built for the figure (as shown) and we've finished the 3d models of the new belt and breastplate to hopefully share with you before the end of the campaign. You can see a set of Moli photos at our Flickr Stream

**IMPORTANT OPPORTUNITY**  -- If you have already ordered a multi-figure Choose-a-Hero set and would like one or several of your items to include the Moli upgrade set, please add $5 for each kit that you would like to upgrade to a Moli-based set of accessories. We will be sending a survey at the end of funding to give you the chance to choose which, kits, colors, and bonus items that come with your package level. We'll be posting more in our FAQ about it, but let us know if you have questions.

As always, thank you so much for coming along on our adventure. We couldn't make it happen without you.

Wayne & Tucker


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    1. Go Go Dynamo 2-time creator on

      You got a 'double-win' today, then if you are getting the yellow AND the female fig. Glad you like it. We're excited about seeing the kits in colors, as well.

    2. Zachary Bührer on

      Oh wow, yes. I've upped my pledge $5 so that I can get the Moli. Thank you for this! I'm so going to make her a yellow and get those angel wings. I'm also interested in seeing how the chevron belt and chest plates look on her?