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Fleye is a whole new kind of drone. Safe, fun and autonomous. Invent the future of flying robots thanks to its open API and SDK.
Fleye is a whole new kind of drone. Safe, fun and autonomous. Invent the future of flying robots thanks to its open API and SDK.
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Backer #12 visited the Fleye office, hear what he said about the demos!

Posted by Fleye (Creator)

Hello Fleyers,

Almost there! We are past the 80% mark and 40 Fleye away from being funded, with 30 days remaining! Thank you all VERY MUCH for your support and enthusiasm for the future of flying robots!

The campaign is however slowing down (which is usual after ~10 days), so now is the time we need you to keep on sharing/liking/tweeting about this! In particular, we ask all developers to share Fleye with their own dev communities, groups, mailing lists, etc...

We have a LOT of nice videos in this update. One of our first backer (#12) asked a few days ago if he could visit the Fleye HQ to check how real is Fleye and make sure we didn't fake anything in our videos (spoiler: we didn't it is all genuine!) We thought it was an excellent idea and invited him yesterday for a few demos, similar to the ones we did already at a few conference, plus some exclusive we are preparing for CES!

Introducing Louis-Philippe

Louis-Philippe is an expert Kickstarter backer, with 50+ projects backed already, among which multiple drones and high-tech projects. He is really enthusiastic about Fleye but also cautious of marketing videos, he wanted to check things by himself. So, we invited him to the office, and he brought his Bublcam to shoot 360° videos (his idea is that with 360° no pilot can hide behind the camera :-). 

Fleye in free-flight mode and in 360°

One of the first thing we did is give Louis-Philippe the remote and let him have fun piloting Fleye in free-flight mode all by himself. This is the first time ever he flies something and had absolutely no difficulty with Fleye which is super smooth and easy to handle, thanks to its advanced control and stability functions. Thanks to the Bubl, you can be in the arena with us, and see Fleye buzzing around you.

This is a 360° Youtube video, drag your mouse in the video to move the camera!

Push for selfie :-)

We are busy working on a new demo for CES. In this demo, the user can push the drone to take a selfie. It works like this: Fleye detects the direction of the push and the strength. It goes away turns on itself to look at the pusher, takes a picture and comes back. This is the first time ever someone can interact with a drone just by pushing it around. Short demo in 360, where you can easily check that there is absolutely no pilot in the loop :-)

This is a 360° Youtube video, drag your mouse in the video to move the camera!

Virtual tripod mode 

Louis-Philippe also wanted to check the iPhone application, to validate that we have indeed the livestreaming and that the autonomous mode is working as described. What was really interesting was to see a first time user discovering our app. We realized that a few things are not intuitive yet and we therefore plan to do more field trial with backers. Stay tuned :-)

Super Fleye

Can you disguise Fleye into a super-hero ? Louis-Philippe has crazy ideas of props and makeup for Fleye, most of them were too heavy, but eventually we managed to cut a lightweight super-hero cape. The result was fun but not a success, so we now have one more challenge, making Fleye a true super hero :-)


We did a quick interview with Louis-Philippe after the demos, here is what he had to say about the Fleye experience. We thank him again for taking the time travelling from Brussels to visit us!

Next steps

We are now really busy on preparing our prototypes for CES, we plan to have four of them, and all parts should be ready for assembly early next week. Next to that, we are working on a few other exclusive demos, the goal being to revive press interest, gain new visibility and push the campaign higher!

As always, we are happy to answer your questions in the comments or via email:

Until next time,

The Fleye Crew

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      N. Biet on

      Great review. I know the project but it is even better than expected.