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Musical feature film about a long lazy summer in Glasgow, Stuart Murdoch (Belle & Sebastian) directs, Barry Mendel (Rushmore) produces.
Musical feature film about a long lazy summer in Glasgow, Stuart Murdoch (Belle & Sebastian) directs, Barry Mendel (Rushmore) produces.
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    1. Katherine Harrison-Adcock on

      Hello all,

      Writing to include my voice with the attendant confused-but-hopefuls. I was so happy to be given the opportunity to pass the hat. The hat appears to have left the building perched on an anonymous head some time ago, to parts unknown. So.

      After all of this anticipation, 2016 is a bit late to ask the GHTG administrators for a qualification of their use of the term "backer." For this project, does it ultimately mean "benefactor," as in one who sends money altruistically, or to mean "investor," as in one who sends money with the expectation that there is an expected return on investment?

      Backer as a financial term can be used either way on Kickstarter, in a wonderfully disruptive way. The most respectful and considerate way to participate with "Backers" is to let them know which type of Backer they will be acting as: benefactors, or investors.

      Whither so late?

      With consideration,

    2. henry watson on

      just to add, i sent an e-mail the same time I posted this message on here. No reply to either. I guess I shouldn't have expected anything less (or more)!

    3. henry watson on

      Andy - that's all I seem to be getting to. Shoddy, shoddy, far as I can see from my experience and reading those of others, everyone involved in this should be ashamed of how it's been handled. I appreciate, to an extent, the whole we're all fans of Stuart's work, glad to see the film was made attitude some people have expressed. However, as soon as you ask people for money in exchange for the promise of goods and / or services, that dynamic changes markedly in my eyes...and we, the fans, have been shafted by this whole experience.

    4. Andy Mckeague on

      anybody else checked out the digital download of special features ? it says on the e-mail from Beth special features including deleted scenes, but all i am getting are a set of deleted scenes..... is this the same for everybody or what am i missing ?

    5. Ruthie Blaney on

      Andy Molloy, that was my reaction too, out of the blue, but it was a couple of months ago. With the digital download of the Kickstarter extras (which I haven't downloaded or watched yet) that's me all done!

    6. Andy Molloy on

      Holy S**t Mother of God it all just arrived. . . . .

    7. Andy Mckeague on

      this is a message to Fiona Lewins, Dont give up hope supporting movies through Kickstarter. I have supported a few now and this one is the only one that has broken its contract with me. Every other kickstarter campaign, even if it had minor issues, has came up with the goods and sometimes more. This one is a minority and a shambolic mess that has been miss-managed from the start with countless broken promises since. I still do not believe that the good folk out there will get everything they so deserve, or to put it more correctly, paid for.

    8. Matthew B

      Good to have an update. Still await my rewards. Feels odd not having seen the film as yet after having backed the project

    9. Missing avatar

      Fiona Lewins on

      Oh my annual reminder I'm owed some rewards! This is the first time I have commented on the GHTG process.... It has totally put me off ever supporting a film again through kickstarter. Saw the film 2 years ago now I think at Melbourne Film Festival and so the rewards are all too late now to be of any interest but you still owe people so get it done! The film was a bit disappointing too TBH. I still love B&S but someone really let them down with their advice and support on this process at the start.

    10. Missing avatar

      Abel Halpern on

      I have kind of lost track of all of this...but i have never received anything that was promised as part of this Kickstarter campaign. No doubt I would have supported this without any promises simply because I like B&S and GHTG. However, promises were made and it feels like they were simply abandoned with little care. Regarding the special DVD w extra features, I understand that this commitment was made with little understanding of how it might be executed. Of course, it is not the end of the world if this were never to materialise, but it seems that in this digital age there are so many alternatives with little cost or effort to provide a replacement "reward" for sponsors, like simply letting us have digital access to the cutting room floor footage. The lack of any substantive communication to backers implies an indifference that disappoints me. Again, I don't think many of the larger contributors supported this project for the promised benefits per se, but no doubt many are feel a bit down that their support has not been acknowledged in even the most minimal manner.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jean-Christophe PACAUD on

      It's a shame, really. I want my money back. Quick please.

    12. henry watson on

      ...really nothing much to add to what everyone else has said, in most cases, more thoughtfully or eloquently than I could. Just thought it was funny that there's a message to "be respectful and considerate" when leaving a comment - 2 qualities that appear to have been missing when dealing with supporters of the film.

    13. Missing avatar

      Sarra on

      The DVD came out in the UK MONTHS ago but I'm never going to be sent the link for the digital download of the film, am I? Really expected more from a B&S related project.

    14. Ashley Gant Grant on

      Looking forward to receiving my DVD. :)

      Finally saw B&S after 16 years this weekend and it was incredible.

    15. Andy Molloy on

      had a message from some dude, maybe Brad? a few weeks back, saying he was taking over the mess and that he'd get it sorted. . . That was a few weeks ago . . . nothing since. . . .

    16. Andy Mckeague on

      to be honest I am glad this movie was made. the problem that i have is as far as the rewards are concerned i have now completely given up. i mean the producer of this movie, barry, replied to me and told me he was going to sort things out and stated he was highly embarassed about the lack of management towards the rewards in general and the lack of responses given to those who, like me, parted with their cash and then did virtually nothing to sort it out and the replies are still not being answered on this site and many rewards are still missing, why should we waste our hope on this sorry mess and tarnish any good from the movie itself ? I have read time and time again on these comments about tweets and e-mails with appologies, well simply put, if they were bothered at all and spurred into action no more appologies would ever be needed. its time to say goodbye, but its far from a fond farewell.

    17. Philip Kennedy on

      Still we wait for those digital downloads...

    18. Andy Molloy on

      had a tweet from Stuart and a tweet from Barry, that's about it. Both apologised and stated they'd look into it. Nothing since. I've pretty much given up on receiving anything now. and to be honest, it would all be a bit too late. crew pins? dvd releases? it's a shame. i'm a huge B and S fan and really liked the film. i thought it was a great project to help and i am genuinely glad that the film worked out well. However i do feel that this has left a bad taste in the mouth. We as backers helped raise over $100,000 towards the film. I know the overall budget was closer to $3,000,000, but if the backers money wasn't needed then the project should never have gone the crowd funded way. you look at other projects of similar nature The Babadook for instance a well received project and great film and the difference in how people are treated seems to be huge.

      I'll keep pushing for a response, more out of decency rather than wanting a reward.

    19. Missing avatar

      Julian Fleetwood on

      Hi @Andy Molloy I’m a fellow backer in Australia. The thing that I find most frustrating and depressing is the film distribution and release system. We couldn’t (legally) watch the film in Australia until earlier this year. If the thing is being crowdsourced, you’d hope it would be the crowd that gets to see the thing first, or at least at the same time as everyone else; whether or not that requires paying for a film ticket. Certainly not 2 years later (I know it came as part of Melbourne film fest, but I don’t think it got anywhere else in Australia).

      I’m curious (and this might have been covered somewhere in the surrounding media) what the total cost of the film was and how much of it was funded by grants - I wonder if the grant system introduces further restrictions on release. Also I guess the project came along in relatively early days for crowdsourcing? Maybe not.

      In the ideal world maybe there would have been an online screening for backers prior to general release, but suspect this would be impossible under the current distro system. Also, if Banchory is shipping the various region DVDs to the UK from their respective overseas distributers in order to add the postcard and whatever other perks and then packing it up again and shipping it right back to the country of origin (by seamail both ways) it would explain additional delay. Crazy duplication of resources, but I don’t know how else they would do it, other than multiple parcels per person, which obviously costs more.

      It’s depressing that this may scare people off backing future projects. I know crowdsourcing is about supporting a Good Thing to exist in the world, not a shop for something, but I'll think carefully about backing films if they are going to rely on the traditional distribution channels. TV is starting to get this concept of a worldwide audience; time for film to catch up.

    20. Missing avatar

      Frank H. Robinson on

      Still waiting for the special features download. Creeping disillusionment setting in...

    21. Andy Molloy on

      Hi any news on when me (or anyone in Australia?) will receive any of their rewards? if someone could please get back to me? Cheers

    22. Andy Molloy on

      Hi any news on when me (or anyone in Australia?) will receive any of their rewards? if someone could please get back to me? Cheers

    23. Andy Molloy on

      Hi any news on when me (or anyone in Australia?) will receive any of their rewards? if someone could please get back to me? Cheers

    24. Andy Molloy on

      Thanks @Andy Mckeague, I'll just keep updating this board with any news i get, nothing since Barry's message. it's very disheartening and does leave a bad taste in the mouth, i'm sure there's a perfectly legitimate reason the project has been abandoned, it's just very sad that the information hasn't been passed on to us. I think i've given up on getting the rewards now (any of them, i've got my name on the credits, but that's it)

    25. Andy Mckeague on

      Andy thanks for the update, but if you look at the posts below you will see that I have had communication from Barry on Jan 9th saying he was getting on to it, then on Mar 24th saying he was embarrassed about what's been going on and the lack of the kickstarter exclusive disc and again that he was getting on to it.... each time the lack of formal responses on the site were mentioned and folks out there still have NOTHING to this date ! I am one of the lucky ones that I have most of my reward, the kickstarter exclusive disc i still await since this was actually promised and sorted with the distributors as the post on Jan 2012 stated ! this whole distribution and management fiasco is beyond embarrassing and actually takes away some of the merit this project deserves!

    26. Andy Molloy on

      barry mendel ‏@barrymendel 34 minutes ago
      @TLPSAndy @nee_massey thank you for writing. We indeed must finish delivering prizes and keep folks better informed. We will get more on it. We shall see...

    27. Andy Molloy on

      Hi any news on when me (or anyone in Australia?) will receive any of their rewards? if someone could please get back to me? Cheers

    28. Andy Molloy on

      Hi any news on when me (or anyone in Australia?) will receive any of their rewards? if someone could please get back to me? Cheers

    29. Missing avatar

      Jean-Christophe PACAUD on

      I gave my money 3 years ago. And I got none of my rewards. Rubbers!!

    30. Missing avatar

      Renee Bradbeer on

      I never received my digital download. Has that been sent out yet?

    31. Missing avatar

      Rupert Mountjoy on

      Hi I am still waiting on the DVD, I have received nothing as of yet

    32. Missing avatar

      Frank H. Robinson on

      Cheerfully awaiting the special features. What's a few... months, between friends?

    33. Missing avatar

      Aaron Boardley on

      When did anyone last hear from the team? I have been emailing and messaging on Kickstarter but have receive no response the last couple of months. I am still waiting for my DVD (UK version was released in October), as well as signed postcard, but the whole thing has gone silent. Has anyone had any indication that the inbox is still checked?

    34. kearneykd on

      And still we wait for our digital downloads...

    35. Missing avatar

      graeme on

      nice to see some positive comments............

    36. Missing avatar

      Frank H. Robinson on

      3 years and 3 months later, it arrived today:

      I could complain about the missing disc- as a matter of fact, I have, at some length- but instead I will acknowledge something beautiful. I messaged you guys a long while ago. When you asked backers to pick a shirt size, my size wasn't there. I'm very fat (no I'm not, yadda yadda) and asked if you could possibly do a 5X. You did. This is the first time in my life I've had a band/movie/whatever shirt that I could wear. So thank you for remembering that, it really means a lot to me and is making my eyes all annoyingly moist at the moment.

      So now I go to my storage to find a replacement DVD case, one which will hold two discs, and when you email me the special features, I will master my own damned bonus DVD and put it with the film disc. Let me re-iterate that you should make this content available to all, at the very least, all the other backers, seeing as it is no longer tied to a physical medium.

      Thank you again. <3


    37. Missing avatar

      Markos Galerakis on

      Upon leaving my message I was contacted and I was told I will receive the right size t-shirt.Fingers crossed...

    38. Andy Mckeague on

      Here's a repost from Update 15, posted back in Jan 2012....

      'We've wanted to add DVD and download versions of the film as a reward and have had many requests from you all to do so but until now we haven't been able to. After discussions with our sales agents we are ready to do this now!
      You can get a digital download with Kickstarter only special feature for $20, a DVD with the special feature disc plus a signed thank you postcard for $40 or a package at $150 to include the DVD, a t-shirt, a poster, the pin badge and the signed postcard - plus for that you'll also get a credit in the end roller!'

      So if all that was already settled with the sales agents, ie the distributors, then why the excuses now ?

    39. Missing avatar

      Markos Galerakis on

      Hi there,

      as I am sure you can understand it is at least frustrating that I - along all other backers - had to wait all these years only to open my reward package yesterday and find out that the t-shirt I was sent was a medium one and now I will never be able to wear it. I specifically had asked for an XL and I would like for the right size to be sent to me, it is the very least you can do. Not only has it been so long but you failed to deliver what I was promised and I paid for.
      It would be nice to hear from you, all my previous messages were left unanswered

    40. Andy Mckeague on

      on the 24th March Barry Mendle e-mailed me to tell me of his embarrassment of the missing Kickstarter DVD and his determination to get it right. It seems those words have fallen short.

    41. Ruthie Blaney on

      You would have known months ago that there would never be a Kickstarter supporter only DVD but kept on listing it as such whenever rewards were mentioned. Did you hope no one would notice? Why didn't you warn us months ago that this would happen? It would have been far more polite.

      I'm not quite sure how this all happened.

      I have never got what I paid for, and the message I just received has told me I never will. How do we deal with this problem now?

    42. Sean McVeigh on

      re the folks in the US ever going to get their stuff? I'm a $150 contributor and I have received nothing but frustration.

    43. Steve Brindle on

      @ayjayemm My badge was in the same packaging as the DVD, and was so easy to miss it nearly ended up in the bin by mistake. Worth checking again.

    44. Ciara Duggan on

      I received most of my items today from my $150 pledge but did not receive the 'enamel pin badge'

    45. henry watson on, finally, DVD arrives. Bog standard, no special Kickstarter disc - looks like we're all in the same boat! I'm less aggrieved about that, than the complete lack of communication despite multiple attempts to contact anyone involved with the project to get an update on the status of my pledge. How hard would it have been to stick a note in saying "Kickstarter disc to follow"- ideally 5 months ago when the disc was available retail in the UK. To be honest I'd even be less annoyed to have been told "sorry, had to abandon the bonus disc" than the ongoing confusion and uncertainty. Even the comment from Fiona at Banchory seems to have been posted by a fellow pledger rather than in any official capacity!

    46. Missing avatar

      graeme on

      I noticed a comment from Fiona at banchory a few comments down, I think she has been left to tidy this all up. I am not here to answer for her but we backed this film in the hope it would be made and released, it was and has. I like you wanted some kind of memento of the event but ultimately I pledged so the film would see the light of day as it fermented for the most part through stuarts ideas and barrys help with the nuts and bolts. I like you have not received everything promised, although some have pledged more than I did, I can understand the anxiety to a degree. Let this not detract from the film we have(Netflix have it in the UK) or the hard work from everybody involved in making it happen. There have been a lot of e-mailed updates to me as a backer at various stages from beginning to end and also the GHTG team have acknowledged at times of the delays associated I assume with making a film. It was virgin territory for most and the timescale obviously become a factor. The film was a long time in the making and we waited patiently , it was worth the wait. I am not sure as I am in no way a spokesman just a fan. I have supported this campaign and the initial GHTG vinyl package. I love the initial album/singles and the soundtrack. The whole concept has been a ride and now it has ended. I hope you backers get your rewards and I would e-mail the GHTG team directly instead of venting on here but its your choice because it is a "comments" section. I would just like to say the even though the facts of not receiving rewards seems to have upset and deflated some, the main thing is the film has been made as far as I can see. It is unfortunate is you feel quite rightly that you have been mislead but have some empathy with the situation and hopefully you can sort it out on a one to one basis. As I said this is my opinion and you are welcome to yours, I mean the filmmakers can`t redo the credits I don't think so if your name does not appear then I am sure it is an oversight and not malicious in any way. Lets hope everyone is pacified eventually but we, for the most part are fans of the music, the band and the GHTG project. Lets not lose sight of that. I ultimately am proud to be part of the process and without you and I the film would never have been made and as far as I have seen/read stuart has made no bones about mentioning the importance of our part played. Good luck, keep dignified and forever love the art and music.

    47. Missing avatar

      ayjayemm on

      A few years ago I pledged $65 toward the making of the film. The 'rewards' I selected were a 'God Help The Crew' enamel badge and a DVD of the film with separate Kickstarter only special feature disc plus a signed thank you postcard . Today I received a parcel containing a signed postcard and a copy of the STANDARD region 2 DVD of 'God Help The Girl'. There was no note, no indication of if, or when, the badge and/or bonus dvd would be forthcoming. In all the time between the original pledge to the making and release of the film I have held my tongue, expecting everything to turn out OK so long as I kept faith. I still hope that the badge and bonus dvd will someday turn up, but the lack of communication and information feels a little disturbing. This comment section asks us to be 'respectful and considerate' when posting. It would have been 'respectful and considerate' of the team to at least let us know when or if we can ever expect the items we are waiting so patiently for.

    48. Ruthie Blaney on

      My parcel arrived! It's at home so I get to see it later. Have hope people! :-)

    49. podget on

      Hooray! Better late than never!
      Got my DVD and a signed card from Stuart... Thank you! x

    50. Steve Brindle on

      ----- Forwarded Message -----
      From: Fiona Morrison
      Cc: ""
      Sent: Tuesday, 17 March 2015, 14:58
      Subject: Re: God Help The Girl - Kickstarter Rewards


      We actually posted everything yesterday and hopefully there will be a note going up on the Kickstarter website today to let everyone know! It should be with you tomorrow.


      On 17/03/2015 14:43, wrote:

      Hi Fiona,

      This is starting to get awkward, and my belief that I will receive the following:
      For $150 we've made up a special package to include - the exclusively designed poster from the film, a t-shirt, an enamel pin badge, a signed thank you postcard from Stuart and a DVD of the film with the special Kickstarter only disc. Since you are pledging $150 you will also receive a credit in the end roller of the film. All the items will be shipped together on the day of the release of the DVD in your territory so delivery date below is an estimate.

      Is my name in the end roller of the film, for example?

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