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Customize Your Hearing Protection With Our Dynamic Impulse & Switch Filtering Technology
Customize Your Hearing Protection With Our Dynamic Impulse & Switch Filtering Technology
7,374 backers pledged $300,340 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      BLeerii77 on

      I recieved my BT Ear Pro however there are no instructions? Did I miss something?

    2. Russell L 2-time creator on

      @BarbSauer The only products that you should be waiting for are the BT Ear Pro and Ear Pro Buds which we are currently working on shipping. You've received the rest of your order correct?

    3. Missing avatar

      Kevin Carroll on

      Tap, tap, tap, is this thing on?
      30 days since the last email describing quality issues and delays.
      I don't believe monthly updates is too much to expect.
      I'm beginning to think this is going to end up like the Coolest cooler.

    4. Missing avatar


      It’s now February 2. Any updates? You didn’t meet the receipt and subsequent turnaround shipping for the BT Ear Pros stated in this update, so I’m looking for more info. Maybe you’ve just decided to forego these and we would get the latest GhostStryke BT’s instead?

    5. Missing avatar

      Barb Sauer on

      How do I go about getting my money back for items not received yet. Really tired of the lack of and misleading communication from ya'll!

    6. Missing avatar

      Ola Rodin on

      I have still not received my plugs. Crap project.

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris Hansen on

      What is the latest update? This is ridiculous. It's been 3 weeks since the last update in which you said they should ship in two weeks.

    8. Missing avatar

      Tolu Odukoya on

      I have emailed twice now with no reply. It’s funny that this is the campaign I wasn’t worried about initially and it’s making me frustrated. My earbuds came with one broken filter. I haven’t used them yet because one ear is defective. No reply, no way to fix it. The earbuds are collecting dust on my night stand. I am extremely disappointed.

    9. Missing avatar

      Ace on

      If I have moved since the last shipment and ordered the Ear Pro Buds, is it possible to have the Ear Pro Buds shipped to where I currently am?

    10. Missing avatar

      Kyle Henderson on

      Hi, still waiting for my delivery.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ace on

      Thank you for the update, but I have still not heard back from you or your team about me not receiving my earplug shipment.

    12. Missing avatar

      Katherine Dain on

      Hey!! Good news!! I sent an email about my earbuds not arriving and a new address. When I got home - they had arrived!! Talk about great service, lol.

    13. Gregory Filin on

      I still have not received my entire order. I have only gotten the defenders, and a set of reactors with one missing filter. I’m disappointed and it’s damned annoying that there has been no response on the response on the Axil team’s behalf. I would like the rest of my product, but I have not gotten it yet.

    14. Missing avatar

      Vanja Nedić on

      Today I have received my plugs but do not want to write about them as I have not tested them out. I would like to write about the whole campaign, the communication with backers precisely.
      Although I understand it can get messy as there are thousands of backers and multiple rewards, this level of messiness is something I have never experienced before. This campaign is the far worst communicated campaign I have ever taken part off.
      I believe multiple problems and misunderstandings emerged from your updates that were all but not concise, clear and to the point. I really tried as being in a different time zone I would usually get your updates late in the evening or during the night, I would read them, and they would not make any sense. I was thinking I was just me being tired and English being my 3rd language, so my brain is not processing the info properly. Then I would read the update all freshened up in the morning, and it was still super messy. Honestly, it was annoying to read through your ramblings while grasping for any useful info in the wall of text you sent.
      In one of the updates, you suggested to people not to back up projects if they are not ready to wait a bit and go through this painful process. I suggest you not to organize crowdfunding campaigns if you do not know how to properly communicate with your backers.

    15. Missing avatar

      Rajesh Savla on

      I can not give any reviews because I still haven’t received my order in India.
      I enquired and the Postal service said that it’s been shipped back to the origin.
      Emailed you guys so many times but no reply.
      If you guys can’t deliver it, at least refund the money back.

    16. Missing avatar

      Linda L George on

      I funded and received both ear plugs. They get lost in the ear and they don't shield noise very well. Another thing I ba ked and it turned out to be worthless to me. I hope others had better luck.

    17. Missing avatar

      Linda L George on

      I funded and received both ear plugs. They get lost in the ear and they don't shield noise very well. Another thing I ba ked and it turned out to be worthless to me. I hope others had better luck.

    18. Missing avatar

      Snir Shechter on

      I still haven't received mine! I live in Israel.

    19. Bryan Limus on

      Bad news... I have not received my package at all. At this point, I have resigned to thinking that it's a lost cause. Do you happen to have any other backers from Malaysia having this problems?

    20. Missing avatar

      Katherine Dain on

      Also, I moved, so how do I update my address? Thanks.

    21. Missing avatar

      Katherine Dain on

      Is someone able to tell me if I ordered? And if so, when I will get my earplugs? I thought I verified everything. please. Thanks!!

    22. Missing avatar

      snfirdaus on

      Still have not receive my Defender/Reactor combo

    23. Missing avatar

      Barb Sauer on

      Thank you for the informative update

    24. Missing avatar

      Laurie Grube on

      Thank you so much for the update on shipping. <3

    25. Missing avatar

      josh on

      My order was not correct for the Defender/Reactor combo. I do not know who to contact regarding this. I've commented previously but never got a reply.

    26. Missing avatar

      Sid Dise on

      I would rather wait longer than receive an inferior product like other ear buds I have tried. I appreciate the dedication to quality... In the end it is what matters!

    27. Missing avatar

      Darrell Carothers on

      Seems Iike years have passed since I supported this on kickstarter. Hope they are worth the wait. Funny how some have received items while many of us have not.

    28. Missing avatar

      Ricardo Manuel da Silva Ribeiro on

      Hello I received my earplugs but not the ghoststrike which by your information here has been sent. I didn't receive not even a tracking number

    29. Missing avatar

      Andy Evans on

      Good news. Love my Defenders, they have had loads of use and do not disappoint.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Welch on

      I have a question I received my earbuds. There is zero change as far as blocking out any noise. I believe they are the defender. Should they be like a real earplug or do the filter supposedly just block out bad noise but the sound doesn’t change?