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Customize Your Hearing Protection With Our Dynamic Impulse & Switch Filtering Technology
Customize Your Hearing Protection With Our Dynamic Impulse & Switch Filtering Technology
7,374 backers pledged $300,340 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Barb Sauer on

      I get that you sold a lot of product. Perhaps you over sold...what is very frustrating is your lack of updates and no tracking information. I received the XP defender and reactor but haven't received the Ear Pro Buds or BT Ear Pro Buds. Please communicate with your customers! I am losing faith in your ability to deliver the product as promised.

    2. Missing avatar

      Laurie Grube on

      I haven’t recieved the BT Ear Pro either :( No shipping update or anything either. Updates would be awesome.

    3. Doug Baer

      I am in the same situation as the others: received my Reactor and Defender, but no word on the BT Ear Pro... can I get a status, please?

    4. Missing avatar

      Gene Volz on

      I am backer #3209, and have received my reactor and defender earplugs, but have not received my axil ear pro buds. Can you please give me a shipping update on these?

    5. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      I have not received any shipping information for my BT Ear Pro. Please resend or provide status.

    6. Amanda Zsuzsics on

      Is there a shipping update or tracking? I'm in the USA and still have not recieved my shipment

    7. Missing avatar

      Kyle Henderson on

      Any update with intl. shipments? Still waiting for mine

    8. Missing avatar

      Danielle Flynn on

      I am a Canadian Backer. My FedEx tracking number seemed wrong. Well, good news! I got my ear plugs 5 min ago :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Gregory Matayoshi on

      Update on 12/7 said GhostStryke Essential & BT Ear Pro were shipping. I got the GhostStryke Essentials are am impressed with them, but did not get the BT Ear Pro. Please provide update on when I can expect BT Ear Pro.

    10. Missing avatar

      Danielle Flynn on

      Hoping for an update on my order. I think my FedEx tracking number was incorrect. Not pushing blame as I know you guys are trying as hard as you can. Just hoping to hear back. Cheers.

    11. Justin Turney on

      Worst run campaign ever. This is a prime example of why Kickstarter is a flawed concept.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Sangster on

      Oh, and I was backer 2765

    13. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Sangster on

      The tracking number I received (destination western Canada) said Fedex received the bulk shipping order on November 13th. Sadly, 5 weeks later, still no delivery. I've had bulk ships be as long as 3 weeks to arrive but not this much. Sadness! I'd appreciate being contacted so we can work together to sort this out. I ordered several Defender & Reactor combos with accessories.

    14. Tim H on

      Can someone contact me reference my order or lack of I should say.

    15. Thomas

      I meant XP Defender, of course.

    16. Thomas

      I eventually received my pledge in France. I was almost sure this campaign was a scam.
      I'm not completely convinced by the BT Defender, though. Maybe I'm not trying it with enough noise around me.

    17. Laura Mastorides on

      This is the first time I backed a Kickstarter product and I'm not sure I would repeat it. I know the update said FedEx was being used to send the product, but the tracking number I received shows it's being sent via USPS. It's still been sitting at preshipment for 2 weeks now. What's the hold up?

    18. Tim H on

      I still have not received the rest of my order which was supposed to ship prior to the Ghost Strykes

    19. Missing avatar

      Lauren on

      @ Kevin and TxAg94 It Axil's other kickstarter campain

      The $139 sale is over but there is still early bird available for $169.

    20. Missing avatar

      Kevin Bence on

      Where can you order the Ghoststryke BT for the $139 mentioned in the update??

    21. Harrison Christopher on

      Hi I still haven't received my order, wondered if there was a mess up on my address ?

    22. Missing avatar

      TxAg94 on

      Where can you order the Ghoststryke BT for the $139 mentioned in the update?

    23. Missing avatar

      Brian Wesley Simmons on

      Still waiting on my BT Pros AND my Ear Pro buds. I am not an international customer, I did fill out the survey. I received my other products (except for the aluminum tube). So I must be one of those messed up in the system. Order#5775583 should be pretty easy to look up.

    24. Ashley Burmaster on

      In the update it says the GhostStryke essential is shipping but it doesn't say whether the BT pros are also..any update on them?

    25. Missing avatar

      Ken Bass on

      Kickstarter has been an interesting experience, but I don't think I'll repeat it. The waiting, the uncertain schedule, the intermittent communication - not for me. And in the end, I couldn't make the product fit my ears. It was a long roller coaster to nowhere.

    26. Missing avatar

      Cam Palmer

      I would also like to thank your for the update. Unfortunately I still haven’t received my order. Also when I was looking at the campaign today I didn’t see how the filters are labeled. I ordered two different ones. I’m assuming they will be labeled some how.

    27. Anna

      I appreciate the candor of this article and the amazing products that I've received. I believe in the Kickstarter community and the amazing products that come to life because of it. Thanks for all you've done for us and will do bringing amazing products.