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Customize Your Hearing Protection With Our Dynamic Impulse & Switch Filtering Technology
Customize Your Hearing Protection With Our Dynamic Impulse & Switch Filtering Technology
7,374 backers pledged $300,340 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Cam Palmer

      Still no tracking number

    2. Russell L 2-time creator on

      @Henrik We care about every last person that helped us get this far in our campaign. We are working on final orders right now that had inaccurate information on them. We're getting them sorted out and then sending out tracking numbers as we need to.

    3. Missing avatar


      Nothing for me... I think I will never get something. I'm sure Axil is not a fake but I think they don't care about us, the last ones...

    4. Missing avatar

      Amato D'Apolito on

      I was one of the minority US backers who's rewards were delayed but I did get my Defenders + all add-ons along with my Ghost Stryke rewards yesterday.

    5. Russell L 2-time creator on

      @JustinTurney EarPeace plugs are on an official website for sale. They aren't a new product coming to market through Kickstarter. It's completely different.

    6. Justin Turney on

      Still nothing here either. Absolutely awful joke of a campaign you're running. Ordered a set of Earpeace plugs last week and they already arrived. Great work, Russell L.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jeff Ikert on

      I never got a tracking number email and still have not seen them in the mail. Can you please let me know what's going on with these?


    8. kim on

      were the BT ear pro supposed to ship with the defender/reactor orders or separately? I didn't receive tracking number for the defender/reactor order until the DAY i received my order....

    9. Missing avatar

      Dave Lyon on

      I haven't seen mine either, and I even ordered an extra set when I filled out the paper work. You managed to charge my credit card for the extra amount though.

    10. Missing avatar

      Cody on

      I received my product around a month or 2 ago and have been using them since. Well I got 2 lanyards with my ear buds and both have snapped in half in that time span from my normal everyday use.... they're so cheap once they get tension they snap and snap...

    11. Missing avatar

      Colt Perry on

      got my defenders and reactors no tracking number and no Axil BT ear pros?

    12. Missing avatar

      James Hurst on

      Have not received tracking info
      or my order as of 12/2/2017.

    13. 夏詠清 on

      No tracking number and not received anything .....

    14. Laura Mastorides on

      I haven't received anything. No tracking number, no order....nothing. Please give me an update.

    15. Missing avatar

      Cam Palmer

      So they throw out an update then don’t check it. Looks like everyone in Canada is still getting screwed around. My tracking number says Canada post is still waiting for the item. Stop screwing us around and give a straight answer.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Sangster on

      No delivery yet for me in BC, Canada, yet either :( FedEx Tracking says it delivered to local mail on November 13th, but Canada Post is only 4 days cross-country. Tomorrow makes it Day 16 without earbuds.

    17. Missing avatar

      Tor Oddvar Digerås on

      I'm also part of that 0,1% that hasn't recieved any info. Yet..

    18. Missing avatar

      Josh Watson on

      I have not received any information on my rewards shipping as well. I assumed this was due to adding the GhostStryke but you made no mention that those rewards were still pending. Could you let me know where you are on those as well?

    19. Missing avatar

      Olivier Stijnman on

      Recieved mine today! Thanks Guys, now the waiting starts for the BT ears!

    20. Justin Turney on

      By far the slowest shipping experience ever if this update is factual. You can say "we're here every day"all you want. If you were actually here, you would provide at least base level support to your paying customers. But you've not done that at all. You've done nothing but ignore the numerous comments and emails. Perhaps too busy on your next money grab, as said elsewhere?

    21. Spellenclub Lommel on

      Got my earplugs yesterday!

    22. Missing avatar

      Matthew Tullos on

      I haven’t received any shipping info at all. I have checked my order info several times. Everything looks up to date.

    23. Thomas Hillion on

      If the dark lord Cthulhu wills it we will receive the ear buds, and get an updated timeline of the addons !

    24. Thomas

      Seems I'm also part of the 0.1% who have not received it yet.

    25. Missing avatar

      Gilles Dresselaers on

      I have not received anything and have sent multiple reminders and posted a few comments. No plugs and no email or feedback. With regards

    26. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Pollkehn on

      Hi, I still have not received a tracking number or a response to my numerous emails to the site.

    27. Missing avatar


      No reward in Germany... :(

    28. Missing avatar

      Kyle Henderson on

      Same, no reward received.

    29. Missing avatar

      Cam Palmer

      Also haven’t received my reward. And need a proper tracking number

    30. Missing avatar

      Amato D'Apolito on

      Great update. That's all most of us needed to hear.

    31. Missing avatar


      I haven't received my rewards or a tracking number. Is it possible you can look into this please and inform me on the status of mine?

    32. Missing avatar

      Danielle Flynn on

      I think my Tracking Number is wrong. It says it was already delivered in Utah (I'm in Canada).

      Thank You,
      Danielle Flynn

    33. Missing avatar

      Natalie Toh on

      I have yet to receive anything. Will you be able to advise?

    34. Skylord on

      Nothing here either

    35. Missing avatar

      Ricardo Manuel da Silva Ribeiro on

      I haven't received anything at all until now. I've also sent email and messages to creator about the ghoststrike essentials and didn't receive any response.

    36. uberyoji

      @Russell, whats the status of the BT ear pro? I received only the earplugs partially (missing filter). I sent a private message a couple of days ago.