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Customize Your Hearing Protection With Our Dynamic Impulse & Switch Filtering Technology
Customize Your Hearing Protection With Our Dynamic Impulse & Switch Filtering Technology
7,374 backers pledged $300,340 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Pb Ag on

      As many have commented below, I have not received any tracking number, neither have I received the earplugs :-(

    2. Missing avatar

      Frank Chavez on

      Mine don't fit I need a larger size and I can't get a hold of customer service anybody have any input on how I can track them down

    3. Missing avatar

      Frank Chavez on

      How can I get customer support these earplugs don't fit me they go to far into the ear drum and I cannot they are very hard to turn on and off is there a way of getting bigger plugs

    4. Missing avatar

      Gilles Dresselaers on


      As many have commented below I have not received any tracking number nor have I received an answer to the question regarding this problem that I sent quite some time ago through kickstarter. I was excited at first but am not enjoying the experience anymore, could you please give me an updatz on this as soon as possible? I would like to finally receive what I paid for quite a while ago...


    5. Jonathan Chng

      I want to cancel one of my add-ons for my order. I do not need the BT ear Pro anymore when I have pre-ordered for the BT Ghoststryke. I have used message creator in the last few days and still no response.

    6. Missing avatar

      Tammy Arnold on

      Answering these questions would be 'Respectful and considerate'....starting to get tired of not being answered....!

    7. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Pollkehn on

      I haven’t received a tracking number or confirmation email as yet. I have emailed you numerous times. Would be good if someone actually responded. Not feeling very secure so far.

    8. Missing avatar

      Nathan Bicknell on

      Hi there, from Australia and all my tracking results on Fed Ex tell me is that its gone to a mailcentre and is already delievered. that was on the 13th, so now 2 weeks on and no further additions the the tracking, no new tracking number for an international leg, and no product delievery. I added items and paid additional shipping so hope it's going to my door. Bit scary seeing other comments here though.

    9. Missing avatar

      Cam Palmer

      I have the same problem as Nicole. Please update

    10. Missing avatar

      Nicole Adam on

      Backer 7550 and I received my tracking number Nov 21. Fedex says it shipped Nov 9 and delivered on the Nov 13 to only a zip code in CA "FMailCenter". I am in Canada and needless to say didn't get anything. Also how do 2 sets of earplugs and a case reach 10 piece shipment and 9.07Kg?

    11. Missing avatar

      Rune O'Flynne on

      havent received my tracking number either...huge mistake in backing this very shotty project

    12. Missing avatar

      Patrick Flaherty on

      I was a backer for $166, haven't seen a single tracking number or product yet. I have checked my backer account and it shows my shipping info. I have also been charged for the product. Name is John Patrick Flaherty.. getting old.

    13. Thomas Hillion on

      Shitty handling of communication until the last few days shitstorm.
      Not good handling of tracking either.

    14. Laura Mastorides on

      Still haven't received my tracking number, and I've been checking my email.

    15. Missing avatar

      Zoe Forman on

      No tracking details received by email ?
      Checked profile and invoice - paid for international delivery to my door
      Please resend or confirm - checked all junk folders
      Thanks Zoe

    16. Christian Daigle on

      I'm with Jimmy on this...

      What do you mean by: " Please remember, if you did not pay for the shipping to your door, then it went to your local post office. In many cases, that means you will need to take your tracking number to the associated postal service and have them pull your mail for you."

      What the hell??

    17. Missing avatar on

      I haven't received any tracking info whatsoever. I'm wondering if this will even show up. Not a lot of confidence at the moment.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jan Dammshäuser on

      Besides the crappy tracking, I did not get through the survey without having to pay an additional $4 for shipping with tracking.
      Now they're telling me I don't get a real tracking number...

    19. Headphone junkie on

      Yeah, my tracking number is for a package of 10 items to a mail room in the USA. I live in NZ, so this kind of useless. It was delivered 10 days ago. So no what!?!

    20. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on

      I am concerned. Axil has a new project started. Last update here said an email with tracking would be available by now, but nothing. Responses from Axil to people commenting about no tracking says if you didnt pay for tracking you dont get it, while some backers are saying they have to go pick up their reward from a post office... How am I supposed to know where to go? I keep getting my email spammed by other axil products as if they've already moved on and they keep promoting products not even related to axil, all constant reminders that make me feel insecure about my decision to back them at all. I see that I am not the only here in the dark. I dont get mail, and I am tired of constantly checking to see if anything has been sent just to see an empty mailbox. Expecting anything in it at all makes me feel like a crazy person (cliche definition of doing the same thing over and over expecting different results). Ive been doing that since late august. If I had only gotten 1 or 2 I'd have probably just shrugged it off, but since my hearing is important to me I got a bunch (and addons like the ghoststryke from backerit), and of different sizes. I've tried to stay positive. I know they arent scamming "everyone", as my parents got their Single Pair, though they hate them because they unwittingly tried theirs out at the gun range before testing them out at home. Needless to say they had ringing ears. regret...

    21. Trevor on

      I called Fedex and they said the tracking number I was given was a group tracking number and it was delivered. We’re assuming where ever they delivered to now separates all of our individual orders and ship them to us.

      I don’t know, I really don’t have much faith and I’m kicking myself for adding to my order on backer kit

    22. Missing avatar

      Gordon Woon on

      What do you mean by ALL remaining international orders? I have not received any tracking numbers yet. I'd rather you guys be truthful and say some orders have yet to be delivered instead of giving us false information.

    23. webbj on

      Same thing here. My tracking number says delivered... over a week ago to a place called "Mailroom"!!!

      I highly suggest that you guys get your act together.


    24. Justin Turney on

      Absolute disaster. Quite a joke that you CONTINUE to disregard people asking about tracking numbers IN THE USA (myself included). Certainly seems like either you're outright lying or you're running a monumentally disorganized and completely unfit operation. Honestly based on how many incorrect order complaints I've seen, it may be both. Very disappointed in this whole experience.

    25. Daniel Amos on

      Yeah I can't find my tracking number either. Not it spam

    26. Missing avatar

      Amato D'Apolito on

      Los Angeles, CA. No email or tracking number yet. Check Spam folder. Backerkit is paid and says ready to ship.

    27. Nashru Isnanto Abdillah on

      same with Mr. Alex, my tracking number provided by you is not for my shipment. Please provide me with true tracking number. thanks.

    28. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      My tracking number definitely isn't for my shipment it already says delivered and is in another country.... I have sent an email to your customer support and really hope you will figure this out and fix it. I know my backerkit address was correct as it was the same as many other Kickstarters I have backed

    29. Missing avatar

      Chris Palmer on

      I still have not received my tracking number yet. Backerkit is paid and says ready to ship.

    30. uberyoji

      What do you mean by: " Please remember, if you did not pay for the shipping to your door, then it went to your local post office. In many cases, that means you will need to take your tracking number to the associated postal service and have them pull your mail for you."

      At the price I paid for shipping, I sincerely hope it will get to my door and I won't have to hunt for my package???

    31. Missing avatar

      Alex Pilon on

      Nevermind, the tracking number just came in!

    32. Missing avatar

      Manuel Deslandes on

      I did not received my tracking number or shipping confirmation. I backed your project because i believed in it. I hope i will get my earplugs + the plugs i paid for... Please answer me so i know there're on the road :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Alex Pilon on

      Hi. I've never received my tracking number, nor have I received the product yet. I live in Canada. I check my junk email on a daily basis, as well as my regular email inbox, and never received anything, yet, all payments went through (both from Kickstarter, and from Backerkit).

    34. Albert Kopp on

      Mine don't work at all. Can I get a larger size filter holder to put in my ears?? I got the M/L size, but they still seem too small. Perhaps that's why mine don't seem to work.