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Customize Your Hearing Protection With Our Dynamic Impulse & Switch Filtering Technology
Customize Your Hearing Protection With Our Dynamic Impulse & Switch Filtering Technology
7,374 backers pledged $300,340 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Ace on

      I too haven't receive any responses regarding a tracking #, my shipment, etc. since October.

    2. Missing avatar

      John Monty on

      Like many other domestic (US) backers, I still have not gotten a tracking number nor a shipment. What gives?

    3. Missing avatar

      Patrick Flaherty on

      Not to beat a dead horse here but still no shipping # or earplugs. I pledged a good amount including the ear pros and have gotten nothing at all. I understand there are a lot of moving parts but getting ridiculous considering I support the product and have been charged.

    4. Missing avatar

      Tom Bened on

      I still don’t have a tracking number nor any product. I have received a lot of product update emails but they are getting a little old......waiting for my earplugs. I would like an accurate time estimate to receive the product.

    5. Missing avatar

      Amato D'Apolito on

      ...still no product, no communication, no joy. Just an empty feeling and an empty wallet.

    6. Missing avatar

      Erik on

      Same here. Living in Sweden. No tracking number, no earplugs, no e-mail. When can I expect the earplugs to arrive?

    7. Laura Mastorides on

      Hey, I still am waiting for my tracking number.

    8. Ben Koeling

      I've recieved nothing. No e-mail, no tracking, no reaction on my questions before and no product. I would like an update about the product I've backed. No other products and offers, I will buy nothing form you guys untill I've recieved tested and approved this set of plugs.

    9. Missing avatar

      Florian Overkamp on

      Hi there, I'm also still awaiting a tracking number...

    10. Missing avatar

      Radam Feizo-Gas on

      Tracking number please.....

      I just verified, my backerkit shows ready to ship.

    11. Missing avatar

      Peter van Vugt on

      Also no tracking number!

    12. Sandro Pansa

      Hi, I also got no tracking number.

    13. Missing avatar

      Marcel Nederhoed on

      Hi, I'm one of those that did not receive a tracking number or the product. When can I expect that as a final date that I will receive it?

    14. Missing avatar

      Jan Dammshäuser on

      I haven't got a tracking number as well.
      Seems like a scam!

    15. Missing avatar

      Shawn hendriks on

      I still haven't seen either a shipping notice or a product.

    16. Missing avatar

      Robert Birney on


      Well, that was a week ago yet STILL no shipping notice and NO product. Folks, August has long past, December is rapidly approaching and yet all we get is platitudes.

      Just praying the product is better than the reviews hint at and the service has been.

    17. Trevor on

      Checking me email daily (including my spam folder) and still no tracking number. I don't know why any of your previous kickstarter backers would pledge for your ghost strike project after the shit show this has been

    18. Missing avatar

      Amato D'Apolito on

      Hrm... it's next week & still no tracking, no product, no communication. An email update to those few of us who fell through the cracks would be greatly appreciated.

    19. Missing avatar

      Brian Wesley Simmons on

      Turns out my order was incomplete after all: No aluminum keychain tube was sent.

    20. Missing avatar

      Brian Wesley Simmons on

      Order delivered, except for ear buds not yet available. Got my tracking number email a few hours before delivery. I have a filter question. I ordered an extra Shooting filter and an extra Industrial filter. They came in a little zip-loc bag, but both have an orange ring. For all I know, these are both Shooting filters, or both Standard filters. I really wanted an Industrial for running my skid steer, etc.

    21. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      What's the process if we're missing half our order? (i.e. all of the extra filters we purchased)

    22. Missing avatar

      Cam Palmer

      No tracking number still

    23. Missing avatar

      Kory Gault on

      I never received an email with tracking, but alas I finally received my earplugs yesterday. Only issue is the two sizes of plugs that come with the kit (standard and small) don't feel like they fit properly. How do I get the large size. I don't feel comfortable shooting a 6.5 Creedmoor with these, let alone a 22.

    24. Missing avatar

      John Gebhardt on

      From your last update: "You will get a tracking number in an email once your rewards ship. If you have gotten a tracking number, then that means your shipment is on the way."

      I haven't received a tracking number yet. I just checked Backerkit and it shows 1) I did pay (and I confirmed payment was processed on 8/29) and 2) the status on Backerkit shows "Ready to Ship". So I'm a bit confused as to whether you have actually finished shipping all of the orders?

    25. Missing avatar

      Jack Moore on

      Glad I wasn't the only one who couldn't tell the difference between the orange rings around the shooting filters and the orange rings around the standard filters. While I appreciate the simplicity of your solution ("We would recommend you finding a way to be able to tell the difference between the two so you don't get them confused in the future."), could you, as the party who shipped different filters designated with the same color rings, offer some suggestions as to how we might actually accomplish that? Thank you!

    26. Tim H on

      I agree. I haven’t received any items yet ....should I have at least received tracking number?

    27. Dean White

      A drum roll should come when and if everyone gets their order and a majority of those people are happy.