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Customize Your Hearing Protection With Our Dynamic Impulse & Switch Filtering Technology
Customize Your Hearing Protection With Our Dynamic Impulse & Switch Filtering Technology
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    1. Molly Petersen on

      Also, my dog ate my reactors (Yes, really) so no review on those. �‍♀️

    2. William M Haskins Jr on

      How about an update on when those of us that have not received our products might reasonably expect delivery. A bad date would be preferable rather than to be ignored. Backers expect and should get better treatment than to be left in the dark.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mos W on

      Me too. I'm in Canada, but still have not receive my delivery info. Done survey, and charged my credit card... I wonder if I can get it before end of November?

    4. Missing avatar

      Jenny Guay on

      When can we expect delivery? I filled out my survey way back and am still waiting on delivery. I'm in Canada, double-checked that the survey was completed, CC has been charged but no earplugs.

    5. Missing avatar

      Steve Howard on

      Can I get an update on delivery? The first week in October has come and gone.

      Much appreciated.

    6. Arnaud Ledun on

      I didn’t receive anything. How could I check or get a delivery delay? Thanks

    7. Missing avatar

      Kevin on

      When am I going to receive what I bought months ago and was told was going to be delivered in August?

    8. Missing avatar

      Katie Reichert on

      I would have to actually RECEIVE them first.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jeff Wright on

      Question #6

      Where the heck is my set?????

    10. Andrew Ensley on

      Why does Backerkit still say my order is "Ready To Ship" like it has since my CC was charged in AUGUST?

    11. tykeal on

      How do I go about getting my shipping address updated? I still haven't received my shipping notice and I _just_ moved. Backerkit has me marked as having completed my survey a long time ago and it's not possible to update the shipping information there anymore as it's locked down.

    12. Nadia on

      Hi there, I'm having trouble confirming whether I completed a survey - I'm in Canada and haven't heard about delivery yet!

    13. Missing avatar

      Frank Chavez on

      I have not received my order I filled out the survey early on and filled out another survey but I am still waiting on my order can you please tell me when I will receive it!!

    14. Missing avatar

      XYZ on

      Hi, has my order been processed? Cos I just realised part of my address was cut off... that didn't happen with my other experiences with backerkit, so i didn't realise it till now

    15. Missing avatar

      Zach Allen on

      I believe I was sent the wrong filters. Who do I get in touch with about this?

    16. Bradley Fritts on

      How do we order bigger tips

    17. Russell L 2-time creator on

      @AlysounWells Your survey is all the way filled out. Thanks!

    18. Missing avatar

      diskeed on

      Received the items today guys, thx. Many times you mention the importance of proper insertion but I haven't seen any place where you describe a good technique (either in words or video). Any tips would be appreciated.

    19. Mathew Lazarow on

      Hi from Australia. Do you have a timeframe for delivery to Oz? TIA.

    20. Molly Petersen on

      Just received mine here in Florida yesterday. Currently sitting in a very busy pizza place with my defenders in the closed position, and they are definitely blocking out a lot of the louder sounds. Pretty happy with them. I have had a little trouble being able to switch them back open without taking them out, but I imagine I'll get used to it.

    21. Missing avatar

      Anthony Chirichella on

      Hey why haven’t I revived anything except a boat load of emails....where’s my ear plugs!!!

    22. Missing avatar

      Alysoun Wells on

      I didn't receive a backer survey. Could you resend .....or send it out again?

    23. Craig della Penna on

      I haven’t received mine yet. I’m here in Massachusetts. I completed my backerkit survey a long time ago. Can you please follow up with me regarding when I can expect them? Hunting season is here and I planned to use them for this.

    24. Anna Becker

      I haven‘t received mine yet so I was wondering, do you have a schedule for when I should expect my delivery in Germany?

    25. Missing avatar

      Andy Evans on

      Haha KS blocked the shortened version of earmuffs

    26. Missing avatar

      Andy Evans on

      That is a very good response. I want to be able to hear what is happening in my classroom but when I use the drop saw I want it to block that very load sound. At the moment I put on and take off muffs 20 or 30 times a lesson!
      I’d love to be able to report back on these from a real life scenario but alas I’m still waiting for them. Drums fingers, grits teeth.