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Customize Your Hearing Protection With Our Dynamic Impulse & Switch Filtering Technology
Customize Your Hearing Protection With Our Dynamic Impulse & Switch Filtering Technology
7,374 backers pledged $300,340 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Bjoern Sperling on

      Still no tracking No....

    2. Missing avatar

      Joe Bondra on

      I still have not recd my order yet my credit card was charged at the end of August. Please advise. The name is Joe Bondra

    3. Missing avatar

      Shari Rhodes on

      My name is Shari Rhodes. I have filled out two of the surveys and still have not received the AXIL XP Series Earplugs. I am getting kind of frustrating because I actually backed this product. What more can I do to receive my earplugs?

    4. Missing avatar

      Brian Krogh Larsen on

      Found my survey confirmation email - i filled out the survey on june 6'th. Still have not received any shipping information.

    5. Missing avatar

      Brian Krogh Larsen on

      I am not sure whether I have filled out the survey, and I do not have an email with a link to the survey. Can you resend it, if I have not filled it out please?


    6. Missing avatar

      Greg Snell on

      I still haven’t received a tracking number. I added on the shooting filter, is this the reason for delay? You successfully charged for this add on so I know my survey is complete. Are you still shipping these out?

    7. Missing avatar

      Jason Stuck on

      I have not received any tracking information and don't have anyway of retrieving my questionnaire please let me know how I can fix this situation.

    8. Missing avatar

      Richard Steele on

      I still don't have any information. I believe I have done everything asked. I don't know how to find the questionaire to verify.

    9. Missing avatar

      David Reiman on

      I got mine last week.

    10. Missing avatar

      Joshua Burkhead on

      Has anyone actually received their product? I still haven't recieved tracking and am just curious how long it might be until I do?

    11. Missing avatar


      I also didn't have a tracking number or an email. Survey is filled since I don't know...

    12. Missing avatar

      Eric Pope on

      Supporter 355 here. Filled out survey, paid, etc, no email and no earplugs. Email is backerkit is showing that I have done everything I need to do. Going to dispute this charge with my credit card company if I don't get an update from you soon.

    13. Missing avatar

      Kate T Dee on

      I filled out the survey but haven’t received an email with a tracking number. Will there another round of shipments?

    14. Missing avatar

      David Reiman on

      Kickstarter is not a store.... it's an investment portal.

      That's why we're called "backers" not customers.... That's why they're called "Rewards" not sales.

      and.... like every other investment opportunity in the free market, it comes with risks...

    15. Missing avatar

      JonHC2 on

      credit card billed 8/29. survey has all required info. glad you got the system error fixed. if there is a supply chain issue, be honest about it. you should have some idea about delivery time relative to backer number. transparency about delivery issues goes a long way towards satisfying your customers. your next great idea will be a fail because you're loosing, or have lost, the trust of potential future backers.

    16. Missing avatar on

      It's been several months since I've backed this project I'm tired of the lies Kickstarter and Russell l keep sending everybody I'm going to contact my credit card company and reject the charges they charged my card on the basis that I have not received them product in a timely basis since it is being shipped. I own my own business and this is not the way to run a company on lies and broken promises your clients are your future your product needs to stand up and your people will give it a good review if not you're sunk a good product stands for itself and people will pass the word out that it is a good product but you guys are just letting backers down very disappointed shame on you will never ever ever tell anybody it asked me about Kickstarter the back you guys

    17. Missing avatar

      Charlie Mitchelmore on

      I did fill in the questionnaire and then updated an address change. I still don't have a tracking number and there is no sign of a delivery. How long should I expect to wait for a tracking number and do you have a delivery estimate for the UK?

    18. Missing avatar

      MaryRose on

      Backer 6,137
      I still haven't received any information at all...

    19. Missing avatar

      sammy salvacion on

      Done the survey and shipping info way made long time ago. Finally i have a tracking number but since it was created in October 18 its now the 25 and it hasnt move an inch. Shipping label is just created. So i dont know if how many more months to wait for my product to arrive . Creator hasnt response to any messages

    20. Missing avatar

      Kim Nielsen on

      I haven't received a tracking number yet either

    21. Russell L 2-time creator on

      All of you should only have a tracking number if your item has shipped. If you don't have a tracking number yet, then your reward hasn't been shipped out.

    22. Missing avatar

      JessM on

      Hi everyone,

      If you contact their customer support they will verify your backer kit and status.

    23. Missing avatar

      Will Valencia on

      Hi, both standard tips received definitely do not fit well, as they were too small and a did not make a good seal. Could I have the larger tips sent? Thank you.

    24. Missing avatar

      JessM on

      Backer #1337. Backerkit completed long ago. Paid for as well. Still no tracking number received.

      How can we contact customer support? Please consider adding this to your FAQs.


    25. Missing avatar

      Tim W on

      Never received a shipping notice....backer 4,400-ish received plugs today...

    26. 夏詠清 on

      Filled out survey. No email yet and no package.

    27. Missing avatar

      Michael Siimpson on

      I also took the survey when it first came out. I am a late backer 7xxx so I didn't expect to get items early, but I saw in your recent update that everyone should have a tracking number and I don't. Like the others here, please let me know how to proceed.

    28. Jennifer Hawkins Rost on

      I took the survey months ago, and was charged for my add-ons weeks ago, but I have received no tracking info and no earplugs. Please advise.

    29. Missing avatar

      Esseiva on

      Would it be possible to post the backer numbers to the ones that haven't filled the survey ?
      I received any email containing a tracking number as well as I filled the survey.

    30. Missing avatar

      Angela Williams on

      Filled out my survey when it first came out. I am backer #3005 and have not yet received anything from this campaign.

    31. Gerald

      This is what my BackerKit show as of today!

      AXIL XP Series Earplugs: Defender & Reactor
      You can no longer change your add-ons and responses.
      You can no longer change your payment info.
      You can no longer change your address.

      No where does it show a tracking number!

    32. Missing avatar

      Anthony Chirichella on

      I filled out the survey....weeks ago!!! I have nothing!!

    33. Massimo Mirandola on

      I am backer #2,677 and I have not received the survey to fill. On my pledge on the main page of your project it says "NO SURVEYS SENT" and in my pledge page I have not the voice "Survey" (between "Reward" and "Messages") as it is in other projects items I baked and received.

    34. Missing avatar

      Julie Biladeau on

      Perhaps it would be wise to send an email to the ones you’re waiting on surveys, and then resend shipping info. I hope the product is close to advertised - because 2 months late and bad logistics mixed with upset customers will be very hard on your bottom line.

    35. Missing avatar

      Siddhraj p jadeja on

      Please share a link for survey

    36. Missing avatar

      claudiv on

      I have filled out the survey and haven't gotten any tracking number.
      What should I do?

    37. Missing avatar


      I have not get a tracking number yet but I have fulfilled the survey!

    38. Missing avatar

      David Falk on

      Same. I have a confirmation email dated 5JUN2017(2149 CST) indicating that I responded to the survey. I have not received any tracking information.

    39. Missing avatar

      Brent Seely on

      I have also filled out the survey on 6/8/2017... and haven't received shipping info. I am moving in the next 2-3 weeks.

    40. Missing avatar

      Preston Sands on

      I went to double check my backer kit. It says it is completed. I haven't received shipping info and I am in the USA. I should be getting 2 of the defender line.

    41. Missing avatar

      Brian D Hokeness on

      Hey guys,
      I had filled out the survey a while back. I haven't received an email with the tracking number yet.

    42. Gary Barhydt on

      I actually Have a new address. where do I update it?

    43. Missing avatar

      Alan Kaye on

      My survey says it's complete, but I don't have a tracking email yet. Alan Kaye, Montgomery, AL

    44. Missing avatar

      Steven Erhardt on

      Silly message--notify 7000 people that 219 didn't do their survey. Lazy and makes us all aggravated. I'm backer 715. Did the "add-on" in the last survey cause delay? What is the target date for ALL items sent?
      Never again will I back one of these projects.

    45. Missing avatar

      BLeerii77 on

      Your last email stated that if we don't have shipping details (tracking info/email) our surveys were not updated. I just checked my survey and it is indicating that my survey was completed and the shipping info was locked in. What am I missing?

      Thank you,

    46. Missing avatar

      noel hernandez on

      I have not yet received any tracking information.. and I filled out the survey months ago

    47. Russell L 2-time creator on

      @RandyVinyard exactly right!

    48. Missing avatar

      Randy Vinyard on

      Thanks for the clarification. I believe the last email update you provided yesterday let many of us to believe there was only 2 groups, those that had shipped out and those that hadn't filled out the survey. As of your clarification below, it appears there a 3rd group, those that haven't shipped out yet. If this is not correct, please advise...!

    49. Russell L 2-time creator on

      I'm seeing a lot of confusion for many people so I'll clarify real quick. We have shipped many orders already, and those that have shipped, have received emails with tracking numbers. There are still more packages to ship out though.

      If you have filled out your survey, but haven't gotten a tracking number, then that means we haven't shipped yours yet.

      If you never filled out your survey, then that means you are one of the 219 that need to do it still. Just because you haven't gotten a tracking number yet doesn't mean that you never filled out your survey.

      Hopefully that helps clarify a little bit. If you haven't filled out your survey, let me know and I can give you a link to your Backerkit survey.

    50. Missing avatar

      Carl Bernstein on

      I am a backer, but have yet to get tracking information. I filled out a survey months ago that had colors, addons, address, payment, etc.

      How would I check to find out if I am in this "awaiting survey" list?