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Customize Your Hearing Protection With Our Dynamic Impulse & Switch Filtering Technology
Customize Your Hearing Protection With Our Dynamic Impulse & Switch Filtering Technology
7,374 backers pledged $300,340 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Thomas Hillion on

      @Axil : anyone still alive ?

    2. Missing avatar

      Paul Powell on

      It's been two months since the surveys were sent. When are you shipping?

    3. Missing avatar

      Michelle Vanetti on

      Update please on when we are locking this down, shipping dates, etc.

    4. Josiah Burk on

      I keep getting emails about other Kickstarter products, but, no updates here. What's up? You were pretty consistent with updates till about a month ago...

    5. Randy on

      can we get an update on the timeline that we are currently sitting through?
      An ETA on shipment dates and production issues, if any have arisen would be great.

      Your original postings made it sound as if 20-60,000 units would be covered by the end of July, however there have been no updates as per product being shipped, and etc.

      Please have this information sent out as an announcement as early as possible, thank you.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jeff Wright on

      ENOUGH WITH THE ADDED PRODUCTS AND FEATURES. Get to work on what we backed and fullfill your agreement. If you can't fulfill your agreement, why worry about the extras? One thing at a time works best, don't multitask if you can't accomplish that!!!

    7. Thomas Hillion on

      Yeah that's weird, they've been very active and all about answers around the earplugs but the way the BT thingy (that might be very interesting with a bit more realistic details and intel) is handled is very questionable / subject to creating doubt.

    8. Missing avatar

      Snikwah on

      @Steve H. I was thinking the very same thing. Why nothing from the @creator?

    9. Edgar 'Eddie' Flores

      This is crazy. Prove that your products work, or include it at a VERY minimal cost. Not at $60+. Prove that your headphones are better than my Beats or AirPods, and we can talk about price.

    10. Missing avatar

      Steve H. UK.

      Strange there's no response to the valid points raised.

    11. Joe Sewell

      Okay, just for the record, I'm daring to take advantage of the offer. Project support is really what Kickstarter's all about.

    12. Missing avatar

      Charseb on

      In my humble opinion, if you truly care about your backers (as you repeatedly claim in your communications), you could focus more on doing a great job with the current ear plugs, let your backer try them and enjoy then, before letting them know about the next move, and then (and only then) offer them a great deal "as a thank you".
      It does not make much sense to me to try to push again the envelop here, and ask for your backer to follow you "again" when they never have seen the final product (is that "Funded Today", your marketing partner, that is pushing in that direction ?)

    13. Jason Doctor

      2 notes

      a) If one was to buy these from you, where's the option to get them truly wireless, without the lanyard? If the quality is what you claim, then an attached remote is unnecessary and stupid.

      b) Since you won't respond to numerous private emails (6/5, 6/16, 7/2) about the inadequacy of BackerKit for addressing prior promises you made ($25 Early Bird locked backers in to 1 pair of each when some of us only wanted 1 type), why should I be jumping to give you more money?

    14. Danielle Luong on

      I only need earplugs in my cleanroom production areas. No phones allowed so no Bluetooth either.

    15. Mike Frenchik

      I do have to agree.

      How about we focus on the campaign we are all on? I'll bet there are folks on this campaign that want to know how product production is going.


    16. Missing avatar

      Phlexonance on

      We haven't even gotten the hearing protection yet, we're not 100% convinced of the quality of your products and you're trying to sell us the next.

      How do we know these 70 $ BT earphones are any better than any other 20 $ BT earphones on amazon?

      "Limited time offer", "similar quality products cost way more" and "will definitely cost more later" are such old selling tricks, that this move makes me question the hearing protection that we're here for.

      These things don't look anything like your hearing protection. Are they even from AXIL?
      Do they include your filters? Doesn't look like it.