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Customize Your Hearing Protection With Our Dynamic Impulse & Switch Filtering Technology
Customize Your Hearing Protection With Our Dynamic Impulse & Switch Filtering Technology
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    1. Missing avatar

      Aaron Smith on

      I just received my defender and my reactor, I have defender filters of black and grey. neither of which are listed. Can I get some help?

    2. Missing avatar

      Phlexonance on

      So does this mean that the tips are the same size at the tip where they are smallest and the larger tips are just a longer = larger cone?
      You can probably trim off the outermost flange, but can the filter fit if you trim the inner tube a bit?

    3. Missing avatar

      Harve on

      You gyes are great! I get all the updates, get 'em by the dozen. . . . but I haven't heard when we are actually going to recieve them. . . .

    4. Matthew Vanecek on

      Re update Update #21, which filter would be most appropriate for handling the wind and engine noise on my daily commute on my motorcycle?

    5. Nashru Isnanto Abdillah on

      very confused. can you send the survey link? I'm very confused

    6. Missing avatar

      Erik on

      Regarding sizes I'm still confused. For every pair of earplugs ordered, do I get 1 filter and 2 sizes of tips? Small+medium or medium+large or large+x-large depending on if I choose small, medium or x-large?

      When I choose add-on earplugs the choices for sizes are "small", "medium/large" or "x-large". Do I still get 2 sizes (large+x-large) if I choose "x-large"?

    7. Bob Buechler

      Confused: In the survey, the choices are Small/Medium, Medium/Large and XL. But here you provide different dimensions for Small, Medium and Large. Do I pick Small/Medium to receive the Small dimensions, Medium/Large to receive the Medium dimensions, and XL to receive the large dimensions?

    8. pommelstrike on

      You talk about a "Standard" filter in this update. Do you mean Defender or Reactor?

      Also, from reading the previous update, I got confused -- what's the actual benefit of choosing a Defender over the Reactor? It seems to inhibit the normal hearing more than the Reactor, and going by the numbers, the ability to close them gives you ... 13-15db less performance than the Reactors? What am I missing here? I think most people who opted for the Defenders expected something in the lines of shooting filter with the ability to completely seal the ear to the max effect.