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Customize Your Hearing Protection With Our Dynamic Impulse & Switch Filtering Technology
Customize Your Hearing Protection With Our Dynamic Impulse & Switch Filtering Technology
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    1. Susan Davey on

      THANK YOU! Now I can fill out my survey! :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Yarin Mickel on

      So when the Defender are in the Open position it reduce the noise mor then the rector(if there are no loud impulses)?

    3. Russell L 2-time creator on

      The Shooting filter will block the most for loud impulse noise.

      The Industrial filter will block the most general noise.

    4. Greg Greenberg

      Which filter blocks the most noise

    5. pommelstrike on

      So what is the actual difference between the standard Reactor filter and the shooting filter?

      In addition, now that the ratings are out, what's the actual benefit of choosing a Defender? It seems to inhibit the normal hearing more than the Reactor, and going by the numbers, the ability to close them gives you ... 13-15db less performance than the Reactors? What am I missing here? I think most people who opted for the Defenders expected something in the lines of shooting filter with the ability to completely seal the ear to the max effect.

      Also, if you could bring out recommended use cases for the standard filters like you did for the new ones, that would be great.

    6. Mike Frenchik

      Ok I went for it and got the shooter filter addons. I'm at the range a lot and these will be great when a headset is too clunky.

    7. Russell L 2-time creator on

      @ Peter Mogish- The standard filter is actually excellent for shooting. The shooting filter gives you a premium performance, but the standard has the impulse in it especially for shooters. You won't be disappointed, but you do have an option to upgrade if you choose.

    8. Russell L 2-time creator on

      Yes- the industrial filter would be best for extreme city noise like sirens, horns, etc.

    9. Missing avatar

      Carla Dawn Behrle on

      I have a question about filters - Would the industrial filter be best for extreme city noise- sirens, horns jackhammers? Thanks Much

    10. Missing avatar

      Peter Mogish on

      As an Early Backer, I am disappointed that the AXIL XPDefender does not come standard with the Shooting Filter. Shooting was my main planned use. Instead it sounds like we will only get the very weakest sound reducing filter?