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A Wild West slap duel for three to seven players. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on September 17.

A Wild West slap duel for three to seven players.

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On the way to production!


Happy New Year!

After an exciting week finalizing the box art and rules, we should be ready to go into production next week. Our illustrator Kellan, drew an incredible new piece of artwork for the back of the box. All we have to do is typeset the rules and we’ll be good to go. I think that you’ll enjoy the final product and we’re excited to show it off. Take a peek at the box art below.

In other news, we finally were able to play a Slap .45 game with the entire team. Obviously, Joe won, as he has the fastest hands in the west.

We'll keep you posted as we go into production.

Gnarwhal Studios

Holiday Cheer!


We’re continuing to crunch to get our order in for the first print run of Slap .45. We’re waiting on a final print proof from our printer in China, and then we should be good to go into production.

We do have some good holiday news from Austrian Christmas monster Krampus who has been filling us with holiday cheer: We've teamed up with Cards Against Humanity to produce a mini demo version of Slap .45, and they sent it out to 250,000 people as part of their 10 Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa. This is an incredible opportunity for us, and it helps us get the word out to an enormous tabletop audience.

If you were lucky enough to get one of the demo version, we’re sure you’re going to love the final production version even more… it comes with special powers, custom gang cards, and obviously much higher production values that will hold up to a lot of slapping.

We will keep you posted as production comes underway!  

Happy Holidays!
Gnarwhal Studios

Scary Halloween Update


It's been a couple of weeks and we thought that we should write a brief update. We're now about 99% done with the rule book and would love to know what you think about the current draft. We're working on updating an illustration or two and are just dotting the i's and crossing the t's. 

We should have a box art and production update for you in the near future.

Happy Halloween and best wishes,
Gnarwhal Studios  

New artwork & production update


Hey friends!

We've been hard at work since our campaign ended, and wanted to check in with a production update. Artwork is done on the new promo cards (above: Throwing Knife, Bound and Gagged, Pirate's Booty).

Right now we're finalizing the rules and box design, and waiting for our barcode to come in. Tomorrow we'll receive material samples of the gang home base tiles, which we're planning to print on 0.675" thick chipboard (similar to Carcassonne tiles) so that they stay put on the table even with a lot of slapping.

Spot Colors

Slap .45 blew away our expectations and raised over 400% of our goal. We're putting that budget back into the game in some really cool ways. One of the big changes is including spot colors in our printing to get the cards looking exactly how we want. For example, on the Gold cards, we're printing with a premium metallic ink (Pantone 10121C) that will give the cards a reflective gold sheen.

Box Design

One of the big projects we still have left is finalizing the game box and the plastic tray that will hold the cards. Our goal is to make the box as small as possible so that it fits inside of a USPS flat rate box. Right now we're testing this box configuration, which fits neatly into a medium USPS flat rate box:

We'll do our best to keep you posted as we go along this journey, and we'd love to have your feedback - let us know what you think!

- Max and the Gnarwhal Studios team

Mission Accomplished!

Hey friends!

Thanks to your support, Slap .45 was funded today at over 400% of our goal. Here’s what will happen next: 

  • This week: working on final art and design for the promotional Kickstarter cards (Pirate Booty, Throwing Knife, Gagged and Tied) and should be able to share that with you next week. 
  • Next week: we’ll be finalizing the rules and packaging to send to our printer in China. 
  • In the weeks after that: We’ll be approving samples from China and sharing photos of the printing process with you. 
  • After that: Once we get a ship date from our printer, we’ll send out a backer survey to you. This will allow you to give us your shipping address. Don’t worry if you move between now and then - we won’t ask for your address until we’re ready to ship to you. After that: We’ll have a packing party in Chicago, and any backers in the area will be welcome to come and help, and have some beer and pizza with us. We’ll pack, label, and ship the 2,000 copies of the game and send them to backers. 

Some of you have asked us if it is possible to get additional copies of Slap .45 now that the project has ended. There won’t be a way to purchase copies of the game until we ship sets to our Kickstarter backers, but you can sign up at soon if you want to be notified when that is possible. 

Thank you again for your generosity and support, 
Joe and the Gnarwhal Studios team