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A Wild West slap duel for three to seven players.
A Wild West slap duel for three to seven players.
A Wild West slap duel for three to seven players.
2,025 backers pledged $75,641 to help bring this project to life.

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Slap .45 is shipping!


Hey friends!

Slap .45 is now on it's way to us from our press in China. We're really happy with the final quality of the game and we can't wait to get you your copy.

We just issued our backer survey - this is the time when you tell us the address you want us to ship your copy of Slap .45 to. You should have received a link to your survey in your email - if you're a backer, you should also see a link on the top of your screen.

- Max and the Gnarwhal Studios guys

Sample approved!

Hi Backers,

We’re super excited with our final production prototype and we’ve approved it for production (images below)! 

Look at that metallic ink on the gold cards! Look at it glisten. Look at how thick and heavy those home bases are! We can’t wait for you to be able to hold the game in your hands and see it up close for yourselves. 

We’ve approved this sample and sent it for production - that means the game is on the press as we speak. Printing should be complete in a few weeks, and then we need to wait for the games to arrive in the U.S., where they will be fulfilled to backers by our partners at Cards Against Humanity.

Then our blood oath will be fulfilled, and we will finally be released from the chains of this mortal coil so that our souls can rest. 

Assuming there are no port delays and everything goes according to schedule, fulfillment will begin toward the end of July. You should get your game about a week after that. We will keep you up to date, especially if there are any delays. 

 In other news, we’re going to be selling and demoing Slap .45 during this year’s Gen Con in Indianapolis (July 30 - August 2) at the Ad Magic booth. We’re setting up an awesome saloon themed demo space with our friends Boomtown Bandits (another western-style game). Start practicing your quick-draw! 

Happy summer,
Gnarwhal Studios

Off to the presses!


Hey friends,

We finally have some great news to share. Slap .45 is in production and will ship this summer.

We’re waiting on a final production sample from our printer in China. Once we receive it, we will make sure that everything is up to snuff and, assuming it’s approved, can finally send out a shipping timeline for when you’ll have the game in your hands.

We still haven’t sent out our backers survey (where you give us your mailing address); don’t worry you haven’t missed it. You can expect those to arrive a week or two before we start shipping the games. We want to make sure that when we ship, we send the games to your most current address.

In our next update, we’ll be able to share photos of our final production prototype and a shipping timeline. Thanks for your patience and support, it’s important to us to get the best possible version of this game to you! 

      - Gnarwhal Studios

Minor Snags


We were hoping that the next update would be the announcement of our printing. Unfortunately, we noticed some issues with a few of our proofs. This is a bit embarrassing, as we noticed this a few days after posting the update that we had approved the final proofs (and we honestly had at that point). We hoped that the problems could be corrected quickly, and we’re sorry for not communicating this to you earlier. 

We’re hesitant to give any timeline estimations yet, as our previous few have been… a little off. We are however working to get this into production as fast as we can. Our thinking was that ultimately it would be better to ship you a flawless game even if that meant it would be a bit late. Hopefully you agree. 

All of that said, once we do go into production we will be able give you a better estimate.

Thanks for your patience,
Gnarwhal Studios

Spring is here!

Hello Backers!
We have great news. Our designs are finished and the proofs have all been approved. The next step is to take these finished designs and turn them into actual things we can ship to you that you can slap. We’ll be working closely with our friends at Ad Magic to oversee production and should hopefully have more updates shortly. We've put a lot of time and care into making sure that the rest of this process will go smoothly. 

Also! We've begun planning our presence at Gen Con in July where we will be demo Slap and dispensing high fives. If you are in the Indianapolis area, please stop by if you can. We would love to see you there.

It’s finally happening! 

Thanks for your support,
Gnarwhal Studios 

P.S. We hope you enjoy the final versions of the bonus Kickstarter exclusive cards! 

P. P. S. For those of you concerned about whether or not we have your correct address - don’t worry. We don’t have anyone’s address yet. We’ll be sending out the backer’s survey in the next few weeks once we get closer to having the game in our hands to ship to you (to minimize the chance you’ll move somewhere new after you send us your address).