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A Wild West slap duel for three to seven players.
A Wild West slap duel for three to seven players.
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"The design is OK." - Wilson Miner, When We Build 
"My hand hurts." - Graham Stark, LoadingReadyRun 
"I'm so bad at this game." - Luke Crane, Burning Wheel 
"Blazing Saddles meets Egyptian Ratscrew." - Sam Roberts, IndieCade 
"I was screaming at my friends. In a good way." - Patrick Klepek, Giant Bomb 
"I shoot you with my finger gun." - Mike Selinker, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Slap .45 is funded! To get a copy of the game or follow along with development, please visit!

About Slap .45

Slap .45 is a simple slap game that captures the feeling of a classic Western shootout.

Each player chooses a unique gang with a special power and attempts to outwit and outslap their opponents. Guns and events are dealt from a central deck, and players must position themselves strategically and use their powers to survive until the final duel.

Each game comes with:

  • 67 shootout cards
  • 42 mini gang cards (for 7 gangs)
  • 7 gang home bases
  • A custom box and rules


We've been working on Slap .45 for about a year, playtesting and tweaking the rules to make a polished, accessible experience with layers of deep strategy.

Playtesters can't help getting out of their seats and losing themselves in the game - almost everyone who touches it demands a rematch.

We're asking for $18,850.00 to put Slap .45 into production with a print run of 1,000 copies. We're printing with AdMagic - the same printer that makes Cards Against Humanity.

Graphic design is by Max Temkin and Adé Hogue, and illustrations are by Kellan Jett.

About Us

Gnarwhal Studios was formed in 2005 with the creation of our first game, Humans vs. Zombies. Humans vs. Zombies is the largest game of tag in the world, played at over a thousand colleges, universities, libraries, and summer camps. Stephen Colbert named us the number one threat to America.

We love making visceral, analog experiences for people. Gnarwhal Studios is: Chris Weed, Brad Sappington, Joe Sklover, Max Temkin, Trevor Moorman, Ben Beecher, and Justin Quick.

Risks and challenges

We've designed and tested Slap .45 extensively over the last year. Art and design are done, and we're ready to go to print.

As with any manufacturing project the biggest risks are delays and unexpected costs. Between the seven of us, we have years of experience making and shipping products (including Cards Against Humanity). We think we have a solid plan to make and ship these games on a tight budget and a conservative timeline.

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