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The world’s first mobile solution for viewing, backing-up, editing, and sharing your HD footage from any GoPro HERO® or DSLR camera.
The world’s first mobile solution for viewing, backing-up, editing, and sharing your HD footage from any GoPro HERO® or DSLR camera.
The world’s first mobile solution for viewing, backing-up, editing, and sharing your HD footage from any GoPro HERO® or DSLR camera.
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    1. GNARBOX 2-time creator on April 17

      re e-mail: Our apologies. Intercom has a UX flaw of splitting people into 2 lists but having dupes across those two lists that aren't being caught in the system. It's something we are trying to get addressed, but will in the meantime do the scrub. If you contact us on support and let us know your e-mail address will search for dupes-- it's likely you have different names for the same e-mail or visa versa. Will be sure to scrub.

    2. Missing avatar

      on December 15, 2017

      @fmotta, i received three same email within 5 minutes.
      Hope they will focus more about Android users

    3. fmotta on December 12, 2017

      Well that latest SPAM email certainly was annoying...

      GOODFRIENDS do not send SPAM

    4. Michael on November 27, 2017

      After several updates, GNARBOX performance becomes more available. Hope GNARBOX team continues to update the app.

    5. Missing avatar

      Vincent C
      on September 2, 2017

      Nice update.. still love the current and potential utility of this hardware/software

    6. GNARBOX 2-time creator on August 11, 2017

      @matthias please visit our live chat at and someone will be able to sort out any issues you're experiencing!

      @Shane Lau - what email address have you been reaching out to? Just emailed you regarding your shipping!

      The best and fastest way to reach us for support or questions is to reach out at or via live chat at! Thank you!

    7. Missing avatar

      Matthias on July 29, 2017

      Tried to cull some pictures from a personal project today
      Gnarbox was super slow and is ridiculously hot. What can I do?
      How is this fixed

    8. Shane Lau on July 26, 2017

      I have yet to received my gnarbox. I've sent a couple of emails but yet no one has replied. May I know if there are any issues that you guys are facing? Otherwise, it is really unprofessional to just ignore everyone's questions and hope that we just forget about it.

    9. Missing avatar

      Dario Medunic on July 25, 2017

      guys, I do agree with Brett Brown... I got actually only 2 128GB SDD managed (bad) by my smartphone... software is really poor and with a lot of bugs... I aimed to support your project from the beginning, but actually the result is really unsatisfactory...
      If I already have so many problems with images, I can only imagine how many problems the people with video have got... hope for updates soon, really...

    10. Milos Pesic on July 23, 2017


      I still haven't received my gnarbox, could you please check whats happening?
      On April 11 I got tracking number for my order, but didn't receive it yet.


    11. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Chua on July 23, 2017

      I still haven't received my gnarboxx and haven't received any responses to messages since 2016. gosh.

    12. Jonas Scherer on July 15, 2017

      For me it's exactly like Lovly Serma described it! What can I do?

    13. Kevin Warren on June 26, 2017

      Hi, received an invoice for customs €57, what is the stance on this?

    14. Lovly Serma on June 22, 2017

      I received my Gnarbox today, turned it on, downloaded the app from Google Play, turned on the WiFi, selected and Made the connection, entered the password, opened the app, welcome screen, a dialog with wifi diagnostic pops up, attempts to make connections, fails. I am stuck. I am using the hardware as a hand warmer in the mean time. Am I doing something wrong, missing any steps?

    15. Missing avatar

      James Hustler on June 20, 2017

      Whats the clear answer on customs TAX? Can we have clarity on this. I have received a £40 tax invoice which I am absolutely not willing to pay after receiving the unit defunct and so late. Every other kickstarter has taken care of tax and my expectation was that you would also.

      Please can someone clarify what is happening about this.

    16. Lyle Eccleston on June 15, 2017

      Anybody wanna buy my gnar, i got one!!!!!!

    17. Stuart Houston on June 12, 2017

      Hello, my device arrived and i was sent a Duty & Tax Invoice from FedEx, this is not a cost i would be expecting to pay. I thought this would be included in the price of the device and my pledge. Please advise who i should send the invoice details too. Many thanks, Stuart

    18. Brett Brown on June 12, 2017

      Dissatisfaction level....high. Had it a couple of weeks and I'm struggling to see where the GNARBOX will sit in my workflow? It takes so long to render videos and the app is so limited. At the moment I'm using at as a giant burning hot 128gb flash drive. I have said it before iPhone 6s+, lightning to SD and USB card adapters and video apps do everything and more much faster than the GNARBOX.

    19. Missing avatar

      Vincent C
      on June 12, 2017

      Would like to echo these compliments below from Rubin (which I'm glad to see since he, at times, has been a harsh critic). It's very cool to see this product and the app progress as new features get added. The update process is a perfect example. So much more fine tuned now. This been one of my favorite projects I've backed and I'm over 80 at this point. Great job, Gnarbox!

    20. rubin lopez on June 8, 2017

      Was supposed to be sleeping. But the email of the new update kept me up a bit longer. I would just like to say t.y. for continuing to push the envelop on the software. U guys are really hard at work. I understand some of us aren't 100% satisfied with the gnarbox. But it's technology like this that makes a competitive market. And u guys are doing a great job with the updates. Please keep them rolling. And if there's a kickstarter for the gnarbox 2.0 I'll be the first backer even if I have to wait two years for it to ship again. I'm sure the gnarbox will be a household item in the future,or maybe a must travel item lol. Either way congratulations on the shipping and the product. I hope u guys keep the updates rolling well into 2017!!

    21. Jeremy Claude on June 7, 2017

      Got my gnarbox a week ago at the FedEx office after they failed to find my house. Yesterday I got a bill from them for import taxes for 67 euros. Practically half the price I paid for this stupid unit. I say stupid since I am having lots of issues with the software. Not able to delete files on the gnarbox from the app. Devices listed keep indexing and thus not able to view them. Videos files fail to play more the 0.8 seconds ( only some files formats not all).

      Any one else who shipped to France had to pay such high import taxes?

    22. Andrejs Zavadskis on June 6, 2017

      Hi. Gnarbox is one very good product, but you need to make it the best. Right now Gnarbox have best hardware, but need a lot of improvements and features in software, to be the best. I bought every similar product in the market right now (WD My Passport Wireless Pro, QNAP Qgenie 7-In-1 Mobile Nas and The Egg by Eggcyte) and have some thoughts.
      I am not a videographer, but I am pro photographer, a lot of traveling. Sometimes traveling 2 weeks for everydays shooting and I have some feature requests:

      1.Sharing to other friends/clients
      The best thing for sharing is just web based gallery for picture viewing and downloading. For example, I share some folder, or date. And guests can connect their devices by wifi, enter some http://gnarbox/ and have access to shared gallery for viewing, liking, downloading.
      One more like next step is extra app like “gnarbox guest” which work like this. In main app I select folder or date to share and guests with other app have access to view, download, like, comment photos. If needed we can put password on access guest galleries.
      2. Auto shutdown.
      In settings to enable/disable it. When gnarbox dont have tasks shutdown it after 1,5,10,30 min
      3. Auto import.
      In settings have auto import on/off to enable it. Sometimes I dont have time to take phone to import photos. Need to auto import.
      4. JPG+RAW
      When card is inserted and gnarbox see that there is jpg and raw, on importing asking do you need import JPG only, RAW only, or ALL. Sometimes I shoot small JPG for this kind of devices to save battery on RAW processing. All this kind of devices better and faster going with JPGs
      5. Smart charging
      Charge my device via usb when device is off. I dont need to power OS and processor to charge my phone with 4000mah battery. I think it is stupid that device need to be running to charge my iphone for emergency needs.
      6. Mobile backup
      Copying video and photos from mobile using wifi and app. Next step can be syncing feature.
      7. Preset actions
      It will be nice to have ability to copy and paste image settings (brightess, contrast,tint, etc). Next step can by syncing to folder or to date
      8. Marking photos.
      Very useful feature is to mark best photos and then write something to exif (marking tag) or move them to folder or do something to get list of marked files out of gnarbox.
      9. Horizontal app view
      I dont know why you dont do this, but a lot of apps allow to rotate screen horizontally and all view become more visible and use all screen.
      10. Fast import
      Fast import allow import memory card without indexing it. It can be done later for faster imports.
      11. Slideshow
      Very good if I can create slideshow from photos and get video file as final.

      Photographer Andrejs Zavadskis

    23. Michael on June 5, 2017

      Finally got my Gnarbox in last week @ Hong Kong.
      The Android app look like beta. It need take long time to wait it indexing, with no percentage of progress, even with very few files. I hope it will be improve in next update.

    24. Kalix Muangchoo on June 5, 2017

      Okay... I've had the Gnarbox now for a little over a month... I'm not impressed. Built is good but the first reason I got this for was to edit gopro timelapse and it can't even do that. So rightnow its just sitting on my desk... 128 GB of extra storage is a little helpful, but the processing speed is kinda slow for a quad core.

      Overall I could have lived without it and use the dji editing tool on my phone. But if they ever fix the firmware and add timelapse for gopro, it would instantly jump to #1 tool in my bag.

    25. Missing avatar

      Adrian on June 4, 2017

      Anyone know how to download pictures and video from iPhone onto it?

    26. Jonathan Cullinane on June 3, 2017

      And now I've had an invoice from FedEx for delivering it, an entire extra third of the price of the gnarbox in the first place

    27. Dario Guarniasco on June 2, 2017

      I am sorry guys, but your device just does not do what it is meant to.
      I tried a simple operation such as exporting a trimmed video: goes to 46% and then.. crash. no response anymore. After the wifi comes up again, the job queue is empty and no export has been done.
      I am also having issues using it as a mass storage.

    28. Martin Jr
      on June 1, 2017

      Arrived in Vietnam, finally! Will give it a try soon :)

    29. Kai Kee
      on May 31, 2017

      I'm from Singapore. Pledge received. Everything is working well. Thanks.

    30. Jonathan Cullinane on May 31, 2017

      Finally arrived! Positives, it looks and feels great, like professional kit. The card slots are upside down to what I'd have expected but that's not a huge deal

      Negatives, i doesn't really come close to being useful - the app is super limited and buggy, no configuration, it looks at all files not just photos/video so card firmware and data files show up every time

      There's no quick "vacuum everything off this card" button, it expects you to wait for 10-15 minutes while it indexes just the number of files, not even thumbnails yet. Thumbnails loaded eventually for the first 8-10 photos then scrolling showed those same 8-10 thumbnails over and over.. Then trying to select all took another couple of minutes while it was unresponsive, it also seemed to only copy files while my phone was open and connected.

      Expected use would be a quick way to either move or copy everything off a full SD card while I'm working with a fresh one and then it handles caching and so on, so that when I go to look at the gallery I can quickly browse through - the reality is it requires constant babysitting, gets super hot nearly to burning, and in the end I still didn't get a gallery I could look through.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jesús Maturana on May 31, 2017

      FedEX Notification = 62 euros = 69 dollars on Custom Taxes

      I think you've send wrong invoice or whatever. This tax is much more than expected. I already paid for shipping and now I have to pay almost half Gnarbox more. I've contacted by PM to reach a fair solution.

    32. Andrejs Zavadskis on May 31, 2017

      as Pro Photographer need some features:
      1. if Gnarbox detect on memory card RAW + JPG, please ask before importing : DO you want import all or RAW or JPG only.
      2. Make new app like Gnarbox Share or Gnarbox Guest. and in Gnarbox main app make feature to share photos or folders or imports for guests. imagine you are on trip with friends and at the end of the day they all download Gnarbogx Share/Guest app and connect by wifi to your Gnarbox and see shared photos. They can view, like, comment and download to phones or tablets photos they want (they can NOT delete them). friends only need this guest app and wifi password.
      3. if your device have 4000mah battery please make that we can charge our devices like phones via usb ports. it can safe lives on a trip !!!
      4. Transfer/buckuo from mobile phone videes and photos using usb cable.

      keep working and Gnarbox will beat up WD My Passport Wireless Pro, QNAP Qgenie 7-In-1 Mobile Nas and The Egg by Eggcyte.


    33. Lyle Eccleston on May 30, 2017

      I asked for my money back on at least 3 occasions before you even shipped it. Because there is way better stuff on the market now cause it took 2 years,and didn't want this crap, and no response, so I get it and it is a f'n joke, I want to ship it back and full refund, just like any other product you buy.
      Thanks. It all boxed up waiting for a return aaddress

    34. Karl Delandsheere on May 30, 2017

      So, finally got it. I honestly don't know what to think about it. Firmware update only on data and not WIFI… Seriously? And not even talking about how warm it gets with a single firmware update. Build quality is really good though.

    35. Missing avatar

      Alvaro on May 29, 2017

      So... 15 months late and mi package is waiting for me at the Spanish customs to pay 35€ tax.

      Gnarbox, you sent the item with the wrong paper work and now I have to pay an extra amount, hope you return this money via PayPal or something like that...

    36. TJuk on May 28, 2017

      If anyone is still waiting for their unit, and needs help with shipping enquiries then get in touch with Kat (, she's been incredibly helpful and is very swift to respond.

    37. Missing avatar

      Richard Holst on May 27, 2017

      So 655 days later and £39 extra in duty .. my gnarbox has arrived .. well I had to go fetch it from the FedEx depot .. it was sat in customs waiting for me to pay duty .. FedEx sent me a letter .... WTF to say I need to pay duty .. then I missed the next day deadline for delivery as I paid at 5:30 pm which is the cut off .. so I arranged to collect from them other wise I have to till Tuesday for delivery ..

      Build quality is really good .... setup was easy .. firmware update done also super easy ..

      Backed up SD card 16gb movies / raw / jpg images to internal storage .. backup was what I would consider quick

      Unit gets really really hot .. not good .. so hot I can't touch it .. that may be a issue but time will tell ..

    38. Brett Brown on May 26, 2017

      Had the GNARBOX for a week or so now and my honest opinion after using it a fair bit.......not as stoked as I thought I would be.

      It's great that the dev team got it into our hands finally. Thanks for that guys. I have reached out to the team via email with a couple of issues and they have replied so that's good but I'm a bit let down right now with using the GNARBOX

      The battery life is not that great. Plugging it into another power source while it's on causes the GNARBOX to reboot.

      The workflow is 'clunky' Videos take a long time to render for any sort of decent playback. Maybe I need to spend a lot more time playing with it.

      For me it's far more efficient to transfer files onto my iPhone using an Apple card reader. That includes 4K media from GoPro/Mavic/Sony Straight into my camera roll and I can edit using one of my video editing apps.

      Sorry to be so negative but I'm not sure where this device will fit in my workflow ?

    39. Andrew Heald on May 26, 2017

      I've received my Gnarbox here in the UK. Fedex were pretty good at handling the parcel and made it easy for me to go to their depot to collect it at my convenience.
      So, the Gnarbox turns out to be reassuringly chunky and well made. Mine doesn't get hot while on charge but does get exceptionally hot while in use. I'm happy to be assured that this is not likely to be a problem in practice. I'm not wild about the battery life of the device. It doesn't seem to last more than a few hours. It's early days. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt for now. I think that having an auto-shutdown when it detects the app is no longer using it would be a significant improvement.
      The iPhone app is somewhat buggy, but I am satisfied with the way it works for now. I'll expect many more feature updates before I consider it a great experience. I guess there'll be a bug reporter somewhere on the Gnarbox site, so I'll contribute there.
      I've kept my counsel on the delay to the delivery of this product. I considered it unhelpful to add to the general expression of angst in this forum. It seems to me that Kickstarter is only for those who are willing to take a risk with their money and accept that they might lose it altogether. I wrote this project off some time ago and forgot about it, so it did come as a pleasant surprise when I learned that I was likely to receive a Gnarbox.

    40. Lyle Eccleston on May 26, 2017

      I also wanna say that, there are many many ways to transfer data now and quik for go pro, blows this piece of crap away.

    41. Lyle Eccleston on May 26, 2017

      Wow, I recieved my unit, I am incredibly bummed at how slow it is, it gets super hot. Gopro software is way better and faster then this thing. It was out of date the day they signed up to kickstarter. Really would like to return.
      I can edit way better n faster on gopro's own simple software. For what we waited for, other companies including gopro, jumped right past this thing while we were waiting for it.
      Sad day

    42. Missing avatar

      Dan Cox on May 25, 2017

      So, in response to me saying I cannot connect to my unit and it gets really hot I'm told this is normal but I'm going to be charged twice! (I've received one unit).


      "Hey Dan-

      I saw your comment and was wondering if I could be of any assistance.

      I want to make sure that it is charging properly. It will get pretty hot while on and hotter while on and charging, this shouldn't be an issue but we do recommend that if you ARE having issues to do one or the other. Another recommendation is to make sure you use a 5V/2.4A charger (or just your best one).

      Second, in a rush to get you your order our warehouse accidentally sent you two orders. If you were able to 'deny' the other one (and thus not get charged a second VAT) that would be the best way to get it back to us. The other option is to send us the one that isn't working for you and we'll refund you all shipping and VAT charges.

      Let me know and sorry for the inconveniences. "

    43. Missing avatar

      Dan Cox on May 25, 2017


      This is seriously the last time I invest on any project with KS!!!

      After a massive delay and info on shipping I finally receive my Gnarbox! Yay!

      I un-box it, charge it for 6 hours and get started. Despite apparently 100% charge it lasts , I'm not kidding, less than a minute and gets really really hot!

      With it plugged in to power I cannot connect to it. And now after 4 hours of swearing at it and my family I have given up!

    44. kokobin
      on May 25, 2017

      For the record and for what it's worth, I was a sceptic of this project ever reaching fruition after so long.
      Gnarbox proved me wrong and delivered a sturdy, well-made piece of gear.
      Well done!!

    45. kokobin
      on May 25, 2017

      Backer No 1,396 Received today in London, UK via Fedex
      Expecting $31.8 invoice for VAT in the post later in a few days. Not really happy!

    46. Missing avatar

      Fabian Alberto Suarez Garcia on May 25, 2017

      Hi friends of Gnarbox, i'm backer 2,365 can tell when i'll be recieving?

      Best regards

    47. Andrew Scott on May 25, 2017

      I received my Gnarbox yesterday (Brisbane, Australia). It's an amazing and rugged little unit. The app works well too. Quite an achievement so congratulations to the GNARBOX team.

      One feature I'd really like but can't work out how to do is the ability to transfer images from my iPhone camera roll to the Gnarbox. I'm preparing for a length overseas trip next year and expect to take many photos on my iPhone alongside my dSLR. Transferring images off the iPhone onto the Gnarbox, and an external HDD attached to it, would really free me from the need to take my MacBook Air. Is this possible or feasible via an update to the app?

    48. Missing avatar

      AndyE on May 24, 2017

      No tracking and shipping notification here either .... but received my 2 Gnarboxes yesterday out of the blue in Switzerland by FedEx.

    49. Missing avatar

      Giles on May 24, 2017

      Have to agree with Shane. I have no tracking number, no shipping notification and so no Gnarbox- hard to understand how I might leave a positive review.

    50. Missing avatar

      Shane Michaels
      on May 24, 2017

      I never even received my Gnarbox or a response back on the status of my Gnarbox after emailing Will several weeks ago. It seems like many of your other backers have yet to actually receive a unit or a tracking number as well. And today you send an update out that you're now launching on Amazon before any of your current backers have received the item they have backed. I would love to leave a positive review if I actually had an item to review.

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