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The world’s first mobile solution for viewing, backing-up, editing, and sharing your HD footage from any GoPro HERO® or DSLR camera.
The world’s first mobile solution for viewing, backing-up, editing, and sharing your HD footage from any GoPro HERO® or DSLR camera.
The world’s first mobile solution for viewing, backing-up, editing, and sharing your HD footage from any GoPro HERO® or DSLR camera.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Matthew Black about 8 hours ago

      Im at the point where i would like to get my full refund back. Is there a way to have that happen? No updates, no product. Its more than ridiculous now

    2. Missing avatar

      Adrian about 12 hours ago

      According to the tracking status at USPS it says:
      Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item

    3. Missing avatar

      Adrian about 12 hours ago

      I am backer #277 and from uk.
      Got my shipment notice 27 March; but have not received it or any other update.

    4. brandon about 20 hours ago

      Its going in 2 years and we still don't have the product. I've backed 3 other products in Kickstarter (tech products) and I have received them all. Never have dealt with a company not responding to the people that helped build the company and put the product on the map. Is poor customer service. How do I request a full refund?

    5. Andrew Blyth 2 days ago

      What a fiasco! And it seems that the Gnarbox company have given up communicating with us. I haven't received my shipping notice yet, and I'm backer 914.

      @Gabriel Legault When I order from iHerb in the US, with USPS and local delivery here in Japan, I always get my box in under seven days of the order being placed. I don't think the delays and problems are with USPS.

    6. Missing avatar

      theodore sapienza 2 days ago

      Unsure if they are doing it in order but for people wondering about shipping.... Backer 2,191 just got my shipping info today 4/28/17.

    7. Christopher Brodrick 2 days ago

      Could you please update me as to when I can expect to receive shipping information!

    8. David Rodger 2 days ago

      Hello I'm number #1058 In 3401 Adams Ave San Diego Ca 92116 and I have not received any notices or return messages so I'm getting concerned about my product. So please respond and give me some info about my shipping ?

    9. Missing avatar

      hoiyee 2 days ago

      I received from shipment notice but it delivered to US that not my address in UK? What's up? Tracking Number:LZ121140955US

    10. Missing avatar

      TarioD 2 days ago

      @Markus: just talked to them and they confirmed that it's unusual for parcels coming from the US and to a private person.

    11. Missing avatar

      Markus Kilian 2 days ago

      Update: Thanks to the great customer service of the Federal Network Agency and a few (all very friendly) phone calls the Federal Network Agency explained that the box will be released and within the next week I will be able to pick it up at the toll station.

    12. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Legault 2 days ago

      I exchanged a few mails with Kat from Gnarbox and I thought I'd share the info I got with you all as it seems that a lot of us have the same issues. Basically, what she told me is that a lot of packages are stuck in a USPS depot in Los Angeles. She told me that a USPS agent was working on the case and that some of the stuck packages began to ship out. She also told me that USPS are not very good at updating the tracking info and that a lot of people received their units without any tracking updates from USPS. She also told me that it takes around 4 weeks for people outside of USA to receive their package.

      Like many of us here, I'm worried about all those delays and lack of campaign updates. I have a trip coming and I was hoping to have my gnarbox to be able to leave the laptop at home but it looks like I'll have to make room for the laptop because I won't have it in time... And even if miraculously I get it in time, if I believe some of the comments, the device is disappointing so I'll bring the laptop just in case...

    13. Missing avatar

      Markus Kilian 3 days ago

      @ Simon Vogt: Shipping Label Created April 18; Hauptzollamt Hamburg Stadt
      @ Adam Mann: My backer number is #1976
      @ TarioD: I had the box only for literally a second in my hand. So no idea if there is a CE but as Ed L said it should be there. I even asked if it is because of such symbols but the lady said 'they can print what ever they want on this'. So I hope it's just a single case. (btw this toll station was one of the few which created problems with the first pebble smart watches)

    14. Ed L 3 days ago

      just got mine here in the USA ,Yes both the box and packaging has both FCC and CE emblems on them

    15. Missing avatar

      TarioD 3 days ago

      Hi @Marcus, this is completely unusual!! They only do such things if they can't locate a CE symbol. If it's the case we will all have serious problems with customs. I work in the field and I will check the regulations with BnetzA tomorrow.
      Can you recall if the packaging had a CE symbol? Can someone who already received the gnarbox look for the CE symbol on the box or the device itself?
      @creator: this is definitely the time to come out from your blackout and answer some questions (all the parcels "in transit" and the certification).

    16. Adam Mann 3 days ago

      @markus what backer number were you. I'm in the UK and hoping mine will arrive sometime on

    17. Missing avatar

      Simon Vogt 3 days ago

      @Markus Kilian: war dein shipping date auch 31.3.17? Welches Zollamt war es denn?

    18. Missing avatar

      Markus Kilian 4 days ago

      Hey guys (especially to all German backers), just wanted to let you know that I was close to receive my Gnarbox today. I'm from Germany and I have to pic it up from the toll for customs clearance process. After opening the package and seeing the real box they told me that (due to the fact that it emits radiation due to WiFi) they have to send it to the Federal Network agency to check the device. After this procedure they will let me know what will happen.

    19. Tyler Cosma
      4 days ago

      Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I received my box yesterday in Ohio! Looks great, operates smoothly with the app, but I am very disappointed in the quality of the raw photos once they're edited and exported. There are very few tools for editing built in so this device will likely never serve its purpose and will collect dust on the shelf. Looks like I'll be editing in raw with my iPhone and iPad in the field since I get better results and it also syncs to Lightroom on my desktop. Such a shame and a waste of great potential. The Gnarbox team really dropped the ball here. At this point, it is extremely gimmicky and I have messaged all of my outdoor friends in the profession and retracted any sort of recommendation that I had made, which will end up as about a dozen of "would be" orders being cancelled or never ordered st all.

    20. Mani 4 days ago

      To @Gnarbox. Hey team. Can some one up date the shipping status to backers , where we are , what's countries currently shipping to.

    21. Missing avatar

      Orisha Nnani 6 days ago

      I got mine a few days ago & haven't been a able to use it cause the app crashes every time I try to.

    22. Manny 6 days ago

      Backer 1,564. I got mine 3 days ago I live in California. I remember the dev's saying that the farther you live from CA the longer it will take to ship. I don't know how I got lucky and received mine before others that were way higher in the shipping bracket and I would be just as pissed with all this waiting but it IS worth the wait.

    23. Missing avatar

      Alan Miller 6 days ago

      Backer #982, have not heard a thing. Looks like $200 gone

    24. Missing avatar

      Alan Miller 6 days ago

      Why do I doubt that we will ever see the device we paid for. Nearly 2 years gone by and a handful of updates. IF, a big IF, it ever gets delivered it will be so far out of date, under powered and low on storage

    25. Karl Delandsheere 6 days ago

      This is beyond ridiculous. I backed on August 15th, 2015. I wonder if I'll receive my unit before August 15th, 2017…

    26. Jami F 6 days ago

      I'm backer #1,793 in San Diego, CA, got a pre-shipment notice on April 19th, and it's still in pre-shipment status. I'm obsessively checking it and will report back once it actually ships. :)

    27. Missing avatar

      TarioD 6 days ago

      @Frances: Same here. My parcel is since April 11th in transit. Other backers are reporting that a month has passed since the shipping notification!
      I think that gnarbox should look into this matter as it's very unfortunate that even if they shipped asap, USPS is still holding all the parcels. This is frustrating and it undermines all the efforts to ship to backers asap.

    28. Missing avatar

      FRANCESC 6 days ago

      Hi! I've received the shipment notice on April 8th with a link to track it. According to the USPS page it hasn't moved from their facilities since then. Is there any way to know when it will be sent to Belgium?

    29. Missing avatar

      Katha 6 days ago

      When do you start shipping to Europe? I really, really need that thing.

    30. Christopher Cahyadi 7 days ago

      I have not received anything.
      I am from Singapore

    31. Missing avatar

      7 days ago

      Backer #44 (Super Early Bird too). Haven't heard about anything..

    32. Missing avatar

      Julius 7 days ago

      More than a month now after shipping and the unit hasn't arrived in my country yet. I'm wondering if they put the shipment on hold so they can delay the real shipping of the unit. I am no longer expecting to receive it in three days before my flight. Gnarbox just missed 3 of my travels.

    33. Rene Velasquez on April 22

      When are you shipping to Singapore?

    34. Jeremy Claude on April 22

      I'm backer 1428 and just got my shipping notice yesterday. I'm live in France.

    35. Andrew Blyth on April 21

      I'm backer #914 in Japan, and I've had zero emails from them. It seems they are only delivering to people in the US. However, I'm not sure if Noah Compton in "WA" is really from Western Australia or not.

    36. Brett Brown on April 21

      G'day. I'm noticing backers with much a much higher pledge # than mine are getting shipping info. I'm in Australia. Are American orders being delivered first? Confused. Thank you.

    37. Brett Brown on April 21

      G'day. I'm noticing backers with much a much higher pledge # than mine are getting shipping info. I'm in Australia. Are American orders being delivered first? Confused. Thank you.

    38. David Rodger on April 21

      Okay I'm 1,058 and have had no shipping info from you so now what's the problem ?

      You verified that you received my new shipping address over a year ago David Rodger 3401 Adams Ave San Diego 92116

      So now I'm really disappointed when I see that people with backer numbers right

    39. Missing avatar

      Tim Pelletier on April 20

      #1047 Backer, got mine today!!! Can't wait to get familiar with it!!! Thanks.

    40. Kevin Warren on April 20

      Backer 1287 based in Ireland do you have a time frame for European orders?

    41. Christian Lehr on April 20

      I'm backer #1,295 and just got my shipping notification today. Here's hoping it will arrive by Saturday for my trip!

    42. Noah Compton on April 20

      Backer 1613 shipped yesterday to WA. Stoked!

    43. Kris Zurbas on April 20

      I'm backer 1282 and got my shipping info yesterday! Can't wait to try it out!

    44. Kenneth Latman on April 19

      I am backer 1947 and I just got my shipping notification. I am in Ohio. Can not wait to mess with.

    45. Missing avatar

      Johnny Shyr on April 19

      I'm backer 1,217 and just got shipping confirmation. I'm located in NYC

    46. rubin lopez on April 18

      I would really like to see the same features for the video that that photos has. as far as color grading ext.

    47. Missing avatar

      Rich on April 18

      I'm backer 936. Have not received any notice either. Would love to understand how you are ordering this shipments?

    48. zac estens on April 18

      hi guys, when can we expect international shipping(australia) for early bird backers??

      super keen to try this out on holidays in july

    49. Missing avatar

      Ryan Mullins on April 18


      Nothing yet

    50. Daren Han on April 18

      I am backer #1524, haven't get anything yet.

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