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The most powerful portable workflow solution for photographers and videographers.
The most powerful portable workflow solution for photographers and videographers.
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App Overview #4: Showcase

Posted by GNARBOX (Creator)


  • Review high resolution clips and photos on any monitor or television in real-time over HDMI 
  • Navigate files using thumbnails 
  • Decode UHD professional codecs for display including ProRes video.


Sometimes you want to be able to view or share your photos and videos on a larger screen than your phone or tablet. For instance, after a long day of shooting you might return to your hotel and want to preview your clips on a larger screen, so you plug your GNARBOX into the HDMI supported TV in your room. In another scenario, you sit down to lunch during a shoot day and want to review what you’ve shot on a HD monitor on set. Whatever your reason, being able to review or present your footage on a larger screen can bring a lot of value.

The new Showcase app and on-board Micro HDMI port on GNARBOX 2.0 allow you to present your high res footage and photos on any HDMI-enabled screen. Whether it’s to show a client and confirm you got the shot, or to show off your latest cut, Showcase will get your content on the big screen quickly and easily. Using a larger screen allows for a more detailed and immersive viewing experience, and provides huge advantages by making sure you’ve got exactly what you need before leaving a location.

Why We Built It

On-location footage or photo review can save you time and money. Whether it’s the ability to review with a client before wrapping up, or a simple confirmation that you got the shot, using a big screen allows you the piece of mind professionals need.

Showcase is designed to give you the ability to navigate files on GNARBOX 2.0 and review high resolution clips and photos on any HDMI-enabled screen in real-time.

How Showcase Supports Your Workflow

Review High Resolution Clips on Any HDMI Screen

Whether you’re returning to a hotel, house or anywhere else with access to an HDMI enabled screen, Showcase lets you get your content up on the big screen quickly and easily.

Review your footage or photos on set to confirm you got the shot, or present the day’s content to the client before you wrap to make sure they’re happy. You can also use Showcase to share your images or rough edits on the big screen without having to transfer your edits onto your computer first. Because GNARBOX supports many different camera types, you can easily collect all of your footage from multiple cameras in one place to begin sifting through your shots. GNARBOX acts as a hub for your footage, allowing you to review your work from the day and prep for your next day of shooting.

Navigating Files Using Thumbnails

The design of Showcase was built so you can easily browse thumbnails and choose the file you want to display.

Decode UHD Professional Codecs and ProRes

Showcase will allow you to display videos encoded in professional codecs including ProRes with little to no rendering time. This lets you review footage quickly, a process that would be cumbersome even on a computer.


We were inspired by the feedback of our users and ambassadors who wanted to be able to consolidate all the footage from their various cameras and view them with their production teams at the end of the day. These teams often find themselves in places where they don’t have access to studio monitors, but do have access to a TV, like a hotel or lodge. When presented with the option of having to view on the LCD camera back of each camera, importing all files to a laptop and waiting for everything to load, or simply plugging their GNARBOX in to an available screen, the choice is clear.

This feature is also inspired by elements of production, including the inevitable “chimping” around the LCD camera back on a shoot, on set HD monitors, and HD recorder/monitor devices like the Atomos devices.

At the end of the day, Showcase and the Micro HDMI port were designed to give users more flexibility in the places they can view the content stored on their GNARBOX.

Team Behind the Feature



Can I use any of the other apps outside of Showcase to view my content on a larger screen? At this moment, Showcase is the only app that pairs with the onboard HDMI port.

Does Showcase work with GNARBOX 1.0? No; Showcase relies on the functionality of an onboard HDMI port which is a physical feature set of GNARBOX 2.0. Therefore, Showcase will only work with GNARBOX 2.0.

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