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Giant chemical companies are feeding you and your family untested, unlabeled genetically-modified food. Join the growing resistance!
Giant chemical companies are feeding you and your family untested, unlabeled genetically-modified food. Join the growing resistance!
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GMO OMG Released tomorrow, July 22nd!


Hi All,

Tomorrow is the day!  GMO OMG will be released on DVD, iTunes, Amazon, OnDemand and will even be sold at your local Target!

We are all so excited that the film is finally here and everyone will have the opportunity to see and share GMO OMG.

For those of you backers who are receiving a digital download copy of the film... We have everyone's email addresses, and you will be receiving an email tomorrow from VHX.  Please make sure to check your SPAM email, just in case.  We don't want anyone missing the email that has directions for downloading the film.  So, make sure you receive an email from VHX and let us know if you don't.  You can email us directly at with any questions on the digital download.

Kindest Regards,

The GMO OMG Team

"Growing Cities" A film about Urban Farming

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Dear GMO OMG Supporters,

We wouldn't normally do this, however, there is a new film we would like to draw some attention and support to.  It's called "Growing Cities" and was created by first time filmmakers Dan Susman and Andrew Monbouquette.  You can watch the trailer and learn more about the film on their website,

Dan and Andrew's film has been accepted to screen on local PBS channels nationally and they are looking for support to get the film ready and suitable for PBS standards.  They only have 11 days left of their Kickstarter campaign and are a third of the way funded.

Please check out their Kickstarter campaign,

And, if you feel so inclined, please support Growing Cities and help spread the word.  It would be great to see their film about urban farming succeed and make it onto local PBS television stations.  They are spreading an important and uplifting message and we hope everyone has a chance to check see their film!


GMO OMG Film Team

P.S. for those of you that haven't seen GMO OMG yet and supported us, we will be in touch next month regarding the digital downloads of the film, so stay tuned!

GMO OMG Set for wide release!


Dearest Kickstarter Supporters,

First off, thank you all for your amazing support for GMO OMG!  As many of you probably know, the film was released at the end of 2013 in select theaters.  That really helped get the film and it's message to a wider audience by first going mainstream.

However, now it is time for a much wider release and so we are pleased to announce that GMO OMG will be released on DVD/BluRay, iTunes, Amazon, On Demand, and in select retailers on July 22nd!  We will be making more announcements as the date draws near, to our Facebook page ( as well as sending updates to our email list (You can sign up at the bottom of our website here,

For all of our backers who are to receive a digital download of the film, we are working on this and expect that you should either receive notification on or right before the release of the film.  So, it's definitely coming and soon!  

If you were in a reward group that is to receive a digital download and never responded to the questionnaire, please do so at your earliest convenience.  It's been a few years and hopefully everyone sent back their questionnaires, which we have a record of.  At this time, we will only be looking to make sure we have everyone's information for the DVD and Digital Download of the film.

We can't thank you all enough for your support and we hope you enjoy the film and continue to show your support and spread the word about GMO OMG as it will soon be available for everyone!

Kindest Regards,

The GMO Film Team

GMO OMG - Theatrical Run


Hello everybody,

Just a quick update here that we are in the midst of our theatrical run and the film is doing well! We had successful premieres and opening weeks in NY, LA, and Seattle, and now the film is spreading to theaters throughout Washington state in the lead up to their GMO labeling initiative i522.

For more updates on screenings, please visit the "screenings" page on our new website:

Also, please check out the "press" page for all the recent coverage of the film.

Many of you are wondering when you'll get your free digital download, and I wish we could say exactly when, but we don't know yet! We are still trying to grow the theatrical release of the film to garner more reviews and publicity, and also to reach as wide an audience as possible. When digital downloads are available, you will be the first to know and download!

More updates coming soon as we lock in DVDs and digital release. 

Thanks! Jeremy

Digital Download of the Film

Howdy all!

I thought I'd better give an update on the digital download since many of you are asking about it.

It was a lot of work on our part to try and complete the film for Berlin, and even today we are still working on some of the fine tuning. We haven't really been advertising the film or its releas, because we didn't quite know where and when we would be screening the film in the US until a few weeks ago.

In the last couple of weeks we started our official Facebook page:

Digital downloads of the film will be made available later this year, once we release the DVDs. We don't have an exact date yet, as these things take time. And again, we have only just completed the film, but we will keep everyone updated as things continue to develop. Thanks again for everyone's support in making this film happen!