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Help fund the creation and publication of Multiplex: There and Back Again (Book 2) — and if we pass our goal, Book 3, as well!
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Chapter 7 — bad news, good news, and more good news

Bad news is that while the Chapter 7 eBook is already a little late, it will need a little longer before it's ready.

The good news is, this is because I was unhappy with it and decided to add two more bonus comics to the chapter. This part has bugged me for a long time, because Devi comes back from school, disappears for a few strips, then gets into an argument with Jason and breaks up with him. I felt we needed to see a little more of their bumpy transition back to actually having a relationship, rather than just over the phone, than the one strip I'd allotted to set that up better, particularly since Books 1–2 and 4 revolve so much around Jason and Devi's relationship.

The other good news is that in order to add two pages to the book, I needed to add a whole signature (16 pages) to the book, so it's now 224 pages instead of 208 at what will be the same cover price, not that that matters to those of you who already have the book coming to you.

For the other pages, I think I'll include the Gilgamesh/Stephen Mitchell Stripped Book in the Bonus Features section. (I think I'll include the Chris Ware/Ivan Brunetti/Seth Stripped Book in the Bonus Features for Book 3.)