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The Multiplex 10 Cinemas faces off against the staff of Flickhead Video (and more!) in the latest Multiplex trade paperback!
The Multiplex 10 Cinemas faces off against the staff of Flickhead Video (and more!) in the latest Multiplex trade paperback!
The Multiplex 10 Cinemas faces off against the staff of Flickhead Video (and more!) in the latest Multiplex trade paperback!
442 backers pledged $25,238 to help bring this project to life.

Multiplex: The Revenge gets sweeter — here's Chapter 11 for free (and let's add Chapter 16 into the mix, too)

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Hey, gang. With four days and 30% of the funding goal remaining, things are not looking good. I know a lot of you have sensed that, and I'm incredibly grateful that a lot of you have increased your pledges to try to help see this through successfully, but we're still a very long way from the goal — and I think it's pretty clear that I screwed up, because there's a very good chance that this project will fail.

If that happens, I won't be relaunching for a print book. So it's now or… well, never say "never," right?

The major factor for the higher goal was the higher printing quotes. In hindsight, I should have known to lower the printing quantity from 750 copies (as I printed with Book Two) to 500 copies (basically, the minimum any offset printer will do — many won't even do that few). But that would only lower the quotes (and fees) by about $2000. Economies of scale, you know? Considering we're $7000 short as I write this, even $22,000 seems like a long-shot right now.

Also in hindsight, I should have pitched the book as a shorter book with much less new material. That would have shaved off another thousand or two, perhaps. I really wanted to do this Brian arc, though, because his disappearing from the strip was neither intended nor my best good storytelling. This was my chance to fix that. But it should have been a stretch goal.

I can't revise the funding goal or change the book specs now that nearly 300 of you have backed the project — but what I can do is add to the project.

Toward that end… here is Chapter 11, free for everyone — backers and non-backers, to get a taste of what Multiplex: The Revenge will be like (and to hopefully encourage new backers to support the book project).

Chapter 11
Chapter 11

If this project succeeds, I'll be able to use the lower printing costs toward what would have been the first stretch goal: the bonus comics (and eBook) of the first chapter from Book Four, Chapter 16. (For those of you pledging at the $3 level, which was FOR the Chapter 11 eBook only, you'll get Chapter 16 when it is completed instead.)

If this project fails, I may consider doing a new Kickstarter project for just the chapter eBooks, with a print run as a (still very expensive) stretch goal. But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

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    1. Gordon McAlpin 4-time creator on July 28, 2015

      Actually, I should make that Chapter 12 for $3 backers, because I'll be making Chapter 16 free, too. Sorry for all the changing! They have about the same number of bonus comics, anyway; and this way, you'll get your stuff sooner. :)

    2. Bigbywolfe on July 27, 2015

      There's different levels of POD and it's come a long way even in just the last 2 or 3 years. I'll admit I've more experience with black and white, but I find it hard to believe that a good, color, POD book is not possible.

    3. Gordon McAlpin 4-time creator on July 27, 2015

      A print on demand copy of this would cost about $20 to PRINT and be far far worse in terms of print quality and paper, unfortunately.

      And with fifteen years of printing and publishing experience, I'd rather not do a print book at all than make a bad one.

    4. Bigbywolfe on July 27, 2015

      I was worried when I saw your base funding goal jumped $9,000 from your last project's goal and was for more than either of your last two projects made. I know print costs are going up but it seemed a bit extreme. I'd really hate to see you stop doing physical books altogether when I know it's doable, I follow a half dozen other webcomics that Kickstarter publish.

      I don't do Patreon. I follow too many artists, authors, and musicians to be able to support all of them monthly. My way of supporting the artists I follow is to buy their stuff. If this KS doesn't succeed and you decide to stop using the KS model to self publish then I would strongly urge you to look into print-on-demand. For full color books like this it would be a bit pricey, but I'm sure there are many like me who prefer a physical copy of a book that they can read and share and use even when they don't have access to their PCs or (limited memory) tablets. It won't make you as much money as a successful print run, but it will make you more than not having a physical option at all.

    5. Andrew Bergstrom on July 27, 2015

      Thanks Gordon! I'm still hoping that this will be funded. Your work is wonderful, and I really wish more folks would dog-pile on to this Kickstarter to fund it.