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And boy, did we ever.

Thanks to 318 generous pledges, the Multiplex: Book 1 Club of Awesome Kickstarter Project was an overwhelmingly huge success — not just raising the $7,500 goal, but nearly $5,700 more dollars, to boot —$13,194.50 in all. (I'm not really sure where that extra 50¢ came from.)

I've said for years that one of my life's goals was to get just one volume of my comics published in a big, fat book collection. I wanted to keep it attainable. :) But anyway, by pledging, you have really and truly helped make one of my dreams come true (or almost true, since now I just need to finish the book and have it printed). Thank you so incredibly much!

Some of you will have questions now, so let me anticipate a few of them:
When will my credit card be charged?!
According to Kickstarter, they have already started charging them! If it hasn't been charged yet, give it a day or so. In any case: very soon.

Kickstarter will attempt to remedy any issues related to pending or errored transactions for the next 6 days and 15 hours. Any remaining pending or errored backers on December 18th at 11:59pm CST will be dropped, so please respond promptly to any e-mails from Kickstarter about your payment information!
What happens now?!
Well, first off, we wait. I'm already working on the book, of course, but as I've mentioned before, I am taking two months off from my day job — in February and March — to finish up all the new material for the book and get it ready to go to press.

The bonus strips that I create will be posted as Kickstarter backer-exclusive updates (possibly spaced out a little so that, you know, there's still new stuff to post as we get into April, May and June).

If everything goes according to plan, the book will be ready for the printer by April.

Proofing will take an undetermined amount of time; we certainly have enough funds to go through as many rounds of proofs as it takes to get it right. Hopefully the printer I go with will get everything right the first time, and hopefully I will, too! I'm a professional pre-press artist, after all. This is my livelihood.

Which printer I use will have to be decided in March, because printing quotes are only good for about 30 days or so, but all signs are pointing to one of two printing companies based in China.

Once everything is proofed and approved, they require about a month window to do the actual printing, and then the books will spend two months slowly making their way across the Pacific to me.

So: we're looking at a July or August availability date. (If everything is relatively smooth.)

The books will, of course, be available in the Multiplex Store, but I hope to make them available through comics retailers and bookstores everywhere, as well. I will be enlisting you in a grass-roots distribution scheme to help get retailers to order the book from me directly — at a deep discount, of course.
When will I get my pledge rewards?
$5 backers and up: You'll continue to receive coupon codes for the Chapter eBooks as I finish them. I'm hoping to get #3 out in about 2 or 3 months (Winter 2010), then #4 out in Spring, and then #5 out in Summer.

$30 backers and up: Uh, obviously, the book will be available around July or August. I'll ship it then. 'Til then, you'll have the eBooks. :)

$50 backers and up: I will produce the Backers-exclusive T-shirts in April or so. I need to finish the illustration, of course. I will e-mail you when I'm about ready to go to print with them, in order to get your size and address.

$100 backers and up: I will send you your sketches with your books. (I will draw them after the book has been sent to the printer.) When I e-mail you for your addresses and T-shirt sizes, I'll ask you which character you want me to draw then. Remember, it's ONE character, and no complicated backgrounds!

$200 backers and up: I will contact you before February or so for photos of yourself, for your likeness. (More than one would help.) At this time, you can tell me if there's a particular Star Wars character you'd like to be dressed up as for the prequel comic.

$300 backers and up: I will contact you about what subject you'd like your strip to be about. The hand-drawn strip will be sent along with the book.
If you have ANY other questions, feel free to ask them now!


    1. Gordon-small.small

      Creator Gordon McAlpin on December 14, 2009

      Oh: I announced the winner of the "Win a Job at the Multiplex 10 Cinemas" give-away on the main Multiplex site: ANGIE BOOTH! You can bet since I already have an Angie, that will get brought up.

      Congratulations, Angie! I hope you feel your pledge was the best $5 you ever spent.

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