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Update #9

Random Drawing #3: Get Multiplexed! (updated)


So winners of the second batch of five Multiplex: Chapter 1 print comics have been notified via the Message Center.

Time for pledge incentive number THREE!

For every $500 we get added to the total between now and October 19th, one lucky backer will get your pretty face drawn Multiplex-style for their Twitter / Facebook / whatever avatar. You'll get AI files and JPGs, so you can do whatever you need with them. I'm starting the count from $4500, meaning if we get to $5000 before I post the strip for Monday, October 19th, there will be one winner. If we get to $5500 by then, there will be TWO; $6000 gets three winners; and so on.

The more we bring in, the more chances YOU get!

(While it's not part of the prize, once I've drawn you, there's a pretty solid chance you will appear in the webcomic at some point as an extra, too. You won't be in the first print book, though; that honor is reserved for $200-level backers.)
UPDATE: We raised $1390 since last Monday, so I've notified the two winners โ€” Luis and James! Thank you for pledging, everybody.

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    All $5 pledgers and up will get their name on a special thank-you page of the Multiplex print book โ€” and, you'll get free copies of all five Multiplex eBooks as they are released.

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    A thank you in the eBook, the five Chapter eBooks, plus a signed copy of the Multiplex: Book 1 print collection when the book is released, with free delivery anywhere in the US or Canada!

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    All of the above, plus a limited-edition Multiplex T-shirt, with free delivery anywhere in the US or Canada!

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    All of the above, plus a hand-drawn sketch of any Multiplex character you want!

  • Pledge $200 or more
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    9 backers Limited (1 left of 10)

    All of the above, plus a cameo appearance by YOU (or someone you know and love) as an "extra" in the exclusive prequel story in the Multiplex print book. Since I can't guarantee that you'll be seen very large in the printed book, I'll toss in JPGs of yourself as you appear in the book to use as your online avatar at Facebook, Twitter, or wherever.

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    5 backers All gone!

    All of the above, plus absolutely unique, all-new hand-drawn one-page comic strip (Multiplex or otherwise) about any subject you want. Yes, you keep the original artwork!

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