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Help fund the first Multiplex print collection and get awesome rewards and access to exclusive content in the process!
Help fund the first Multiplex print collection and get awesome rewards and access to exclusive content in the process!
318 backers pledged $13,194 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Leah Howlett on October 6, 2010

      I just got my book today and it's absolutely beautiful! Thanks Gordon!

    2. Creator comfortndrew (deleted) on August 27, 2010

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    3. Creator Mitch Gerads on December 21, 2009

      Congrats on the wonderful success of your project. Always happy to see these kinds of projects succeed.


    4. Creator Christopher Burns on December 11, 2009

      Gordon, Congrats on getting nearly twice your original goal! I can't wait for the book, my coworkers love the Chapter 1 book!

    5. Creator Briget on December 11, 2009

      Congratulations on hitting $12,000! I am extremely excited to see the Multiplex print book, and I'm curious to see how much more you'll raise in the next 24 hours!

    6. Creator Gordon McAlpin on November 26, 2009

      Clare: We absolutely will! Non-US/Canada backers need to add $10 to their pledge to cover shipping (for a total of $40).

    7. Creator Clare Barlow on November 26, 2009

      I pledged $5 because I wasn't sure if you would ship the book outside the US. Do you know whether you will ship to the UK and if so, how much extra that might cost?

      C x

    8. Creator Harrison 'Mr. P' Pious on November 12, 2009

      Glad to be aboard the good ship multiplex...

      cant wait!

    9. Creator George Theriault on November 2, 2009

      Just upped my pledge since i have more moolah coming towards me. Really looking forward to the print copy of the book. Would love to see you down in Vegas, even though our conventions are more Gun or Anime friendly than straight movies.

    10. Creator Chris Bittar (deleted) on October 26, 2009

      All sounds awesome. Congrats & good luck! -Chris

    11. Creator Trisha Lynn of Saucy Goose Press LLC on October 24, 2009

      I'm so sorry that I didn't get a chance to pledge before you reached your goal, but I am glad that I'm able to put you over enough to add maybe some extra niftiness to the book or to help pay for your convention traveling/book hawking costs, etc.

      The success of your project makes me wonder if I could also do the same with Smut Peddler...

    12. Creator Nick Seaman on October 24, 2009

      Congrats on reaching your goal, Gordon! Looking forward to the finished project.

    13. Creator Gordon McAlpin on October 23, 2009

      Thank you, Leah!

      Once I actually have the book in hand, I will definitely be making the convention rounds.

    14. Creator Leah Howlett on October 23, 2009

      Good luck Gordon! I love your comic and your fresh art style. You should come out to Vancouver :- )

    15. Creator Phat Do on October 23, 2009

      Saw that you only had a little left to go so I thought I'd put you over the top.

    16. Creator Carrie M on October 21, 2009

      I second the trip to Toronto!

      Fabulous comic. I am happy to pledge.

    17. Creator Gordon McAlpin on October 16, 2009

      Thank you, Cassiopeia! Once I have the print collection, I'll try to make sure I get to Toronto sometime.

    18. Creator Cassiopeia Burrell on October 16, 2009

      I've been reading and enjoying Multiplex for a very long time and I'm so happy to be able to get a print book! I love supporting webcomic artists/businesses because you really do reap what you sow. Thanks for the amazing comic Gordon; I hope you come to TCAF someday so I can thank you in person!

    19. Creator Gordon McAlpin on October 11, 2009

      Thank you very much, Regina. :)

    20. Creator Regina Barber DeGraaff on October 9, 2009

      Your comic is one of my internet detractions that helps slow the writing process for my PhD thesis......however, I love it anyway and never miss a new post. Good luck from another half-asian. (I can't wait to get my copy of Book 1!)

    21. Creator Gordon McAlpin on October 6, 2009

      Stephanie — EVERY little bit counts. Seriously! Every single dollar. Thank you very much, everybody.

    22. Creator Stephanie Krueger on October 6, 2009

      Really wish I could afford to pledge more... Good luck tho!

    23. Creator Manu Singh Jadon on October 6, 2009

      Good Luck !!

    24. Creator Ros Houldsworth on October 2, 2009

      Good response so far Gordon. I'm hoping to up my pledge, but will have to wait until next month! Also hoping to be the first (if not only) person in Scotland to get the book. Even though the cost of delivery may well be more than my initial pledge...

    25. Creator Jessica Fure on September 30, 2009

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    26. Creator Gordon McAlpin on September 30, 2009

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    27. Creator Jessica Fure on September 30, 2009

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    28. Creator AlexApprobation on September 23, 2009

      I love this webcomic and one of the people who would like to see it in print form. Next paycheck I'll be chipping in!