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Rather than the boring numbers 1 to 6, these dice have the six most important numbers in mathematics on them — i, 0, 1, φ, e and π!
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Matt Chisholm

1,228 backers pledged $19,620 to help bring this project to life.

Hello & thank you!

Hello everyone and thank you! In an amazing two days, we've reached the funding goal! The response has been far larger than I expected, and that's fantastic.

The project will be collecting pledges for twenty-seven more days, and I'll order however many dice I need to fill all the pledges, so keep them coming!


    1. Creator Daniel Kian Mc Kiernan on February 23, 2011

      Hey! Don't anyone blame economists for any suggestion that Mr Chisholm should refund money! Economists know that Mr Chisholm is likely to do even more cool things if he finds it more profitable that expected! (Maybe Nathanael is an accountant, or a sociologist! ;-P)

    2. Creator ralph on February 22, 2011

      great project ! these will look great next to our klein bottle !!

    3. Creator Christian Skorik on February 22, 2011

      Nathanael - perhaps you are an economist. This is a very logical question to ask, but it lacks tact. I think Matt deserves every smidgen of profit he makes off of this project; perhaps it will spawn more amazing projects in the future?

    4. Creator Geoff on February 21, 2011

      Nathaniel - what a buzz kill man. I was stoked to see someone succeed with a project like this. To fuel creativity is what this is all about, not getting a refund or charging people less because they're oversubscribed. Matt, i hope you can grow with the success of this project by using (if there are any) extra funds to fuel other peoples projects or even take yours to the next level. To infinity & beyond!

    5. Creator Matt Chisholm on February 9, 2011


      $5 per die is based on the lowest possible price per die with the current manufacturer, plus shipping and packaging costs, which don't really change with the quantity. Switching manufacturers would delay delivery of the dice, because I'd have to have another test run manufactured, but if anyone has a connection to a manufacturer I'd be willing to talk to them. I'd love to be able to drop the price on these....

    6. Creator Nathanael Pine on February 9, 2011

      Since you're oversubscribed by quite a bit, I would assume you would have a larger run and consequently be able to get your dice for less. Will you charge people less and refund the difference or have an over run which you will sell at a reduced rate to the original subscribers?

    7. Creator AAKKOZZLL on February 3, 2011

      Congratulations Matt on your wonderful creativity. I predict that the eipiphiny dice will have a positive effect far beyond your dreams. All my grandchildren will get a pair of dice. If you are curious as to why, you may enjoy visiting and reading the eipiphiny brochure. I predict a great, exciting and very enjoyable future for you.

    8. Creator Sean Riedinger on January 27, 2011

      And, of course, since the ratio is actually 5 dollars to each die, currently they'll only be in it for around 600, assuming all backers were reward-level. But yeah, at this growth-rate, it'll probably spike up quite a bit by the end.

    9. Creator Anders Smith on January 26, 2011

      That assumes it follows a linear curve. I expect the graph will take a more logarithmic sort of shape, personally.

    10. Creator Andrew Hedges on January 26, 2011

      Amazing! At this rate you're going to be fulfilling orders for approximately 3,000 dice! :-)