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Rather than the boring numbers 1 to 6, these dice have the six most important numbers in mathematics on them — i, 0, 1, φ, e and π!
Rather than the boring numbers 1 to 6, these dice have the six most important numbers in mathematics on them — i, 0, 1, φ, e and π!
Rather than the boring numbers 1 to 6, these dice have the six most important numbers in mathematics on them — i, 0, 1, φ, e and π!
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    1. Sebastian Krieger on October 6, 2011


      Are you considering comming up with an operations dice? How about one with more than 6 faces, with the basic operations (+, -, *, /), integrals, derivatives, exponentials, ...


    2. Missing avatar

      on July 25, 2011

      My dice arrived today in Perth, Australia, absolutely thrilled with them!
      Now just to find some nerdy friends to rope into games...

    3. Missing avatar

      AJ Kirkwood on July 2, 2011

      AWESOME Project. Hope there's more like this in your head, I'll back it.


    4. Jay Archambault on June 29, 2011

      Thank you! I look forward to receiving my errant dice. Incidentally, the single dice that did arrive looks great!

    5. Jun Xian Leong on June 29, 2011

      Dude, imagine playing DnD with these dice.
      I can almost see it now...

      "I cast Fireball and do 10d6 points of fire damage to all creatures within 10 yards.
      Goblin Archer takes 2π+2e+3i+1 points of fire damage.
      Goblin Archer is killed."


    6. Jun Xian Leong on June 29, 2011

      Got my dice today in Malaysia, halfway across the world. They are pretty darn awesome ;)

    7. Morris Umali on June 29, 2011

      Got my 6 dice today. Sydney, Australia.
      Very happy :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Venyo on June 29, 2011

      Got my dice just today and they're great!

      I made thought of the following little game:
      - Roll your dice
      - Try to make up an equation with (+,-,*,/,^) and the rolled dice
      - If necessary reroll some of the dice.

      The goal is to reroll as few times as possible. ("Penalty" for rerolling could possibly form a drinking game ;))

    9. Matt Chisholm Creator on June 29, 2011

      @Jay Archambault: So sorry; I just checked the backer report from Kickstarter, and somehow you're listed as having paid $10 but in the section for people who only wanted one die. Don't know how that could have happened, but I'll put another die in the mail for you right away. (Even though I am sold out, I kept a handful just in case something like this happened.)

    10. Jay Archambault on June 28, 2011

      I received 1 dice today... but I paid for 2.

    11. Emily Tatlow on June 28, 2011

      Mine arrived in the post yesterday. They look fab!

    12. Johan Vandersmissen on June 28, 2011

      Hi there. Got the dice in good order over here in Belgium! We might not have a federal government more then 1 year after our elections, but postal services still work!

    13. Missing avatar

      Jim Hitch on June 27, 2011

      Four dice arrived today in Hackney, London, UK. Two for me and the others for as yet unspecified friends. Very happy. They are great. My first kickstarter.

    14. Federico Hernandez on June 27, 2011

      2 happy dice on a table in Sweden: Thank you, Matt.

    15. Missing avatar

      Dan Leech (deleted) on June 27, 2011

      My dice just turned up at work. Made a room full of engineers very amused!

    16. David Main on June 25, 2011

      Just got my dice today over in England and they look great. A nice addition to my growing collection of dice. I will find some reason for using them in rpgs.

    17. Dag Hovden on June 25, 2011

      Same here, just got the dice and it is my first project! The dice are great, want to order a pair for a friend, how do I do that?

    18. Kat Meredith on June 24, 2011

      I got my dice last week, my very first project to actually arrive!! Thanks so much, they're awesome!

    19. Missing avatar

      Jean-Frédéric on June 24, 2011

      Found my four dices in my mailbox today. They are great! I feel so nerdy. :D (France).

    20. Martijn on June 24, 2011

      Just got my dice in the mail (Netherlands)..! And great dice they are! Thanks!

    21. Brian Calvary on June 22, 2011

      Got my dice and they look great. Can't wait to show them off to my friends at a BBQ over July 4th.

    22. Christian Skorik on June 20, 2011

      Got my dice... they are really awesome. Thanks!

    23. John D'Ausilio on June 20, 2011

      got mine today .. excellent quality, already signed up for a few more sets. Now I've got to work on a game to play with them :)

    24. Richard Kempter
      on June 18, 2011


      Got my dice Thursday. These things are awesome! Great work on them. Thank you.

    25. Malyssa Brannon on June 17, 2011

      My dice arrived last night! Love them, they are awesome!! Thanks!

    26. Iain Pritchard on June 17, 2011

      Hi Matt,Dice have arrived safely in Lancashire U.K. They are excellent.
      If You do get round to doing different sets make sure I know about it as I'll definitely back you again.

    27. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Witchey on June 16, 2011

      My dice arrived today in SoCal (Orange County)! So far all i've rolled is imaginary numbers.

    28. Carlee on June 16, 2011

      Hey Matt! I got my dice today!!! They are freakin' awesome!!! Thanks!!!

    29. Richard Bagdazian on June 16, 2011

      Hey Matt!
      Just got my mDice today. I love them. Gotta think up a suitably geeky math game to play with them!

    30. Marc Kevin Hall
      on June 16, 2011

      I received mine today, and they are as great as I'd hoped. I missed my friend's birthday by one day (it was yesterday), but she's already used to me being late with gifts.


    31. C3
      on June 16, 2011

      Just got mine! They turned out great, thanks!

      Anyone made up some cool new dice games for 'em yet???

    32. Missing avatar

      Jake Liscom on June 16, 2011

      I have received my dice.
      Thank you very much.

    33. Missing avatar

      michael campbell on May 3, 2011

      With the updates, I think it would be very interesting to see where and how many miles these dice have traveled from "birth" to delivery.

    34. Pia Massie on March 19, 2011

      Hi Matt - I am a backer and I just wanted to make sure you had my address for delivery - THANKS !
      It is 31-1480 Arbutus St. Van. BC V6J 3W8 Canada. Looking forward to rolling some of your very clever Mathematician's Dice. Congratulations on wildly surpassing your goal.

    35. Matt Chisholm Creator on March 4, 2011

      Horace (and others who didn't get in on this project on time): I'll be selling these dice after all the Kickstarter backers have received their dice. You can sign up at and you'll get an email when they're available for sale.

    36. Horace Nelson on March 3, 2011

      Are these for sale somewhere? I NEED them. NEEEED!

    37. Missing avatar

      nicole c. on February 25, 2011

      Btw, this is my very FIRST Kickstarter backing. Thanks for hooking me in!

    38. Missing avatar

      nicole c. on February 25, 2011

      SO excited to give these to my husband. He's gonna flip!
      Congratulations on your success! :D

    39. Heli Heartland on February 25, 2011

      Yes couldn't submit the address form until put a number on the last field.

    40. Benjamin Davis on February 25, 2011

      Details: Go!

      Turns out you DO need to put something in that last field. It won't allow submission without.

    41. Missing avatar

      Simon Aspinall on February 23, 2011

      Whew, I got my pledge in just in time! Great idea!

    42. Chris Guerin
      on February 23, 2011

      I'm just interested as to what the postage will be on these die.

      Mainly because I live in Australia.

    43. Johnny Tam on February 22, 2011

      I don't know if you have any other ideas for themed dice, and if so, you've probably already considered this, but multi-sided die open up possibilities for other symbols, constants, etc. If you continue with this idea, what areas/subjects would you take the dice?

      Or is this just a side thing you thought would be neat and have no plans to carry further?

    44. Cat Mihos on February 22, 2011

      what a lovely project you've put out there, and we got in just under the wire--
      many congrats on the terrific showing, Matt.
      it does take time to package and ship all the incentives, having done a partial ship on The Price project- so take a deep breath and take it as it comes--don't panic!
      best, Cat

    45. Christian Skorik on February 22, 2011

      Will you reach 10x your funding goal in the last 27 hours? Maybe.

    46. Missing avatar

      Venyo on February 21, 2011

      Seems to work now... I'm looking forward to get my dice! :)

    47. Missing avatar

      Venyo on February 21, 2011

      @Matt Chisholm I can't send money via amazon because i'm not in the US.
      Would you sell me some (~10) anyways? I'd pay via paypal/bank transfer.

    48. Emanuele Biasiol on February 21, 2011

      cool! Actually, my frist pledge. And I'm very happy of it! (even tought I do the Liceo Classico, a school where we study math just 3 hrs a week :P )

    49. Iain Pritchard on February 21, 2011

      The more people I tell about this project the more I have to pledge!!!
      Totally agree with Andrew O's comment, but why just stop at physics.

    50. Matt Chisholm Creator on February 19, 2011

      @Douglas- Fuzzy dice is a great idea! I just might do that.

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