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Glowdeck is a wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, LED light system, and wifi-enabled notifications platform called Streams.
Glowdeck is a wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, LED light system, and wifi-enabled notifications platform called Streams.
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A big number deserves a big update.

Posted by Power Light and Sound Company, Inc. (Creator)

Glowdeck is 500+ backers strong.

Last night, just as I was finishing up an exciting new build of the Glowdeck mobile app with our developer, this message caught my eye:

I'll admit, it felt good when we crossed that threshold and met our first stretch goal. But to be honest, I was far more excited about the work that was happening to make this - our biggest update yet - possible. Hope you enjoy the show...

Glowdeck Press & Glowdeck Press

One theme we picked up on in your comments and messages was the desire to get a more detailed look at how Glowdeck actually works.

Glowdeck Press

As you can see in the video, the press coverage of Glowdeck has been unbelievable. Literally - I sometimes have to do a double take to realize that the reviews I'm reading are about our product. 

But it's not just the press that's talking. The stuff you guys (our incredible backers) have been saying on social media (and in our comments section) is what really energizes us to deliver for you. And to show you we mean it, we've started putting some of your publicly-posted comments up alongside reviews from the press at the top of our campaign page.

And Glowdeck Press...

When we set out to design Glowdeck, we wanted it to contain cutting-edge technologies, but not to look or feel like a technological gadget. And nothing says "tech gadget" like a swarm of plastic buttons on a product. Our answer? Make the whole thing a button. You can press (or hold) the left, front, and right sides of the box, and Glowdeck will respond by doing what we think you'd want it to do in different contexts.

  • Playing music? Press left/right to lower/raise the volume, or front to toggle play/pause.
  • Looking at your Streams? Left navigates back; right navigates forward; and front dismisses the currently displayed Stream (along with any light notification it may have triggered).
  • Need to activate the voice assistant? Press and hold the front for 2 seconds and you're ready to speak a voice command.
  • Alarm going off? Press front to snooze, and hold front to dismiss the alarm.

These are some of the defaults that felt right to us. Have a better configuration in mind? You can customize the action of each press/hold via our mobile app.

Control Glowdeck from Your Phone

In addition to displaying a chronological history of your digital day via our Streams interface:

...our mobile app gives you complete control over all of the hardware packed into Glowdeck:

  • Wireless charging surface: Toggle power to the coils on/off.
  • LCD: Move the slider to adjust the brightness of Glowdeck's display.
  • Sound system: Move the slider to adjust volume, and toggle the speakers on/off.
  • LED light array: Toggle the light system on/off (as shown in the video). And just wait till you see what that black pad at the bottom is really all about (we had to save something for the next update)!

Stretch Goal 1: Success!


For those of us without Qi-compatibility built into our phones, we knew that offering a Qi solution that worked with our existing cases was paramount. This video shows you how easy it is to set it up - all without needing to ditch the case you already own.*

*We demo the iPhone 5/5S Qi-receiver in this video as an example, but we will be posting details on all of the Qi-receivers we are offering as part of stretch goal 1 soon.

Announcing Stretch Goal 2:

You spoke, and we listened. Here's what happens if we cross the $150k mark:

  • A Native Windows Phone 8 app. Windows Phone users can already take advantage of the HTML5 web version of our app, but if we hit this goal, we will program a native app for WP8, just as we've done for iOS and Android.
  • Universal remote control. Your phone is already a way to remotely control Glowdeck. But if your phone is sleeping on the charging surface (or not nearby), we'll add an IR sensor so that you can control Glowdeck with the same kind of remote you use to turn on your TV. If we meet this goal, we'll show you how this opens all kinds of cool possibilities for interacting with Glowdeck.

Much more to come. Thanks as always, and have a great weekend.


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    1. Seung Ryul Lee on

      Awesome stretch goals! For the next stretch goal could you also integrate an IR Broadcaster so we can control our TV/etc with our Glowdeck?

    2. Missing avatar

      Sarah Folkerts on

      Woo hoo!!! The remote sensor--SO excited about this! Thanks for being so in tune with your backers!