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Make as many games as we can! Put them in a kiosk in the expo at the Game Developer's Conference!
82 backers pledged $4,718 to help bring this project to life.

What are you doing with the extra money?

Whoa! It looks like we're beating the goal by more than just a little bit! I must confess I didn't actually plan out ahead of time how extra money would be used, but what a great problem to have! Here are some ideas of what could end up happening with the money:

  • Lose less money - The $4000 amount was originally planned to cover the costs with little to spare! So now if making making t-shirts is more expensive than expected or something, we have some breathing room and/or can give out slightly nicer rewards!
  • Glorious Trainwrecks business cards at the booth for people to take
  • Setting up a webcam to livestream people playing at the kiosk!
  • Hardware - depending on whether I can borrow a PC from someone in the area, I may need to ship a PC to San Francisco or buy one!
  • Buy dinner at a Glorious Trainwrecks meetup/game jam?
  • swag to give out. like little pirate flags or DVDs or something.
  • Do you have a cool idea? Leave a comment!

Here are some things the extra money WON'T be going towards:

  • Buying GDC passes
  • Paying GDC travel/lodging expenses
  • Reimbursing Mike for costs related to the IGF Pirate Kart (if you are interested in that, the t-shirts and donation still work over at

The Pirate Kart is well-enough funded that it's going to GDC for sure and can even  afford some extras! So if I may presume to suggest how potential backers give out their money, maybe you could instead donate to OAK-U-TRON 201X! They are setting up a Winnitron-style arcade cabinet for the Oakland Rise Up Festival and making games for the event! I think that's a really freaking cool idea and they could use your help more than the Pirate Kart at this point! They only have a couple days left!


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