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Make as many games as we can! Put them in a kiosk in the expo at the Game Developer's Conference!
Make as many games as we can! Put them in a kiosk in the expo at the Game Developer's Conference!
82 backers pledged $4,718 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Reward Games!

All the reward games got made! here's a big list of the descriptions and links to the games:

Thank you to everyone who made a game!

(If I left out someone's game or a request, it was a mistake! Yell at me!)

Time up!

We reached the deadline!

I hope to get the rewards out sometime before GDC! Depending on shipping I may or may not make it in time, but for the digital ones I'll have no excuse :). For those of you who are getting expo passes, I should be getting those around the end of the week and will send those along at that point.

In the interest of transparency about where your money is going, I made a quick spreadsheet of what money came in and where it's going.

Check it out if you are interested:

(And yes, by the time I pay for making and shipping the shirts and posters I will definitely be losing lots of money but the plan for this was always to make it so I could possibly afford to do it, not necessarily fully cover all the costs)

What are you doing with the extra money?

Whoa! It looks like we're beating the goal by more than just a little bit! I must confess I didn't actually plan out ahead of time how extra money would be used, but what a great problem to have! Here are some ideas of what could end up happening with the money:

  • Lose less money - The $4000 amount was originally planned to cover the costs with little to spare! So now if making making t-shirts is more expensive than expected or something, we have some breathing room and/or can give out slightly nicer rewards!
  • Glorious Trainwrecks business cards at the booth for people to take
  • Setting up a webcam to livestream people playing at the kiosk!
  • Hardware - depending on whether I can borrow a PC from someone in the area, I may need to ship a PC to San Francisco or buy one!
  • Buy dinner at a Glorious Trainwrecks meetup/game jam?
  • swag to give out. like little pirate flags or DVDs or something.
  • Do you have a cool idea? Leave a comment!

Here are some things the extra money WON'T be going towards:

  • Buying GDC passes
  • Paying GDC travel/lodging expenses
  • Reimbursing Mike for costs related to the IGF Pirate Kart (if you are interested in that, the t-shirts and donation still work over at

The Pirate Kart is well-enough funded that it's going to GDC for sure and can even  afford some extras! So if I may presume to suggest how potential backers give out their money, maybe you could instead donate to OAK-U-TRON 201X! They are setting up a Winnitron-style arcade cabinet for the Oakland Rise Up Festival and making games for the event! I think that's a really freaking cool idea and they could use your help more than the Pirate Kart at this point! They only have a couple days left!


Stop giving me money :)

Kickstarter doesn't let me update a reward once someone has selected it, but Aaron Kearns/muteKi/@captain_panties offered to make a Genesis/NES-style chiptuney song for those who pledged $60 or more! (sample work from him: here)

We've still got a week until the actual deadline. At that point I will be contacting backers about things like T-Shirt sizes, game ideas, and GDC pass info but for now: Thanks everyone!