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GLI.TC/H is a festival celebrating the glitch! Artists, thinkers, performers, makers && breakers gather to intentionally F▒C◀SH▓┐UP↕
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⚉nly#HRS ⇦left

<continue> the buffer-overflow!┘─█┐█ ..

There are only a few hours left of the GLI.TC/H 20111 Kickstarter!

#POKE#POKE#POKE#POKE█┐█▄┘─▀▄┘. ┐─▄ .

As the ~/bots have said all along: GLI.TC/H stands against exorbitant entrance fees && exclusive passes that create obstacles between "actor" and "audience."  

Though a galthering like this costs monetary units, there is no-profit in this creatively-kludgy-organizing-endeavor. It's about openness ++ brokenness; bringing people together online ++ offline; it's about engaging the intangible moment of: "WOW, what just happened?" 

We're there... right now, TOGATHER ;)


█─▀─▌█▀Rosa Menkman Voided Poster

█─▀─▌█▀┐█┐┐─▄PLEDGE $48 OR MORE 

The last hours of the GLI.TC/H Kickstarter have broken! One of the incentives of the Kickstarter is one my Voided posters, earlier used as the poster by for instance the Observatori festival in Spain. 


➄K❺DA¥s L3FTy


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◃etails: Vaudeo Signal DVD(or)VHS▀ ▌▀ ▀▄▌▀ ▀▌▄▄▌▌

█▀┐█┐┐─▄PLEDGE $48 OR MORE

Vaudeo Signal is an ongoing exploration of the interconnectivity of sound and light. Media artists and medium hackers Evan Kühl and Ben Baker-Smith repurpose a variety of aging archaic audio/video hardware to forge synesthetic experiences. ▒


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