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The Magazine, an electronic periodical, needs your help to make a print and ebook collection drawn from its first year of publication.
The Magazine made a beautiful hardcover anthology with our backers’ help. You can order a copy while limited supplies last. Ships immediately worldwide.
The Magazine made a beautiful hardcover anthology with our backers’ help. You can order a copy while limited supplies last. Ships immediately worldwide.
1,467 backers pledged $56,484 to help bring this project to life.

Goal! And 12 more stories we can add at $55,000


Oh my goodness, thank you all so much. This has been an amazing ride for all of us involved, the writers, artists, photographers, editors, and me — and my family and all our families — as it's so exciting to know something we've all worked on, dozens of people, means enough that you want us to make it for you. Thank you.

There's more to come, though. Given the support that's come in so far, we think it's possible we could get enough additional backers to hit $55,000, which I've previously noted lets us pick a fancier hardcover binding, and expand the ebook version from 200 to 300 pages. (The hardcover bump adds a lot of printing and shipping cost, so we need to reach $75,000 to bump both ebook and hardcover to 300 pages.)

Everyone who pledged for an ebook at any level will get this bigger 300-page version if we meet the stretch goal!

I've withheld the stories we have slated to add so as not to disappoint anyone involved if we didn't get this far. But it's time to tell you who else we want to put into the ebook:

  • Head Games by Carren Jao. A new species has emerged in the living room; what can we learn from him? Carren stalks the wily video-game developer — her husband.
  • Inkheart by Nancy Gohring. Letterpress printing has been revived as a craft after its commercial death. Nancy meets up with Carl Montford, the godfather of letterpress in Seattle, and a number of other people engaged in the art. Photos by your faithful editor, Glenn.
  • Carriage Return by Richard Moss. The last typewriter repairman in Melbourne, Australia, considers hanging up his tools. Photos by the author.
  • Mechanically Attached by Morgen Jahnke. A coin-operated museum proves common ground between a litterateur and a geek. Illustration by Naftali Beder.
  • Re-Enabled by Steven Aquino. iOS’s impact on those with impairments isn’t just a marketing slide; it’s profound. Steven explains his first-hand experience.
  • What Lies Beneath by Alison Hallett. Dwindling nudist colonies have trouble finding new members. Photos by Pat Moran.
  • Tiny Furniture by Thaddeus Hunt. A smaller house expanded Tad and his wife's view. Illustration by Dominic Flask.
  • Pinball Wizards by Brittany Shoot. Keeping machines in play, one location scout and data field at a time. Photos by the author.
  • Sink Your Teeth In by Julio Ojeda-Zapata. Nerdy pleasures deserve to be shared, especially when sweet or savory.
  • Flaws and All by Manjula Martin. John Vanderslice adores digital technology — except when it comes to audio. Photos by the author.
  • Code Dependency by Mark Siegal. A sculpture on the grounds of the CIA, Kryptos, presents an enduring mystery that resists solutions. Photos by…well, we can't say.
  • Playing to Lose by Chris Higgins. How competitive Tetris players approach an unwinnable game. Photos by the author.

As with all the other stories, all the authors, photographers, and illustrators receive reprint fees.

Let's see if we can expand that electronic book a bit. Thanks again.

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