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The Magazine made a beautiful hardcover anthology with our backers’ help. You can order a copy while limited supplies last. Ships immediately worldwide.
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Boing Boing interview about making books, and the latest issue of The Magazine


Mark Frauenfelder of Boing Boing had me, Dean Putney (an adviser on this project), and Dannel Jurado on his Gweek podcast, and we talked a lot about how to make a book on your own. Mark's deeply involved in Cool Tools, Kevin Kelly's modern Whole Earth Catalog of useful modern stuff, which Kevin just turned into a fantastic self-published book. Dean just received advance, air-shipped copies of the book he made (and funded through Kickstarter) from his German great-grandfather's World War I photos taken in the trenches. Dean raised money in September; finished the book immediately; and backers get their copies in a few weeks!

Both books' stories of being made were inspiring to me while I prepared this Kickstarter, and I received practical advice about how to make it all happen when it's done, too.

We're still hovering in our funding close to 50% (at 47%!), and still have two weeks to get the word out to bring us to 100%. Let's make this happen! Most Kickstarters that fund follow this pattern: a big start, a slow rise in the middle, and a big finish — but you can imagine it's nerve wracking for the project organizer!

The latest issue of The Magazine came out last night, in which we tell our readers (which may include you!) about the passion that drove this project. The issue also included an article about the potential connection between overconsumption of caffeine during long-distance runs and unusual heart-attack deaths at race finish lines. It's the kind of journalism that we think fits neatly in our wheelhouse (the geeky medical aspects) and serves a bigger goal, too: helping people become more informed in a way that could prevent adverse health events, even deaths.

The author, Jen A. Miller, and I recorded a podcast that accompanies the article, and explains her passion for getting this information out, so that more research can be done.

 Thanks all!

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    1. Creator Glenn Fleishman on December 5, 2013

      Thanks so much! We're just tooling along. This is such a joint effort by so many people, and it will be delightful to work on it with everyone when it funds.

    2. Creator Mike Hostetler on December 5, 2013

      I'm a happy reader since this summer so I'm excited for this Kickstarter to get funded. The article in the latest issue will help a lot, as well as the interview with BoingBoing. It will be interesting to see if how much that helps.