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$3,878 pledged of $35,000 goal
$3,878 pledged of $35,000 goal

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A book, but a different one

Those of you who supported Crowdfunding: A Guide to What Works and Why, which I canceled when it was clear the funding goal wouldn't be reached, might like to take a look at a different project I launched a few days ago. It's also a book, and it's well on its way to reaching its goal.

After this crowdfunding book stalled, I thought about every decision I'd made on the path to launching the project, and what I wanted to do with myself. Even though I'm a freelancer, I managed to "change careers": within a few months, I'd become the editor of The Magazine, which I now own and publish, and launched The New Disruptors, a podcast series devoted to the same topics I had planned to cover in Crowdfunding. I'm about to celebrate a year of that podcast with its 52nd episode. (I have a plan to turn that podcast into a other projects, including a book, in 2014.)

The book for which I launched a campaign a few days ago, The Magazine: The Book (Year One), is a hardcover print collection of the work from The Magazine's first year in publication that people found the most moving, funny, strange, or interesting. (There's also an ebook version available.) It will be beautifully designed, and we've got a prototype design that we've posted a sample of. All the contributors will be paid reprint fees, which rise as we pass the main goal into stretch goals. It's a labor of love, and the outcome of the work and thinking on this project. 

The cover of The Magazine: The Book (Year One)
The cover of The Magazine: The Book (Year One)

Thank you for supporting my initial foray here over a year ago, and I hope you'll find the collection of interest, too! The stories, illustrations, and photographs are all pretty terrific, I hope you'll agree.

Suspending Project

Hello, friends and well wishers!

I've decided to suspend the Crowdfunding book's project for now, given that it's unlikely to reach its funding goal. I learned an enormous amount in this process, and have terrific ideas about how to build an audience, reshape the project, and launch again.

What I've learned primarily is that the pledge levels were too high for many of you (and many folks who like the project and didn't back it) to recommend to others. The first-degree folks who backed this project (people I know) may be interested in the subject, but are also trying to show support. Folks out a degree or so are much more interested in the tangible deliverable.

I have ideas about retooling this, in part by blogging regularly about crowdfunding and building an audience interested in the topic at my crowdfunding blog. When I relaunch the project, I will take a slightly different approach, and reprice backer rewards to $10 for the ebook and $25 for a paperback book, eliminating several reward levels and the hardcover option. (Backers will still get something special in the paperback book, though, that won't be in the version that I would sell later.)

One learns by acknowledging when things aren't working, figuring out the causes, and trying again. Thanks for all of your support. I'll be back!