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The 360cam delivers easy real time streaming video over WiFi, recorded video, and still photos in the palm of your hand
The 360cam delivers easy real time streaming video over WiFi, recorded video, and still photos in the palm of your hand
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    1. Christopher Hibbard on

      More than a month since this last update and we all have seen nothing.

      Spoke at length to someone on the phone and wrote out my questions about features and use more than a week ago and have not received a single response to any of the questions.

      Went to best buy and say the Panasonic 360 camera on display. It works. It is cheap. It is lower in picture quality than I would hope but there it is.

      Mel Brooks made a move about taking money from investors and then crashing the project. Sound familiar? Oh yeah, they did a remake.

      Daily updates by you guys at the CES. All for show. Hope investors know how to do due diligence

    2. David Hothersall on

      Sebia is obviously being classed as an EU country for shipping, so I'm guessing that you didn't add the $65 VAT required for cameras being shipped to the EU when you originally pledged? If that isn't prepaid it may hold up your camera in your country's customs when it is finally shipped to you.

    3. victor yung on

      I would like to know the tracking ID of the shipping. thx

    4. Eric Tong on

      i checked out the video "Music Village" posted 15 January 2016. i can see three different exposure on three "cam" and there was a line separator between three "cam"

    5. Marko Radosevic on

      I have received mail with shipment details for camera. There was an insulting amount of 65$ dollars for shipment. Is that another slap in da face to backers?

      NO WAY there is anyhow that amount of shipment for package size for this camera!!!!

      First of all, after so much anticipation and all deadlines broken AT LEAST Giroptic must cover those expenses.

      Explain yourself Giroptic!!!

    6. Christopher Hibbard on

      Jeab Paradorn Guihim they need to ship what they have now and offer to give backers a free 4k 360 cam when it comes out. Anything less and they should be out of businesses.

    7. Christopher Hibbard on

      So, when will I see my outdated poor quality camera in my mailbox? No new updates on production.

      Whoever gave them more seed money needs to have their head examined.

    8. Jeab Paradorn Guihim on

      Everything would be better if you upgrade your camera to 4K before delivery to all backer.

    9. Kelvin Lee Cat on

      Ian G G Smith, you maybe right, but fail to deliver on time, don't you think is a serious problem? They shouldn't release the project for crow funding and over promise the delivery date by 1 year! If I know I have to wait for 1 year for this product, I am very sure I will not back it. Choices are out there even they are not prefect. And BTW, I cannot see how good their 360 videos are, even they said that is 4K.

    10. Ian G G Smith on

      @Jaki Yeung what do you mean the tech is outdated? Yes there are other devices out there, all of which have differing issues and problems, anyone can build a camera with lenses that can cover a spherical field of view - it is the stitching together and out putting a good result which is the hard part.
      The examples being put out publicly by Giroptic recently have been very good indeed, sharp well balanced and generally well stitched together. This is what we have all been waiting for a decent self contained camera which produces a decent 360 image or video.
      Maybe people should look forward to cutting edge tech that can produce an excellent final image, than the tech already available that seems to produce, at best mediocre images and in most cases lousy video. It is out there being put up by current users go check it out, there are now hundreds of poor quality 360 user videos online for all to see and a lot of user reviews of various already out there 360 cameras.
      I hope that having waited for Giroptic to get their `tech` right, we as users will only be putting on line quality 360 footage and images.
      This was the second project I backed on Kickstarter and the one I have looked forward to since doing so, seeing the improvements in output from it getting better and better and now knowing the cameras are being produced makes the investment and the wait worthwhile.
      Giroptic have already stated that the Cameras will be out by the end of February so why are people saying `where are our cameras`? The answer is surely being produced - shipped.

      I think Giroptic will probably wipe the floor with the current devices out there why because they have worked to get it right and not opted for something that barely does the job.

      Good on them for doing so I am really looking forward to getting mine in time for spring, I already have 101 things in line to use it on.

    11. Ginger Manansala on

      So where are our cameras?

    12. Jaki Yeung on

      can u address the issue that your tech is now quite outdated comparing to other similar devices available on the market?

    13. Ian G G Smith on

      Well I have had time to checkout the new videos and photos posted recently on the 360 app and am looking forward more than ever for my own camera.
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year one and all.

    14. Kelvin Lee Cat on

      When can u guy s can start to refund me? After i backed you giys on may 2024, expected to have to early 2015 but you failed all the backer. So i bought ricoh, kodak sp360, and now sp3604k, and some more 360 cameras.

      Yours no longer a "NEW" product but out dated and expensive one.

      Cheater, marry chrismas and hope there are no isis buy fr you guys. I think when they are angry, they rather use gun instead of usless comments here!

      May the hell be with you.

    15. Marko Radosevic on

      Great you have seed round. Oh what a joy. NOW you can easily refund my money. Thank you.

    16. Ian G G Smith on

      It makes sense to ship in the new year as right now the postal services will be ramping up for Christmas deliveries and stuff is often lost or delayed.

    17. Ian G G Smith on

      Wow! I have also checked out the latest images and videos using the 360 cam app as a viewer on my Samsung note 4 they look pretty good. Well done team. Excellent work.

    18. Ian G G Smith on

      I am not an early bird backer but am very pleased with the latest update. 360 cam is something I have been looking forwards to for a long time. To see how well presented and polished it looks makes it well worth the wait.
      Giroptic appear to be very proud of their 'baby' and rightly so.
      Thanks for taking the time to update us and giving us something else to look forward to in 2016.
      Joyeux Noel.

    19. J Sidarta on

      I backed on the "early birds" (not super early birds), I suspect I will be expecting the item to be sent in February?

    20. Katherine Ko on

      I really wonder when the 2nd batch packers can receive their camera, not to mention the CNY holiday is in early Feb next year, those factories in China will stop nearly or even more than 1 week.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jacob on

      Thanks for the update - 'we 'll stay put' as we say in Australia - or in normal language ' we will wait and will not let you down as you do not really let us down.
      Do not forget to celebrate Christmas - life to short not to have a lot of joy because on the end of the day that is all that remains: memories of joyful moments ;-)

    22. Matt Seligman on

      I'm pleased to see that the cameras are ready to be shipped very soon.

      I'm not sure when to expect this camera though as I was a "Kickstarter" backer not the Early Bird, or Pioneer. It said expected Delivery 2014, and your image stated that we would likely receive in December.

      Image Reference Source:
      "Yes, we understand we are once again a little delayed" as you can see this is not a little delayed.

      Should the "Kickstarter" group backers anticipate their cameras in January 2016 (2 years late, not a little late) or do we have to wait until February...?

      Once again I'm pleased to see them ready to ship but like many others have mentioned I'm very uncertain you're true to your delivery timeline as it's been adjusted almost every update..

      Please let us know when the others can expect their cameras.. we've all been waiting over 2 years for this so it would be nice to know when in 2016 we are receiving this..

      "We’ve just raised $4.5 million in seed round funding from investors!" - This is great news for you guys but what does it do for us Kickstarters? I consider this showing us you spent more time promoting the product than actually providing it to the backers? We helped you raise 1,419,068 to start this project 2 years ago, and we haven't received our product so hearing you've made more money doesn't really excite me for this product. (It's likely going to be upgraded after sent to us and we will not have the best 360 camera anymore..)

      I'd like to hear more about the timeline for the shipping for all the backers and know we're not stuck waiting months after the first shipment.

    23. R on

      You have lost the race as explained in my previous comment (Production update #3). :(


    24. Georg Kaefer on

      how can I view the 360videos from the public content area? on ippad mini using the most recent app I cant see the public content area... only 1 year old videos and images. Using the website browser from my PC (Win10) I only get notice to download the "App" ... the link leads to nowhere... The images I can brows on my PC...

    25. David Hothersall on

      Great update and while delivery has slipped a little the end does appear to be truly in sight so I'm happy and especially with the quality of the recently posted video and images.

      Having worked more with cameras and lenses to create 360° images since I first backed this project I now realise that I (and I think many of us) were expecting too much clarity from the 360° images in this little camera. The final 'flat' image and video will indeed be >4k but when stretched over a 360° sphere the pixels become 'smeared' and as a result clarity is lost.

      These images do not stand up to being seen 'fullscreen' on a PC monitor, just check out any 4K panorama and you'll see what I mean. As a test try projecting a 4K image from any camera over a 360° dome and you'll see what I mean.

      For viewing as intended on iPads, phones and in HMD's the quality is excellent for the price of a Hero 4+ Black.

    26. Low Chong Hung on

      Great news for me. Just in time for me.

    27. Sergey Morozov on

      Apologies for being negative, but based on their track record, I have a feeling that dates will slip once again. 4 updates ago we were promised "final" exact dates yet again.

    28. Giorgio Marchetto on

      Good news, as early bird backer I am excited to try it.

      However I think 2K video is too little now, for "semi-pro" users: it was quite good last year, when the Kickstarter campaign was just funded. Evolution is so fast!
      So, as you have been funded, it's better if you also begin to develop a 4K version... and remember to make a discount to Kickstarter backers...

      However I cannot forget how you stopped the Gaggle Amp campaign.
      I was 2nd and very near to get a free cam. This was not serious. :-(

    29. Missing avatar

      Donny Cruce on

      Seeing those cute little 3-Eyed faces bunched up like a rack on a pool table - from this update ... They sorta look like Peeps .... Chattering silently among themselves. I may have already lost my mind waiting for these things to ship ... What feels like centuries ago - but I do feel the anticipation building again. I look forward to my black-on-black stealthy Peep ... I mean 360cam - to arrive at my door.

    30. Missing avatar

      Island PC Services Ltd on

      Ditto the 2 previous comments.

    31. Lukas Adamec on

      I, for one, am very happy with this update. The photo stitching seems to be doing a whole lot better in most light situations, which is good to see!

      Can you provide a bit of clarity on the video quality though? I was expecting the video quality to be Full HD, since this is labelled as the first Full HD 360 camera, yet when I view the videos in full screen, the quality of individual "views", as I move the video around is pretty bad and looks like a 480p video looks like from an old camera.

      I think most of the backers, like me, will be using this camera as an action cam replacement, but if this is the final video quality, that looks like a very unlikely scenario... Unfortunately.

      Thank you for clarifying if the end user video quality will be just like it is on these videos, or if it will be much better as I (and perhaps most backers) have expected.

      Thank you,

    32. Gareth Wright on

      Colour balance and stitching looks much better now. Still the resolution isn't the quoted 2K / 3 we expected, though I would have settled for this had the camera arrived last year. Given that the tweaking now is firmware, why not get the early birds out before know when people have time and lots of subject matter to shoot.