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The 360cam delivers easy real time streaming video over WiFi, recorded video, and still photos in the palm of your hand
The 360cam delivers easy real time streaming video over WiFi, recorded video, and still photos in the palm of your hand
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    1. Christopher Hibbard on

      Tom, if you though the production launch went well don't you think they would have said so?

      Ship dates are now listed as "The orders will be delivered between mid-november and mid-december."

      Based upon production speed and an estimated guess of 5,000 - 7,000 units sold, these units can be made and shipped within a week an any midsize or large production facility.

      None of us have seen any new videos posted made in an acceptable quality equal to or better than that of the 2014 demo videos.

    2. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      Did the Production Launch went well ?

    3. Jose Miguel Gonzalez on

      Mmmmm... I don't know if this news is good or incredible... good... only one thing, the graphic of production... is it of this year?

    4. Bianca Ribeiro Montenegro on

      TWO MONTHS AGO, I made a request for a refund and you told me "since we are sending now we're not making more repayments"

      And now you're saying it will begin shipping in November?? Oh really?? And it will happen IF ALL GOES WELL WITH PRODUCTION, which I do not really have to trust because you no longer have any credibility. Were SO MANY PROMISES until today!

      I WANT MY MONEY BACK! I`m not living in the United States anymore, I returned to Brazil and if you send my camera for here I will have MUCH LOSS because the tariffs here are VERY EXPENSIVE and this not fair I pay this bill, this was YOUR ERROR, not my!

      When I bought, I did all calculations and with your promise that would be sending in 2014 NOVEMBER would give it all right for me have my camera in time. But much time has passed and all I have is this headache!

      PLEASE give my money back! OR pay customs duties to my country! Because it is VERY UNFAIR I pay for YOUR ERROR! When you needed help with money, I trusted in the project, and I helped you, now I who ask this help back ...

    5. Missing avatar

      Yutaka Hirata on

      Hi, GIROPTIC Team.

      I am looking forward to the arrival of still your product .
      There are RICHO Theta-S as a rival of your product . For now , can streaming of panoramic video only in the camera by the PoE power supply is the advantage of only your 360cam. They do not realize the importance of things that can be video streaming wired net which is not affected by the ambient radio waves while feeding the still stable power supply .
      You should beat them before they realize the importance of the combination of panoramic streaming and Oculus HMD.
      PoE unit is not a decoration . This is the key to your victory .

    6. Missing avatar

      Hclmed on

      Looking forward to its arrival.

    7. Ilan El on

      Thank you for the update guys. Please just make it worth as our long awaited product is overdue. I believe in you guys .

    8. Marko Radosevic on

      MUST MUST MUST underline your priority now...and that is constant updates here and via Facebook regarding image / video quality.

      If you managed to 'test' it on plethora of Con's you can deliver samples on daily bases also.
      In that way pledgers will see how much they are F***d.

      Needless to say that as a pledger I would rather sue Giroptic (and all of the sympathisers like Yann, Leon and other paid supporters) to the last dime becouse of this nonchalant attitude toward pledgers...which is IRL option if in the next weeks we dont stay stunned by quality of image/video/sound.

      Got it?

    9. Missing avatar

      Yann Vernier on

      @noche: no, the giroptic camera uses fisheye lenses too. The key difference is that it uses several so it covers three directions well and a rather wide field decently. The two single lens cameras we saw mentioned have a smaller field of view and likely have less evenly distributed resolution. The key thing the 360cam does is stitch on the fly, in the camera; this makes it simple to stream and possibly raises the recorded quality (other factors, such as the compression used, may negate that). Cameras like Ricoh Theta require post-processing in separate software to make the recording look right (though a player could certainly be made dynamic enough to warp their formats, 360cam will produce standard equirectangular video directly).

    10. Juan León on

      Called "reward".

    11. Juan León on

      @Peter, so you learnt you should never make plans depending on an inexistent device, estimated delivery dates are never a promise.

      @Daniel, refund what? You are a backer of a project, this is not amazon, because of that it is called "reward", for backing not buying.

    12. Ian G G Smith on

      R? Really..................................?

    13. Missing avatar

      Peter Finger Photographer on

      I hope its not too little too late. Requested a refund a month ago and was told"since we are now shipping" no refunds. Now shipping really still looks like like months away to me! Why in the world wont you give refunds?? Why will no one from your company even give me the info me and others have asked about.... I have a new address from two years ago when i first supported this product i need to give someone my new address!!! Who? Where? how? Why is everything about this company third rate? No apologies !! I planned on using this product a year ago and all of that has gone out the window even though you kept my money!

    14. Bob S. on

      Looking forward to it and, Giroptic team, you are unfortunately probably too nice to do this, but please boot all the doubters like Daniel, R, Rami, Florian etc. to the very end of shipping, since they don't expect to ever get it at all anyway, while those of us who are excited should get them first.

    15. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      This camera is now so unbelievably late that I actually want a refund, I will be messaging you directly to inquire about a refund, and will be posting any excuse you guys give me into this comment box for everyone to see. That way we'll know if we're getting screwed by you guys.

    16. Missing avatar

      olivier gaste on

      bnonjour comment faire pour choisir ses options couleurs etc lisser son adresse etc car vous parliez il y a longtemps d'un loggin et pass sur votre site mais je n'ai rien recu

    17. R on

      If I don't have this camera in my very hands in perfect working condition by early March 2016 (my daughter's birthday) then I hereby vow I shall never spend a single dime on KickStarter.

    18. Stephen Jones on

      One good thing with delay is it forced me to design my own system so I have enjoyed that and learned a lot. Looking forward to this portable system, but at mentioned above I have changed address. Many thanks.

    19. Jean-Philippe Encausse on

      @noche FishEye camera sucks and lack of quality because you stretch the vidéo. Stitching software are very expensive. Combining 2 or 3 lens in real time is a good bet but we all wait to see the image quality

    20. Ian G G Smith on

      Excellent news, its been a long wait but it would appear we are on the home straights.
      Thanks for the update Giroptic makes me wonder if the 360 cam will turn out to be my first reward to actually arrive. Looks like a good outcome. Keep everyone posted Giroptic probably a lot of excited people out there after this
      Update. I am.

    21. Rami Mohsen on

      This is unbelievably unprofessional, your camera is an old concept now and so outdated. Not to mention the quality of the images and videos. I still can't believe you don't want to refund people who doesn't want it anymore. I wish my comment would be " congratulations guys " but sadly I think this project is a failure.

    22. Missing avatar

      noche on

      Can anyone explain to me what's the difference between Giroptic's 360 camera with the others? I rmb they said others are with fisheye lens... and is Giroptic still the only one 360 camera with no fisheye lens???? o_O???

    23. Henry on

      Indeed good to read, now we are TOGETHER in the final straight, so, as of today you need to change communication and as you have some good cameras now, I propose you make 360 videos with the team on a weekly base at a minimum to explain ALL what happened behind th scene, the making of and/or how it progresses, OK?
      Yes, we, backers became very skeptical about how this campaign would end ... you have to accept this fact and instead of communicate even less, do the opposite, accept live with the situation you created and rebuild and at the end have the big majority of the community with you ! WE ALL WANT THAT! ... Allez les chtis gars, on se remotive ... money time ... on gagne ensemble!

      Concerning the very end of this campaign, personally I don't care about this monopod stick, I would rather bet on a solidLUUV to provide the perfect image capturing by hand, but I am more concerned about:
      - Will you send a survey (as a team member told me on a request for color change a month ago) to reconfigure Delivery address, Color, maybe options like extra batteries?
      - What about water resistance?
      - I the underwater accessory still on his way? Will we get it? ... same time/later?

      SO ... you have still a lot to tell us, do videos, if you need backers support to come and see the progresses in your building, I am sure a lot of backers from North France and Belgium (as I am) are OK to visit you and provide external feedback here ... but be again open... it can only be positive. (Check what Zano does, an example in that area ... not for production planning and logistic ... as pre-orders are sent before ALL backers are dispatched, but nobody is perfect)


    24. Jean-Philippe Encausse on

      That's a very good news !
      Can you post samples with the few camera you hand build ? And when you did the controls

    25. Missing avatar

      Florian Probst on

      I don't believe Giroptic. Another fake news about "a final batch coming in 3 month" to calm backers down... it's so sad...

    26. Missing avatar

      Gerald Rainer on

      That's so awesome thanks for all your hard work into making this product. Will our "kickbacks" ship with our cameras? can't wait to finally this thing in my hands should have it by Valentine's Day in the USA. Sucks I won't have it for my sons first birthday but it is what it is. Thanks again team and God Speed.

    27. Matt Miller on

      How old is this project? By the time you launch it's an old concept... disappointed.

    28. Tom on

      Oh and an additional 1180 mAh rechargeable

    29. Juan León on

      Great!!! Finally!!! I think we all missed the opportunity to take 360 pics of our last vacation, but at least we have an specific date now.

    30. Tom on

      Please don't forget the free mono sticks selfie sticks whatever you call it.

    31. GIROPTIC Creator on

      Hi Raul,
      You'll be able to update it before we ship your camera!

    32. Jean-Philippe Marc on

      Great news, looking forward to receiving it. I rather wait a bit & get a great product than something shoddily made. Thanks for the update.

    33. Dave Tavres on

      LOL! Is there an online betting pool website to take bets? :)

      I'll do a square for March 2016 :) lol

    34. Raul Fierros on

      How can i change my shipping address as I have moved since I backed up your project? Thank You