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The 360cam delivers easy real time streaming video over WiFi, recorded video, and still photos in the palm of your hand
The 360cam delivers easy real time streaming video over WiFi, recorded video, and still photos in the palm of your hand
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    1. Missing avatar

      Yasser Haddawi on

      An update would be really appreciated by now guys. Please don't ignore your backers. Read the comments.

    2. Lauren Jennings on

      Is there any chance we could get any kind of update? It's been over two months since we've heard anything, and while I'm sure the team is working hard on finishing things, we get more and more anxious the less we hear from you, especially with things extending beyond the expected delivery date. I know for some, any of kind of update would help us keep the faith in this project and it's intended goal.

    3. Missing avatar

      Philip Horner on

      I feel so stupid for backing this...

    4. Vincent Leung on

      what a shame.

      You guys are brilliant by coming up with the world's first 360 camera.
      Which ended up with delays, low resolutions, stitching issues and many other problems.
      (Which should be solved immediately or asap instead of waiting for "perfection")

      There are other projects on Kickstarter which has already suppressed your tech and your skills.

      Now, even if you deliver your products to us as backers, we have totally lost faith in you, your company and your team.

      Because the product is not unique, not a new entrant to the market, and definitely not the best product available. (Basically, it's worthless as compared to your competitors)

      You have to understand what people need and what the backers need.

      Now, you can't deliver and you'd rather spend time on collaborating with other companies on developing "other products" (mounting), going to shows and expos instead of the making the 360 camera as promised a year ago.

      Business 101, when you give people hope and your product is new, give it to the people asap.
      you can always fine tune the issues with firmware updates.

      If there is a choice, I'd rather pay 800 bucks to something that is already available and ready to use (not to say, a much better quality in terms of design and final product). I will not want pay 3xx bucks to a false hope that fails to deliver and will have average/below average final product.

      At this point, would you say that a refund should be issued to people so as to settle your unrealistic dream of making this camera happen??

      No matter how many prizes you have won, you've lost the heard of 3000 backers and those who have supported you initially. Not to say, your future customers who will be swarmed with similar products.

    5. Jaki Yeung on

      it's been quite some time.... the market is catching up to produce similar technologies.

    6. Missing avatar

      Yann Vernier on

      360fly is an extremely wide angle fisheye camera, it seems, much like Kodak Pixpro S360. On paper the 360cam would have a somewhat wider field of view, and makes the horizon higher quality as that's where the single lens fisheye solutions distort the most (not a problem if that's not what you focus on, such as in eleVR's Ceiling Person). In reality it doesn't get very good either way as we're dealing with low quality video (about 2Mpixel spread out on a sphere, in an uneven manner), and Giroptic still aren't delivering or even talking to us. By the way, spotted a 360cam in the LUUV stabilizer campaign.

    7. Missing avatar

      Rich Pickett on

      Misha, are you saying that you can purchase a camera that exceeds what we were promised and there may actually be support? That is crazy!!!!! but good news in case we never see the camera. Their website is a joke with no information.

    8. Missing avatar

      Misha Sakellaropoulo on - now shipping, if you're looking for a 360-degree camera you can actually buy today instead of waiting for these jokers

    9. Lauren Jennings on

      It's been a few months since your last update... any more news you can feed us? The 360-community is quickly growing, with Facebook releasing 360-video capabilities today!

      Any update would be great, thanks!

    10. Ginger Manansala on

      No updates since July. Thanks a lot, Giroptic.

    11. Ginger Manansala on

      What exactly is happening?

    12. Dan Hefner on

      Well, I went to the new link provided by the creator. Which is basically a still 360 photo (not video) from an office visit / tour of a Microsoft corporation office in Washington state, USA. To view the image, I had to open it in Google Chrome where I was instantly bombarded by spyware, malware, scams, advertisements, un-ending popups, etc. Come on guys - shit! Luckily, I'm on a Mac computer.

      The photo does look fairly impressive, the stitching, colors, slightly improved, but nothing really new, however, that photo as indicated from the lower watermark is still from a Development kit. What we really want to see is video! There's not many Giroptic videos out there - even from the many developer units supposedly sent out. Where are they? The latest video posted was a very amateurish shitty hand held mess running around, swish-panning throughout the Giroptic office! If you are trying to impress us with a 360 camera, you better learn real quick how to shoot 360!

      First, I suggest keeping the camera unit constantly on a horizontal level. Let the viewer control the image during playback of the video. I also suggest getting a cheap stick-on spirit level bubble level and put it on the top of the camera unit. Also, ever heard of a tripod? Might want to look into it.

      It's too difficult to view video when the camera recording is moving around and when a viewer is watching the video constantly playing "tug-of-war" with the image when trying to look in a specific direction. The last video that was posted was pathetic. Again, do not swish-pan the video, it needs to be a slow smooth controlled movements if it's not locked down.
      Another hint. When photographing your "primary" subject, align the subject so that it's centered on one of the complete lenses. Make sure it's not in the middle between two of those lenses where the stitching would take place. I've already seen video's like this online where the main subject has the "imperfect" stitching vertically running through the main subject.
      Even though the camera image is HD, many of the video's I've seen on YouTube are compressed and Standard Definition within the 1920x1080 raster size. That's most likely not uploaded correctly.
      There is a learning curve when posting videos too online. There are also tricks used in post production, such as sharpening the image slightly. YouTube is still fairly new to the 360 concept and they're still working out the bugs too. It will only get better. Have fun!


    13. Missing avatar

      Misha Sakellaropoulo on

      Guys, guys, calm down! You have it all wrong.

      As they said above: "Just a few more days to go..."

      Don't you know that days in France take about 250 hours? And they only work about 15% of that time, remember, laws and all.

      A N Y D A Y N O W !

    14. Christopher Hibbard on

      It just keeps getting worse as delays go longer. Landlord wants me to sign another lease on a place I rented for my new business and I coming up on a year with no camera.

      To make matters worse Giropic is not giving me any option to speak to anyone about technical questions for software and hardware I can put into place before the camera arrives in order to lose less time once the camera is ready.

      Face the facts. So far I see a substandard camera almost a year late at this point with no support, no update for more than a month and no end in sight. I have had to let sales people go months ago and have lost more than $20,000 in rent, advertising, training and salary not to count 3 seasons of lost business. The camera is virtually worthless to me in the winter.

      Anyone in management of this company should be blacklisted from the industry and at this point we are far past incompetence and bordering on criminally negligent territory.

      Yann I will be doing further research into you suggestions.

    15. Missing avatar

      Yann Vernier on

      @Christopher Hibbard: Yes, there is at least one production spherical video camera - Ricoh Theta. GoPro do not have one AFAIK. The Theta is limited by lack of internal stitching (a primary feature of the Giroptic 360cam) and removable memory, but the newer model (Theta S) does have live streaming capability which could be used to work around both. Notably, the Theta has a wider field of view and is already in its second production generation which records in full HD (albeit with fisheye projections, not equirectangular).

      Stereoscopic spherical video requires some rather serious lightfield capture to do well, and a few options are edging towards that, perhaps most notably Nokia Ozo (which skimps on stereoscopic accuracy to do live streams in current demos - but then, all current transfer formats do the same if pitch or roll are used). Most rigs currently use a constellation of GoPros with all stitching done in postprocessing.

      There's still a spot for the 360cam, but I believe it's become far more critical to finish a higher spec model soon and focus on advantages not covered by competitors, such as underwater use.

    16. Missing avatar

      Darren Ketchum on

      The worst part about this campaign is that Giroptic teamed up with Hexo+ to create a 3d gimble mount for their drone that accommodates the 360 camera. Now as shipment of the Hexo+ is getting closer, there are going to be a bunch of backers that have a mount that will not accommodate a gopro. There is no timeline from Giroptic, so suckers like me will end up dropping at least 300 bucks for a hexo+ gopro gimble just so I can use the drone. This is very frustrating. An accurate timeline or honest update would be considerate so people that backed both know how long they have to wait to use their drone with camera. 3,916 backers had faith in your project, it's your job to keep backers updated. It has been way too long between updates.

    17. ZippyFund Inc. on

      We are coming up to a year overdue.... Soon to be officially the most overdue project....

    18. Eric Tong on

      This is the longest delay I ever had.. From 2014 to 2015.. And 2016 coming soon... What a long trial and error..

    19. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Choi on

      It has been waited quite long. What if my mailing address changed. Who or where should I change it on your system?

    20. Missing avatar

      Bill Pointer on would like an update I see by the comments we are still not sending our camera's. I will have the drone with your camera mount soon. Please advise.

    21. Missing avatar

      Nesher Asner

      My turn today:
      Update, please?

    22. Missing avatar

      Marcin Staszewski on

      This is the first and the last time I wasted my money on kickstarter... never again

    23. Scott Phelps on

      Would be nice to have another update as to where you are?

    24. Missing avatar

      Peter Finger Photographer on

      Another month gone without a single update!

    25. Stefan Dunker on

      It's nice to see, that you are working on the Camera, but I think, it's time to give us a delivery date, or if you can't, then bring more updates of the production progress...

    26. ZippyFund Inc. on

      November 2014 was when we were to see our camera. Being a very active backed on Kickstarter we understand projects may run over but the continued delays are becoming very concerned. When we placed our pledge we were told and saw a working model. In this not the case?

    27. Juan León on

      @Ben, there is no refund here, you bought nothing, you contributed to the project and giroptic will reward you for that if the project is successful, read KS TOS.

    28. Ben Davis on

      I must admit this is getting a bit stupid now, the thing will be out of date when it arrives, i signed up to this as i originally liked their 1st gen camera, but after paying for a subscription to that the site wont let you upload new video. I actually need a 360cam for work and haven't been able to do anything for over 12 months now with the old site not working and this not being delivered. I have asked for a refund so many times but it just gets ignored i have reported the project, nothing!!

    29. Gerard Euziere, Mr Gadgets ! on

      26Août 2015


    30. Fendriss on

      Merci Giroptic de faire encore passer les français pour des cons...

      On avait effectivement un modèle FONCTIONNEL il y a UN AN quand on a financé le projet
      L'image fait toujours très 1990. aucune avancée sur ce point depuis

      On est bien content que vous passiez à la télé, mais les quelques modif que vous avancez dans les rares updates sont juste ridicules

      Premier et dernier projet FRANCAIS que je finance

      Et j'espère bien vous croiser un jour sur un salon ou une expo histoire d'avoir enfin la vraie version de l'histoire

    31. theNinja on

      I'm bored of this company and product. Anyone request a refund and get it???

    32. Dennis OKeefe on

      perhaps someday we will have a camera that can do this...

    33. Christopher Hibbard on

      We were shown a working model when we placed our orders.

      We still do not see better quality video to date than the original videos released on the ap. That means that they have not been able to get it to work right in my opinion.

      Other than the Gopro version, has anyone seen or used a production model 360 camera to date? What is it? Is it 4k video?

      This experience destroyed my faith in kickstarter.

    34. Missing avatar

      Kerry Podolsky on

      Oooh... Ahhhh.... It all looks wonderful.
      Call me crazy, but....
      Maybe you guys should spend LESS time at trade shows and more time actually producing and shipping a product to those of us who have already invested in you.
      THEN you can go to trade shows and show off a REAL product and maybe find someone who wants to buy your company for your IP.

    35. Missing avatar

      Poz on

      "KS is not a storefront nor a pre-ordering system, but a crowd-funding system." - This is incorrect. Crowd funding is collective pre-ordering.

    36. Mauro Rezende on

      On June 14th 2014, just before pledging, I asked @Creator :

      " ... experienced backers know it's quite a difficult task to meet 10x of the original goal with the same production and logistics plan. ... I'd rather hear "it won't be possible" than a "it wasn't possible". ... close communication loop on any plan changes you may (and probably will) have to do."

      To what I got the answer (verbatim):

      "@Mauro Rezende - Thank you for your comment. Priorto launching the campaign we did work on different scenarios to ensure a delivery on time. But like you said, risks do exist and we will indeed communicate with all the backers if anything would happen. Stay assured that as of today - we do ship in November !"

      KS is not a storefront nor a pre-ordering system, but a crowd-funding system. We're funding a project we found interesting and as funders we have the right to demand proper communication.

      Unknown unknowns are part of innovation, but communication is key and GIROPTIC is failing miserably in this front.

      Most of projects I've funded in KS had delays. It was fine as most of creators did a great job in communicating the unexpected issue, and estimation of how much it would delay the project (or at least an estimate of when they'd have an estimation, if it required some testing) and published a new project timeline.

      Project management skills in this one is simply ridiculous...

      And btw, time to market is gone. The market is already flooded with 360 cameras that do the same, if not better at lower street price than I invested here and I can have them off-the-shelf... Some friends are already rubbing it in...

      I wonder what the 53 folks that invested $1,299 in this think (they highest reward that got pledged).

      So GIROPTIC, if you really go to market as a company (as it seems in, don't expect much good marketing from many of the almost 4K people who funded you.

    37. Marko Radosevic on


      If ure refering to MOB?!?!? First of all this is not a mob, they are founders of this lame product and part of the Giroptic company. Secondly, Im amongst the first few to raise the eyebrow becouse Im much more into crowdfunding and startup enviroment then you, obviously.

      Within over 50 projects this is by far the most ridicilous and not worthy second (humane) thought.

      So, again...Im not flaming YET this must stop, money to be refunded or we just nuke this fiasco on every social blog, forum or network.

      Oh yeah DAVID..if ure so protective. Have you heard about Nokia OZO????
      Feel free to update your noobish tech_depository of feeds becouse that cam KICK ASS out of this outdated crap AND its gonna be developed, produced and switched ON before 360 bs.

      peace ^_^

    38. Bob S. on

      "Very few projects could actually deliver their product on their goal alone and absolutely rely on additional funding from venture capitalists." But that doesn't counter what I said: "Kickstarter projects are created by people who can't secure funding through other channels ranging from venture capital to bank loans or even family." Successful Kickstarter projects sometimes do manage to arrange for VC funding, yes, but if they'd been able to arrange for VC funding from the start, no, they wouldn't be here.

    39. Missing avatar

      Charles Cooper on

      I'm still looking forward to my Giropict, but I've already received my "First 360* Camera", the Bubl. I'm looking forward to being able to compare the two when the Giropict arrives.

      Putting one of these together is not an easy task - so I was expecting the delay. And no, KS isn't a storefront.

      Good luck to the folks at Giropict.

    40. Missing avatar

      Zhahai Stewart on

      While I'm very dissappointed with the delay (missed a number of one-of-a-kind events I was planning to use it at), I have to say that I'd still rather have a well working camera than a problematic one, even if it takes a few more months.

      As a disappointed backer I certainly understand the frustration and anger of some other backers - and I also sympathize with the developers. People keep expecting a firm ship date, but if there are still unresolved problems, it's impossible to be certain. So would you rather they set a date they might have to retract, or set a date well beyond anything they really expect and probably deliver much earlier (say, July 2016 as one pessimist here suggested)? Or would you rather neither of these - that they avoid setting a date until the end is truly in sight (only well understood tasks left to complete)?

      If this was a big company, I think refunds would be in order; the losses would come from products from other product lines, accumulated capital, new stock issues, solid line of credit.. I'm guessing however that refunds now would so deplete the remaining funds that nobody would receive anything and the effort would collapse and most of our money would have been spent so none of us would get much back. So I reluctantly understand why they would not want to open that door, pulling defeat from the jaws of a (albeit much delayed) victory. This was an ambitious project which appears to be nearing completion after many hurdles.

      And no, I'm not affiliated with GirOptic except as a fellow backer. They deserve some serious criticism, and if they pull it off in the end, also some praise for sticking it out. It's not yet clear where the balance between those will wind up. And we're stuck with it. So let's not make ourselves more miserable than we have to be. I still hope the product will be worth the wait.

      (If it's crummy tho, I am going to be very mad)

    41. MaxStarter on

      What they failed to deliver was the original camera showcased. Backers complained about the image quality/stitching at the top of the image. They then decided to change sensors to eliminate that problem, setting the project back. They also changed the lenses. So the camera we're getting is an updated version of the original, complete with new firmware. We've jumped the Mark I version straight onto the Mark II.

      I would agree that Kickstarter is used to create product awareness, and a market for a niche product.

    42. Missing avatar

      Poz on

      It is okay if you do not understand the word and meaning of deliverables. Given your fine understanding of McDonalds and last comment to Rami, it is probable that McDonalds is as much as you will ever know. Most kickstarter projects that I have seen use kickstarter as a preorder site to essentially sell their product at cost, or less, in hopes to gain product awareness, build a user base, and show product demand. Very few projects could actually deliver their product on their goal alone and absolutely rely on additional funding from venture capitalists.
      Next time bring thought to the comment section and not just roll your head around on your keyboard.

    43. Bob S. on

      Rami, I respect your background, and I'm sure all three media outlets launched on the day you first envisioned for each. Realistically, people who back Kickstarter projects quickly learn that almost none launch on time and should make the decision to back or not back knowing that supplied ship dates are by definition unrealistic. With the unique exception of Pebble, Kickstarter projects are created by people who can't secure funding through other channels ranging from venture capital to bank loans or even family. Backers need to ask themselves why they backed a project before, not after, the project clears.

    44. Bob S. on

      Poz, "deliverables" are not products and not created from nothing. Your self-description fits a line cook at McDonald's as much as anything else. But clearly you love the sound of your own voice and we're just going to have to learn to love it as much as you do.

    45. Missing avatar

      Poz on

      David, there is certainly some truth in what you are saying.
      I think what we need to differentiate between two different types of failing because I really think we are just miscommunicating.
      1) Have they failed to deliver the 360 cam within a reasonable time period after the promised estimated delivery date? Thus requiring to provide refunds to those that request. Yes.
      2) Have they failed in terms of absolutely not be able to produce and deliver the 360 cam to those who paid? No. They are clearly still working on it, and I trust them to be able to deliver.

      When project timelines are late by about a year or so, it is clear they did no real planning in terms of what their actual time line will look like. They just slapped a date there that looks good to consumers to get our money. I am sure over half of the backers would not have put up their money if the estimated delivery date was Nov 2015 or after. It matters what they put there because we make decisions based off of it. They need to be accountable for what they promise by issue refunds to those that request.

      I don't even know if we are talking about the same thing anymore, but that is the point that I have been trying to make and hopefully you can respect that.

    46. David Hothersall on

      @Marko. No not a 'paid bot' but someone with enough 'individuality' to express a different opinion to the 'mob'

      It's easy to join in the shouting from the sidelines or express your 'individuality' by looking like you've been churned out from the same factory as all the other 'cool guys'.

      So let me express my opinion and disagree that they have failed.

      They haven't thrown their hands up and said "'Well that's it guys, we tried but we couldn't do it" They're still working towards delivering the camera and until, what I consider to be the unlikely event they don't, I'm remaining supportive.

      I hope that's OK with you? But if it isn't then that's tough as I'm not interested in your negativity.