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The 360cam delivers easy real time streaming video over WiFi, recorded video, and still photos in the palm of your hand
The 360cam delivers easy real time streaming video over WiFi, recorded video, and still photos in the palm of your hand
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    1. Benjamin J Lam on

      Is manufacturing of the hardware already done or just working on these software stuffs?

    2. Scott Phelps on

      Hi, it would be nice to have more frequent updates I know others have said that but it seems to fall on deaf ears. Also, maybe I'm missing something but this does not look like 1080P to me. Why is that? Maybe someone else knows. Hope to hear from you soon and regularly.

    3. Filipe Kalicki on

      Is for 2015 or 2018? Ops...

    4. J Sidarta on

      Thanks guys to try making this product a good final product for us; yes it has been a long delay, but with constant update, this gives us a better feeling that you are trying hard to make it right when it arrives to all the backers.

      Keep up the great work

    5. MaxStarter on

      The Street View app will replace the Photo Sphere Camera app on iOS, and it will offer a camera mode for both iOS and Android users. For those of you who happen to have a spherical camera, the new app will also link to the NCTech iris360 and the Giroptic 360cam. Google says more cameras will be supported in the future.

      Read more:
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    6. Tong Gorokh on

      Ron Smith it not approved by Google, they decline it because of low quality

    7. Missing avatar

      Ron Smith on

      How are you doing on finishing? Also, I saw that the camera was approved for the new Google Street View app, but the requirements for that say no logos. Will the 360 logo be a part of every photo? or can it be turned off? Keep working, and thanks!

    8. Gareth Wright on

      1080p it may be, but it looks looks like up-scaled QVGA to me.

    9. Gerard Euziere, Mr Gadgets ! on

      That's it for now, but more to come soon! July should be an exciting month... :)
      'till next time!


    10. ZippyFund Inc. on

      6 months overdue and nice to post video of how our money is being spent at E3.... Where is our camera?

    11. Daniel R Trujillo on

      The quality is getting better, getting closer to a functional camera, I will just have to wait. I am not satisfied with your business choices all the time Giroptic but I still respect what you're trying to do. Just try to keep people informed regularly that's all people ask. Transparency doesn't mean giving away trade secrets, just a hey guys this shit is hard to fix, we are trying and running into some hurdles but we are solving some problems. It lets us know you guys are alive and working and at least listening for us. I think for many of your backers you guys will not be able to turn around but for some there still might be hope.

    12. Missing avatar

      Shih-Fong Chao on

      The video quality in not so good even in 1080p mode. Everything looked vague in this video. Hope things will get better in the next update, good lucks.

    13. Ginger Manansala on

      So when exactly is your projected shipping date?

    14. John Hand on

      @Ian G Smith: I agree too!

    15. Thumay Karbalai Assad on

      @Ian G Smith: I totally agree with you!

    16. Ian G G Smith on

      Well I personally don`t care how long it takes for Giroptic to get it right no one else has managed it and yet they are so close.
      So I hope you stick to your goals Giroptic ignore the critics and sceptics and produce the best camera you can.
      I do not want the Worlds first crappy 360 camera I want one that will really impress my friends and family - so it is worth the wait.
      if it was easy it would have already been done.

    17. Thumay Karbalai Assad on

      The manner of Giroptic tells me that they are really interested to bring NOT only a 360° cam - independent of the quality - to the market.

    18. Thumay Karbalai Assad on

      @Marko Radosevic: Dear raging Marko, I'm really sorry, if I hit you! ;-)
      But regarding your question to quality:
      The manner of Giroptic tells me that they are really interested to bring only a 360° cam - independent of the quality - to the market. They made unpopular decisions regarding the sensors which will give us a better product at the end.

      Yes it is disappointing not getting the 360 cam at the initial stated date. But development of new technology is not every time a straight way and predictable.

      People with your behavior are helping companies to throw unfinished products to the market only to meet dates. This is in my opinion the wrong way! Therefore I support the decision from Giroptic to make a better product and skip the launch date...

    19. Marko Radosevic on

      @Thumay Karbalai Assad...pls spare me the under_paid BS counter propaganda. Or any other "patience is virtue" wisdom. Ok?

      Bottom line, on which point you refer regarding quality? Video resolution on Youtube E3 footage? o.O Give me a break, will ya!

    20. Marko Radosevic on

      I h8 to be sadly Bradley here BUT ure facing a legion of killjoy customers, with waaay past deadlines or any delay.

      And here you are presenting us utterly disgusting quality samples of "1080p" footage. WTF Giroptic?????

      Ive had [like many others] so much material skipped in this summer season? Several "streaming" events [if the streaming is working at all], conferences etc.

      If you dont rectify yourself with some money_shipping return policy + "PLS forgive us" bundle of hardware...ure gonna be nailed on pillory [from many influential bloggers worldwide].

      Giroptic, you have passed the point of no return...

    21. Thumay Karbalai Assad on

      Yes, all backers are eager to get their cam, but sometimes things need time to get good.

      To all raging backers: You can waste your energy to blame the creator for being late, but this will not help to bring the project earlier to its end.

      You will forget a late launch of a great product, but you will never forget an in time launch of a bad product!

    22. Casus Belli

      Wow. I had backed for the ability to do 360º photos, and am amazed that you actually have working 360º videos. Keep up the good work.

      Merci beaucoup pour le travail accompli jusqu'ici.

    23. Missing avatar

      Brett Patterson on

      @Dan Hefner

      I'm not expecting perfection but I do expect something that at least has the video quality of the demo videos that sold we backers on supporting this product.

    24. MaxStarter on

      Some of these comments are as if they have never read an update or the previous question....

    25. John Hand on

      If you can improve the quality of the "1080p" rendition from what we're seeing with the videos in this update, then I personally wouldn't mind even more of a longer wait. Keep up the good work. (I am still hoping to hear that the video quality will vastly improve though.)

    26. Matt Seligman on

      Why is the youtube quality so low?
      Like others said you can't see people's faces even when using Google cardboard..

      We've been waiting since Nov 2014 for this and I'm still hopeful we will see this before November this year... however if the quality is like this your end product will be no competition for the new ones go pro are working on. As backers I'm sure we want this camera to be the best so I sure hope with the extra time developing we will receive something better than pixelated faces in 720p.. like others mentioned I hope 1080p or higher are available or this purchase will be lower quality than I had imagined.

      Thanks for update but still awaiting eta...

    27. Dan Hefner on


      My rants and raves...

      I think the product so far seems great!

      Everyone, we must remember this is a first generation product. It won't be perfect! A lot of research and time was spent on this new technology. As we know, technology changes very fast. Right now I can tell you that the video quality for this product will most likely be what we are seeing. In order to have a nearly perfect sharp and in focus image, (which most likely will be the next camera - second generation) it will NEED to shoot at 4K resolution. That is because once the images are stitched together, along with the compression processing, those images will downgrade to the resolution equivalent to 1080p. In order to accomplish this, the camera will most likely need larger sensors too, which in turn would probably make the camera slightly larger. Remember the history of GoPro and where they started.

      For now, I think we all should just enjoy this new virtual reality. Also, YouTube and other videoplayers will need to upgrade to be able to handle these 360 files. Right now, in order to play the video smoothly, you need a fast internet connection and a fast computer processor.

      When we do eventually get these camera's - there is going to be a learning curve to get the best possible images. For one, remember that video needs a lot of light to look good. Dark images will make the video not look as good. Also, filming in 360, I believe it is best when the camera is locked down on a tripod, thus allowing the viewer to control where to look during playback. It gets very confusing when the cameraman is running around and you are trying to watch in one direction and you are playing tug-of-war with the image as the cameraman is running and tilting the camera. I suppose if the camera is moving, I suggest slow movements and no zip-pans. This brings up another great point. I believe the camera should be horizontally LEVEL at all times during filming. Perhaps a small sticky taped bubble level should be mounted to the top of each unit.

      It will be interesting to see more videos and what kind of videos end up online.


    28. Missing avatar

      Ron Smith on

      I'm glad you guys are having fun, but I'm wishing your backers were having it, too.

    29. Jean-Philippe Encausse on

      Good thanks for all the updates ! I have 3 projects waiting for it ^^
      Do you have, may be, a still image of the final result before the manufacturing ? (I assume the video are still beta hardware with focus/blur/definition issue)

    30. Missing avatar

      Brett Patterson on

      Ouch, even in 720p those videos do not look good. They have a very "webcam-y" or early 2000's cellphone camera look about them. Hope they improve because as they stand I have would not use this.

    31. Ian G G Smith on

      Good update. Pleased to see the Giroptic team are working hard to produce a great product. Yes it has been a long wait, but will be worthwhile.
      Thanks for the update. Good luck and looking forward to more good news in July.

    32. Missing avatar


      It is already late and already wait. So better just wait bit longer to get good 360 camera that function well. I hate waiting to but nothing much we can do :) slow better than nothing right?
      @creator keep up good work hope to see more good news from your side.

    33. Missing avatar

      olivier gaste on

      still stitching issues between cam views as we can see ??

    34. GIROPTIC Creator on

      @Florian Yes you can already do it, you just have to select 1080 in the Youtube player settings.

    35. GIROPTIC Creator on

      Once again, we know the project is late, and that you are all waiting for your cameras. But:
      - There is no point (for anyone) to receive a camera that wouldn't be a good (and cool) camera. We chose to use better sensors to provide a better experience, and that cost us a lot, but no doubt the end result will be worth it. We don't know (and will never do) in the end how many of you would have been disappointed and blamed us for a camera that would have recorded everything with shades of pink and green, but we decided not to guess and fix it, even though we now have to face the constant reminder that we're running late. We're truly sorry, but at this point, there is absolutely nothing more we can do that what we already do to make it happen any faster.

      - As explained before, we will give a real estimate as soon as we get our hands on the first final cameras (July). That's the one and only way to give you a real one. We've been communicating estimates before (and yes, we meant them) that basically only got everyone disappointed as we kept on pushing them back. We are convinced this time it's for good, but we also learned that anything can happen until you don't have it in your own hands. It doesn't mean it's going to be a bad news, that will probably be a very good one, it just mean we have to wait a couple more weeks to make a real statement.
      If this project wasn't real and coming to a positive end, we would have been gone and done sending you updates a long time ago. :)

    36. Filipe Kalicki on

      Bla bla bla...
      A lot of talk and a lot of takes, send what is good nothing


    37. Flo on

      Can we expect 1080p for the final Product?

      I really love the technic and the view experience, but 720p in YouTube doesn't look so nice. You can't even see the faces of the people on the E3 etc
      1080p is a must have feature of this cam..

    38. Yukiyasu Ito on

      When? Can I get it?

    39. Missing avatar

      Misha Sakellaropoulo on

      Still no ship estimate for non-dev kits ... so, realistically, probably not before Nov 2015.

    40. Giovanni Marchetti on

      Ok, all its good but.... November 2014??!!