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A calendar featuring the ladies of the sci-fi / fantasy convention culture modeling costumes they've created and designed themselves.
101 backers pledged $4,545 to help bring this project to life.

The Zombie Apocalypse: Japanese School Girl Style + NEW BACKER REWARD!

    As a photographer I have a vision in my head for the way I want each months image to come together. In the past due to budget and time constraints we've relied heavily on green screen / post production effects because we simply did not have the time or resources to stage the shoots we have dreamed of. This year, with your help, we can make these dream shoots a reality and share the results with ALL of you. This is one of those dream shoots. The pieces are coming together, but this shoot will not happen if we are not successful in our funding. Let me tell you a little bit about it and afterwards I'll be revealing an exciting new reward. Something we've never done before!

  To detail this shoot a little let me first show you a few props that have been offered for use in this particular months image. My bosses and friends Kimble and Rebecca offered me the following to use for this photo shoot.

and my Friend Bob, proud owner of the Dodge Zombie Wagon has agreed to let us use it in a shoot... Check it. Yes.. those are zombie hunting permits.. :)

We haven't stopped there however we have even more planned for this shoot.

Our models for this month will be the illustrious and talented best friends, Hayley and Trini.

 We don't want to give away too much but let's just say that when we are finished over 20 people both living and undead as well as a few horses, some fire, some smoke, a barn, and lets not forget the most imporant part.. exploding blood packs will be involved in the production of this one photograph. And this is just ONE image of the 12 we have planned. Our ultimate goal with the photography this year is to spend less time in post production and more time in the real world capturing shots that you'll never believe came straight from the camera, and that brings me to the next reward for our backers. 

We've always been too busy taking the photographs to document the process that goes into creating the calendar but this year we want to do something different. We want to create a dvd of all the calendar shoots that go into this years calendar. we'll videotape the entire process, on set, on location, talk to the models, show off the props, weapons, vehicles, and costumes that go into each elaborate shoot (should we be successful in funding that is) and then at the end of it all we produce a DVD for our backers to have as a unique keepsake to show what their money helped to create. A unique insight into how each month was created, even behind the scenes post editing secrets revealed on camera, something we've never done before but would love to share with all those who will support us in this effort. So please, help us spread the word, let's make this shoot a reality, lets make this DVD a reality, we have nowhere to go but up! Help us make this calendar a reality.

Thanks for your time and go checkout that new backer reward!
Jason L. Bohannon and Traci Tant
Girls Of The Con


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