$145,939 pledged of $70,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$145,939 pledged of $70,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. William Ansley 19 minutes ago

      The link to the coloring book page sample seems to actually link to the Cinderella page from a previous campaign ("cinderella_sample.pdf.zip"), not the page shown (Agatha's clockwork universe dream from "Agatha Heterodyne and the Monster Engine").

    2. Patrick Chapman about 5 hours ago

      OK question out to the in case I missed something.
      I have purchased hard-covers at retail after the kickstarter because shipping outside the US is expensive.
      I have not seen "The Incorruptible Library" available in hardcover in retail.
      Does anyone know if this is simply a thing that happened with that book or if it is likely to happen again with "Wizards & Kings" ?

    3. Andy Konecny about 6 hours ago

      @Carolyn in addition to Marie's point, you have two ways to pay for the add-ons, either up your pledge here, or you will have the option to pay the additional via the survey phase. While this is how many KickStarters work, it is good(science, not silly) to ask when uncertain.

    4. Missing avatar

      Marie Devey 1 day ago

      Carolyn, the add-ons are "added on" in the survey phase, where you give them your mailing address after the campaign ends.

    5. Missing avatar

      Carolyn Roark 1 day ago

      Feeling a bit silly, but I can't find an add on option for my pledge, and I'd like to purchase an additional set of the stickers. Can a someone help me out with a remedial tutorial? Or does that option become available after the project funds?

    6. Missing avatar

      Allan Hoffman 2 days ago

      Celebremus. 1st pers. plur. present subjunctive. So I guess 'We may celebrate'?

    7. Neoculture 2 days ago

      @Ramien: "There's a part of me that wants to take all the medals from the kickstarter campaigns so far and use them in a Jäger cosplay..."

      Been there, done that as part of a Steampunk Ball. ^_^

    8. Missing avatar

      Tony Clarke 4 days ago

      @Ramien - as a guide, charm sets were $15 in previous kickstarters and the pins (brass or silver) are $6 in the studio's online shop.

    9. Ramien 4 days ago

      Any chance we can get prices for the trilobite pins or the upcoming charms? I already padded my pledge a little to be able to snag some extras, but knowing if I need to add more would be handy.

    10. Missing avatar

      Peter Schott
      4 days ago

      Decided it was worth putting a "Follow" on Studio Foglio so I'm notified. I would have missed this as well had I not been paying attention.

      I don't necessarily think sending out an update to every single past campaign is a good idea. That can get a bit spammy if people have backed multiple campaigns, especially for projects like this where people have likely backed the most recent campaign and will do so again. That plus a special webcomic to alert people about the campaign and you've covered most bases.

      As for not wanting to send out a note while there are still outstanding items for a prior campaign - I wouldn't worry too much about that. Otherwise people won't know that a new one has started. It would be different if the items weren't being addressed, but pretty sure that's not the case.

    11. Tor Swanson 4 days ago

      glad i got a note from one of the old campaigns, i almost missed this one, and would have been sad.

    12. Tony Cooke 4 days ago

      Given some of the comments below, I've been wondering how successful this KS is in relation to the other recent ones. Dollars pledged is misleading - depends of what is being offered and how much people use post KS pledge managers.
      But in terms of backers, the campaigns of 2015 had 2957 supporters, 2016 had 3008 and 2017 had 3039. All pretty consistent.
      So far this one has over 2200 with about 6 days to go. Not unreasonable to expect a similar number again. Time will tell.

    13. Clifford 5 days ago

      well it is a good thing you posted a note! I would have missed this one which would have made me very sad. But all is forgiven I am shoving money through Al Gore's interweb-o-matic at this moment. Science rules and mad science cackles maniacally.

    14. William Ansley 5 days ago

      You know, posting at least *one* update to *this* campaign before it ends might be a good idea. Perhaps some early backers have no idea that any stretch goals have been posted.

    15. William Ansley 5 days ago

      Professors, I am very pleased that you have started announcing your current campaign to your past backers through your old ones, whether or not my earlier (perhaps overly forceful and dramatic) comment had anything to do with it or not. I think the wisdom of this course has been amply demonstrated. According to Kicktraq, today was your best day as far as total pledges and your second best day as far as the number of new backers since the campaign began. Congratulations!

      Not to mention that there are three comments below thanking you for the announcement and none complaining about it.

    16. Missing avatar

      David Dahle 5 days ago

      I'm a bit puzzled that others weren't able to back this project through the Safari browser.
      I had no such difficulty...

    17. Jean Monfort 5 days ago

      Thank you for the announcement! I would have totally missed this book otherwise. As it is, I'm happy to be a part of the community :)

      (And I can see that I'm not the only one who can't fund Kickstarters via Safari anymore. Does anyone here know why that is?)

    18. Chris 5 days ago

      Yeah same here, I knew a KS was in the works sometime in the next few months, but I'd completely have missed this one (and one of my favorite conflicts to date) if it wasn't for that announcement earlier today on an old KS.

    19. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22
      5 days ago

      Phew, if you hadn't posted an update in the previous campaign I would have totally been unaware of this new instalment.

    20. Daefyd Wyr
      5 days ago

      I have been having problems with IE as well.

    21. Dana Carson 6 days ago

      Kickstarter has improved their webpage to the point that it isn't possible for me to back the project using Safari web browser. Luckily I had another device to use.

    22. Studio Foglio 6-time creator 6 days ago

      Hi! Phil here. So- alerting our previous Kickstarter backers about a new project! Funny you should mention that. But Kaja- who pushes the buttons- grew up in Seattle, and thus- is pathologically shy about asking people for even more money before every last problematic item from the last campaign had been shipped out. This is one of the reasons why my children wear burlap sacks and cardboard boxes for shoes. HOWEVER- since everything IS straightened out and shipped, she is even now crafting a small, inoffensive note to our previous backers to let them know that we are still alive and -ostensibly-once again ready and willing to engage in the give and take of the marketplace. Please tell your friends.

    23. William Ansley 6 days ago

      Well, a little fancy footwork on the Foglios' part and we now have free PDFs at $95,000, as well as some new stretch goals. Seems good to me, but I still think they should notify all past Kickstarter backers through all their old GG campaigns.

    24. Missing avatar

      Andrew Brouse 6 days ago

      I, also, would like to see this reach $105,000 so I can get a FREE PDF copy. However, I'm not sure that this is a high priority for the Foglios as they have reached their main funding, which is to print the books. You can note they have also backed off on the high price pledges, implying cash is not as imperative as in past kickstarters.

    25. Daefyd Wyr
      6 days ago

      You might send an update to the previous projects telling those backers agout this one.

    26. William Ansley 6 days ago

      Professors, I think you are making a HUGE mistake in not posting an update to each of your past Kickstarter campaigns announcing this new one. You shouldn't think of them as something that needs to be put in mothballs and never looked at again. They are TOOLS for GETTING THE WORD OUT! And don't worry about spamming your fans. All the people who supported past GG Kickstarters are almost certain to want to know about each new one and very unlikely to mind getting a few duplicate emails.

      Right now, this Kickstarter has roughly half the number of backers and half the money raised as recent past campaigns did and there is just over a week to go. Try an experiment, please. Post an update to the volume 12 campaign today, to the volume 13 campaign tomorrow, to the volume 14 campaign on Tuesday and so on. See how many new backers you get every day. If it makes no difference, then I won't importune you with this suggestion ever again.

    27. Michael Meissner on March 10

      I notice the free PDF for higher levels is at the $105,000 stretch goal. While previous GG kickstarters have blazed past that level fairly quickly, this campaign seems to be advancing somewhat slower.

      If we don't reach the $105K goal, will the PDF file be available as an add-on after the campaign at backerkit?

    28. Studio Foglio 6-time creator on March 9

      ... I guess what I'm trying to say is, we're working on it! But Girl Genius is priority at this time, so the sooner we get Agatha into your hands, the sooner we can take a side step into Buck's world.

    29. Studio Foglio 6-time creator on March 9

      Gallimaufry - Definitely it's own separate project requiring an individual Kickstarter campaign, and not something easily tossed into a stretch goal. That having been said, Kaja has a long list of fun stretch goals she'll be tossing your way shortly for Kings & Wizards. Other suggestions we received in feedback have been considered as well, so here's hoping you're pleased with what we have in store for you. As for Gallimaufry, the sooner we can crank out through fulfilling K&W, the sooner we can jump into another project or two (but here I am being super optimistic about turn around time - it often takes a lot of flogging-- um, erg.. -- ENCOURAGEMENT to get a lot of these rewards churned out exactly how we want them. We demands high quality for our backers. That's why turn around takes so long. Well, that and the bane of shipping, both domestic & international... but I digress..

    30. Studio Foglio 6-time creator on March 9

      Desmond - As much as we'd like to email everyone of our past backers individually, we just don't have the time or people to do that. That said, by commenting or posting an update in past campaigns, it automatically notifies past backers of whatever we want them to know. That having been said, there is a point where we kind of have to retire past campaigns and file them away in the archives, as all that information gets printed out onto spreadsheets for our record keeping. For instance, everything up to City of Lightning should be archived now, and any backer rerouted to our new campaigns.

      For example: https://cityoflightning.afterthecrowd.com/

      This allows us to focus on current backers, and those of you who are zealous in following our projects! We'll happily run up the signal flags and keep the semaphore spinning though!

    31. The Arrow on March 9

      @David Dahle While it would be awesome, I doubt it will ever happen as a stretch-goal for a GG book. It's simply to big. On the other hand it has been hinted at Buck making the rounds as his own separate campaign, I think it was the previous book (or the book before that), and that would make a lot more sense.

    32. Missing avatar

      David Dahle on March 9

      Oh! I would LOVE to see the Gallimaufry as a stretch goal!

    33. Ramien on March 8

      There's a part of me that wants to take all the medals from the kickstarter campaigns so far and use them in a Jäger cosplay...

    34. Dru O'Higgins on March 7

      I would absolutely love a copy of Buck Godot the gallimaufry! Maybe include as an extra add-on in the next campaign?

    35. Missing avatar

      Desmond Auer on March 7

      *Breathes heavy sigh of relief*.
      Gee, cutting it fine aren't we? You really should consider contacting previous backers directly sio they know another one is up and running.
      How are we going to find out about *sinister snicker* BUCK GOGOT....
      Yes, we are ALL "Waiting for Godot", but unlike the play, hopefully(?) Godot makes an appearance!
      BTW, 2017 charms and medal arrived today. I can see why you had SO much trouble with the medal. It is GORGEOUS! I really have to start getting all these medals framed for display, with room for more, of course!

    36. Missing avatar

      Graham Robinson
      on March 7

      Will it be possible to add previous books to pledges on this campaign? If so, how much would they cost including shipping to UK?


    37. Missing avatar

      on March 7

      Glad that the girl Genius is fully funded loved the last one can't wait for this one.

    38. Donald Hargnett on March 6

      Any chance of a restock of the "Le Petit Trilobite Pin" being worked into this campaign?

    39. Missing avatar

      kent archie on March 6

      I am always confused about the PDFs. I am making an attempt to reduce the amount of books in my house (failing, but trying) and only want the PDF. In the backer levels it says that
      Pledge $10 or more , get a PDF. I wanted to throw a few more bucks your way so got the Explorers Travel level. But that and higher levels don't list the PDF as a reward. So I am never sure if I will be getting a PDF. I love these books and look forward to seeing you guys at C2E2

    40. John Ickes
      on March 6

      I would love to see the "Girl Genius" Button Men offered in the new Button Men format as either a stretch goal or as an add-on.

    41. Ramien on March 5


    42. Studio Foglio 6-time creator on March 5


      Further clarification:

      - The Complaint Form announcement was meant for the Incorruptible Library Campaign, not Kings & Wizards. I apologize for having made that mistake.

      - Stretch Goals usually include a 'PDF's for Everyone' kind of deal. If that isn't offered for any odd reason, it'll be available as an add-on when it comes time for the fulfillment phase. You'll also be able to go to DriveThruComics and purchase it separately.

      - Announcements about this campaign will be posted to the past campaign pages in order to let our past backers know it's going on. We've been rather occupied with ECCC going on. Sorry for the delay.

      Again, thank you all for your wonderful support in funding our next installment of Agatha Heterodyne's grand adventures in MAD SCIENCE!!!

      ~ Chris Sorensen, Clerical Assistant!

      p.s.: Look out for the update from Kaja. It ought to be coming soon.

    43. Missing avatar

      Dalrymple on March 5

      You said PDF would also be in the stretch goals. I assume you meant that PDFs would be included in the higher pledge tiers along with the physical books? (That is what I was going to ask about.)

    44. Missing avatar

      Tony Clarke on March 5

      And we are funded!

      With that goal met, this might be a good time to reach out to past supporters, some of whom are probably unaware of this projects existence.

    45. Studio Foglio 6-time creator on March 5

      Clarification: "One Form per Specific Item Needing Resolved" means:

      - "I have an outstanding order that has not arrived, and tracking information hasn't updated in awhile..."


      - "Here's a form for my book."
      - "Here's a form for my medal."
      - "Here's a form for my Travel Stickers."
      &c., &c., &c...

      Clarifying JUUUUUUST incase it was unclear.

    46. Studio Foglio 6-time creator on March 5

      Regarding the Complaint Form: Please note that we only need one form filed per specific item needing resolved. Beyond that, if you have follow up, feel free to PM us through Kickstarter or email us via CustomerService@studiofoglio.com. We are hearing you, and we are dealing with your orders as they come in. Multiple complaint forms about the same issue only bogs down the process. If you feel you're not being heard, go ahead and send in a secondary, but please only as a last ditch effort. As stated above, there are other forms of communication available to you after your initial complaint has been filed. Some of you have sent 5 or 6 forms about the same issue - about orders that are still being shipped - and therefore might be nearing your doorsteps as we speak. Not too much we can do until about those until a period of time has passed to see whether or not the parcel makes it to it's intended destination. We're all staring at the same tracking page at that point. So, please feel free to keep contacting us with questions and queries, but the complaint form portion only needs to go through the once.

      Lastly --- complaint forms about your cell service issues, or that your radioactive spider horde has gone missing on public transit are funny the first time. Ha ha.. you're all very witty. Please send these obvious emergency messages to us on our Facebook page where we can address it publicly for the sake and safety of humanity at large.

      Thank you all very much for your humour, your time & your patience. It's all in the name of making this process more streamlined, I promise.

      ~ Chris Sorensen, Clerical Assistant to the Professors
      Studio Foglio | Airship Entertainment, LLC.

    47. Studio Foglio 6-time creator on March 5

      PDF's will also be in the stretch goals!

    48. Studio Foglio 6-time creator on March 5

      Travel Stickers will be available as an add-on during the survey phase of the campaign. Thanks for the feedback!

    49. Julio Capa on March 5

      I third er..fourth eh.... I too am interested in obtaining the travel stickers with the book

    50. Becky Smith
      on March 5

      I second (or third) the question about travel stickers, and will we be able to add specific previous books to an order?

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