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Adventure, Romance, MAD SCIENCE! The next collection of the Hugo award-winning webcomic series by Phil & Kaja Foglio is ready to print!
4/19/18--The BackerKit pledge manager is now live. Also, the download links for the PDF have been sent from DriveThruComics. Please watch your email inboxes. Thank you!
4/19/18--The BackerKit pledge manager is now live. Also, the download links for the PDF have been sent from DriveThruComics. Please watch your email inboxes. Thank you!
2,803 backers pledged $155,750 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. John Ickes
      3 days ago

      I have seen copies at a few comic book shops in the Chicago area.

    2. Missing avatar

      Andrew Brouse 6 days ago

      There are two individuals on the Jägerkin site who claim they received their book. These are regulars and live in the US. They received them early in May.

    3. Missing avatar

      Tony Clarke 7 days ago

      @Andrew - Maybe some people have been dumpster diving for rejects amid the printer's waste? Amazon don't have them yet (thankfully) and are taking pre-orders until their anticipated release date of July 30th, with any luck the backer's copies will be clasped between our sweaty little forelimbs before then.

    4. Studio Foglio 6-time creator 7 days ago

      I'd seriously question that, Andrew... if they got them, it wasn't from us.

      So, the add-on payments: Due to the printer change up, the add-on charges were delayed because people at Make That Thing/TopatoCo don't like to charge until the shipment is on the loading dock being loaded into the courier's truck. That said, with the books about to be shipped, we're going to jump down the throats of the Processing Dept. (sorry guys, but it's overdue... here we come), and we'll get those processed ASAP. Kaja will be posting a new update soon and we'll get all the bouncing baby books to their new homes! Isn't it exciting?! Aren't you excited?! No?! Well.... GET EXCITED! GET PUMPED! This volume will blow your giant hats and fascinators off! Best start clearing off the spot for it on your Girl Genius Shelf.

      That's right.. we know you have one. You AAAAAAALL have one. Bwahahahahaha.

      Your humble & obedient serva---- clerical assistant,
      C. A. Sorensen

    5. Missing avatar

      Andrew Brouse on June 13, 2018

      Some people received their books a few weeks ago, I queried people on a fan site. Why did some books go out but the rest didn't?

    6. Studio Foglio 6-time creator on June 1, 2018

      Hi there, folks. Waiting to hear back from MakeThatThing and the Printer on a few questions, but while we're waiting, know that I'll be putting together another PDF mail-out today through DriveThruComics. So, if you're waiting on it and have yet to contact us about it, please do. Otherwise, if you already have submitted a form about it, I'm working through those now. That system has been working really well, I feel.

      Regarding the add-on charges that have yet to be pushed through, I've asked Kaja about it and am awaiting an answer as the Professors are busy professoring this weekend. Have to continue the research on that very active Heterodyne girl. Hard to keep up with from a researchers point of view. Always just a few steps behind her!

    7. Thomas Lang on May 31, 2018

      Curious if the books have shipped as well. I also have not received my PDF email. I contacted Backerkit and they said they had forwarded it on but no word back.

    8. Mikael Elliott on May 30, 2018

      Have the books starting shipping yet? Have not received any information regarding them being shipped and it is now over a month since the last update stating they would be shipped "soon".

    9. Missing avatar

      Andrew Brouse on May 24, 2018

      I don't see the charge either. Does that happen when the books ship? When will they ship?

    10. Missing avatar

      Darryl Ingram on May 19, 2018

      The charge has not gone through mine yet either. At least not that I can see.

    11. Missing avatar

      Brian Andrew English on May 16, 2018

      Query - what kind of packaging will the printer use to ship the books? I'm getting a softcover, and since this was going to be my first GG book, I went to buy the previous books in the Second Journey. Since Topatoco did not have book 16 for sale, I ordered in and books 14 and 15 through Amazon, new. Well, they were shipped in a padded envelope, not a box, so book 15 arrived with dented lower-right corners.

      I guess I'm just asking what kind of protection is used when shipping the books from the printer.

    12. Daefyd Wyr
      on May 15, 2018

      @Studio Foglio

      The charge still has not gone through on my card, was there a problem with the way I filled out the pledge manager?

    13. Studio Foglio 6-time creator on May 11, 2018

      Hey there, y'all! Chris here. So, apparently KS doesn't like me working remotely from home rather than from the Studio's IP address, so it keeps kicking me out. Got it resolved, so I'm back and plugging away. Been working from the customer service email in the meantime, so I've been busy getting your goods out to you.

      PDF's: A great many of you should have your PDF's currently sitting in your email inbox/spam box. Enjoy.

      Piotr - We've conversed via email. Is there anything else you need?

      CC charges: Going to look into this and get back to you by tomorrow. Should have been charged by now.

      Pins - Trilobite Pins/Gearheart: I think we're getting more made? I'll check.

      Address Changes: Any of you who have recently submitted changes of address, they've been filed away. Thank you! If any of you still have yet to do that, I HIGHLY recommend doing so. If you need to notify USPS or any international mailing agency of your change of address, I also recommend doing that.

      I'm off to my other place of employment, but I'll be back on later tonight to handle more processing and emails. Please feel free to email us or contact us through private messages here on KS. PLEASE: DO NOT MAKE ORDER REQUESTS IN THE COMMENTS. PM US PLEASE.

      Thanks for your patience, everyone! We can't keep Agatha adventuring without you!

    14. Daefyd Wyr
      on May 10, 2018

      Has anybody else not had the shipping amount pulled from their accounts yet?

    15. Missing avatar

      Trivena on April 24, 2018

      I'm still waiting to find out what the deal is with the trilobite/clockwork heart pin confusion, and I want to get that sorted out before I finalise my Backerkit.

    16. Piotr Konieczny on April 24, 2018

      Sadly, I have to report that the 'professors' (Studio Foglio) have not replied to my email (about why the pledge manager has no options to buy the prior book, or only some of the prior books, not a set). It has been a week since I emailed them using the customer service link on their website. This followed two messages I sent them on KS that received no reply (and they never replied to another message I sent them on KS few years back). I have to say I am quite disappointed in this. I realize they are a small publisher, and quite busy with stuff, but this is hardly professional. I know they'll deliver the goods, but I wouldn't be surprised if some new people would not back their Kickstarters, because failure to reply is a bad sign (the first PM I sent them was at the very beginning of the campaign).

      In either case, this is the last KS for GG I'll be supporting. I don't care about the patches/medals and such, they are 'cool' but I personally have run out of space to display such gizmos. If I ordered the new book and the prior one I am missing from Amazon, I'd have been able to save on shipping (yes, Amazon, because the GG's official store at… is missing the 3rd book of SJ, or a pre-order option for 4th, unlike Amazon, which has both). And yes, I've asked in my PMs about why the official store is not as well stocked as Amazon, but, well, no reply, right?

      I love the series, I wish SF long and prosperous career, and I am sure many of you will enjoy your patches/medals/etc. Maybe someone will find my explanation of why I won't back future SF KS of interest (summary: non-existent customer service, and failure to realize that some people are more interested in their core products - books - than the add-ons).

    17. Michael Meissner on April 22, 2018

      I realize things are always subject to change, but do the professors have an idea when the pledge manager will be locked down and the credit card charged? I tend to like charges coming out of my bank account using debit card, but when things will be randomly charged in the future, I will use a credit card.

      For normal kickstarter campaigns, I tend to put the initial pledge on the CC, but as the campaign closes (and I have money in the bank), I will switch it to the debit card.

    18. Michael Meissner on April 20, 2018

      @Thomas Mosl: FWIW, I got mine yesterday (with a PDF link). Hopefully your will be done shortly.

    19. Missing avatar

      Thomas Mösl on April 20, 2018

      Today the announced email from DriveThruComics arrived *nice*. But without the personalized download link for the PDF of Girl Genius: Kings and Wizards *sad*.
      The email only contains the common link to the normal order page. Do I miss something here or is the real email still on its way?

    20. Missing avatar

      Stephen Murray on April 16, 2018

      I liked the way this kickstarter went. The Envelope of Madness, and adding goodies to that instead of additional add-on$ was a nice change, seeing as how I need to get several of everything for family members.

    21. Stormquiss
      on April 14, 2018

      Thanks Michael.

    22. Michael Meissner on April 14, 2018


      According to the campaign page (, the following are new:

      New set of travel stickers (Mopey Tortoise, Paris with Collette, and the Winged Victory Airship line).

      Life of the Party medal (with train/castle clank and wasp eater)

      The Kings and Wizards patch (two wasp eaters with a double headed axe/crown).

      It also mentions Trilobyte lapel pins and new charms. I'm not sure which of the 3 charm sets available in the backerkit are new.

      You could also browse the current store for non-KS stuff:…

      So, the

    23. Stormquiss
      on April 13, 2018

      Does anyone know which add-on items in the backerkit are new to this KS? I have lost track. Cheer!

    24. Piotr Konieczny on April 13, 2018

      Is there any way I can buy the previous book? I asked you this by PM two weeks ago but you never got back to me. I hoped it would be offered in the backerkit, but it only has the current book, and the complete set of old ones. I do have all but the previous one, and would like to combine shipping if possible (I live in Korea and shipping gets pricey here). Any chance you'll see my message here?

    25. Missing avatar

      valhalla on April 11, 2018

      I third the question about the trilobite pins :)

      I was also hoping to be able to buy it and was a bit disappointed by their absence.

    26. Missing avatar

      Trivena on April 11, 2018

      I second the question about the brass trilobite pins. Did they get mixed up with the clockwork hearts? Or are you planning to put both of them up?

    27. Missing avatar

      James Buckingham on April 10, 2018

      I am experiencing a certain amount of confusion. Are the brass clockwork heart pins available? The description says "We still have a few of the silvers, but the brass ones have been out of stock for a long time." but it doesn't stop me from adding brass to my cart.

    28. Kelsey Rogers on April 10, 2018

      Hi! How does one fill out the backerkit if I pledged extra money to get volume 16 as well as 17? I see for the full set and for volume 17 but no way to redeem for other books?

    29. Missing avatar

      Paul Lord on April 10, 2018

      Um, I was really really looking forward to the brass trilobite pins showing up on the add-ons menu, because cosplay needs. But they aren't there. Please tell me this is an unfortunate omission and I'll be able to add some to my pledge soon?

    30. Michael Meissner on April 10, 2018

      In terms of the last wallpaper, I suspect the timeline for it is after Agatha frees Mechanicsburg and Castle Hetrodyne from the time stop in the future to the current GG pages. I don't remember such a parade after the doom bell was rung.

      So presumably Moloch von Zinzer survives. I was originally wondering who the other two females on his snail were (besides Violetta). After prowling around, I see that they are probably Hexalina/Fräulein Snaug and Sanaa Tryggvassen/Wilhelm. That is unless Moloch has increased his harem.

      I like the train and castle clanks.

    31. Elizabeth Justusson on April 6, 2018

      The colouring in page is the same cinderella coming down the stairs one that you gave out previously :(

    32. Studio Foglio 6-time creator on March 28, 2018

      We do indeed only print hardcovers the once, and when they are gone, they are gone for good. However, even if you don't buy them through this campaign, then you can purchase them for a limited time at our web shop, which is run by the jolly people at TopatoCo. (…) I just checked, and yes, they still have hardcovers of # 12 in stock. And a few others as well- at cover price, of course!

    33. Missing avatar

      BP on March 26, 2018

      Yay! Can't wait to get the latest edition into my hands!

    34. Tony Cooke on March 23, 2018

      In case you didn't notice, Cheapass Games has just launched the Girl Genius: The Works Kickstarter.
      This is an update of the long out of print 2001 card game.

      If you're interested, head over to:

      It's close to finding not much longer than 24 hours after launch.

    35. Missing avatar

      David Dahle on March 21, 2018

      Congrats on funding! I'd suggest keeping a small link on the GG comic page somewhere as a quick way for some of us to come back here and check in on the campaign status between the update Emails.

    36. Missing avatar

      Desmond Auer on March 20, 2018

      2803 backers with and average of $55.56 per backer, and 222.5% funded. Well done, guys....

    37. Ramien on March 20, 2018


    38. Ronald Austin on March 20, 2018

      Congratulations on funding the campaign. I am looking forward to adding the new volume on the shelf next to the Complete Little Orphan Annie set and The Prince Valiant hardbacks. Agatha is in lofty company for sure.

    39. Missing avatar

      Desmond Auer on March 19, 2018

      And the Foglios are again swimming in money :)
      [Maybe the kids can get new cardboard boxes for their feet? - Hey, Phil started it!]
      Now the hard yards begin, and Kaja is drip-fed Irish Coffee until this campaign is done and dusted!

    40. Stormquiss
      on March 19, 2018

      Gratz on funding!

    41. William Ansley on March 19, 2018

      Professors, I have another suggestion for you. It seems to me that it would be worth it for you to spend the money (and the time to learn how to use it) on a mailing list manager, such as MailChimp. Once it was set up, you could send out one final email to all of your past Kickstarter campaigns with a subscription link. Those who wanted to could sign up, those who didn't could ignore it. After that, you could mothball the old Kickstarter sites. You would also put the subscription link on the Girl Genius website. People would manage their subscription themselves. You could send out messages to the list and not have to worry about spamming people, since they have asked you to send them notification emails. If you send out too many messages, they can unsubscribe, but I envision you only sending announcements of new Kickstarter campaigns, when new books are available to purchase, when new or restocked merchandise is available, and notifications of events. Please give this idea some consideration.

    42. William Ansley on March 19, 2018

      @Peter Schott: I actually agree with you that sending an update to every single past GG campaign might come across as "spammy", but I was taking an extreme position, since I thought that sending out no notifications at all, as the Foglios had done up to that point in time, was such a bad idea. Kaja sent out updates to the last three campaigns, which seems to have been a good number.

    43. William Ansley on March 19, 2018

      @Gary Phillips: I categorically disagree with you that the "The Link" is correct. It is a working link to a PDF page for the GG coloring book, I'll give you that, but it is a page that the Foglios used as a stretch goal for their previous Kickstarter for "The Incorruptible Library", as well as not being the same as the thumbnail image shown by the link. The Foglios would have to be insane to use bait and switch tactics like this on their supporters and I'm sure it wasn't their intention to do so.

      @Marie Devey: I'm sure that @Desmond Auer is correct and the link will be fixed to point to a high-res version of the image shown in the thumbnail soon. It often takes Kaja a fair amount of time to make corrections.

    44. William Ansley on March 19, 2018

      @james h brown: Unfortunately, the Incorruptible Library patch was a limited edition for the Kickstarter for that book, so it is very unlikely that the Foglios will re-issue it.

    45. Missing avatar

      Marie Devey on March 19, 2018

      It's confusing (and disappointing) that the image displayed gives the impression that the stretch goal is of a new page.

    46. Gary Phillips
      on March 19, 2018

      @Desmond and @william The Link is correct, It is a PDF of Agatha as Cinderella that you can print and color. I also hope that There will be an update on the add-on prices soon.

    47. Missing avatar

      james h brown on March 18, 2018

      if you're going to re-issue some of the other patches,
      Pretty please, re-do the incorruptible library ??
      I have several librarian friends who would really like one.

    48. Tony Cooke on March 18, 2018

      I've noticed that, but I do still get the HC despite the postage. You might have to pre-order from your local store. I think it comes down to how many extras of the HC they print and whether your store decides to stock it.

    49. Missing avatar

      Desmond Auer on March 18, 2018

      Dear William, Yes I noticed the same thing. No doubt it will be corrected by Kaja when she starts with the axe and works up to the hydrofluoric acid on her computer. :)

    50. William Ansley on March 17, 2018

      The link to the coloring book page sample seems to actually link to the Cinderella page from a previous campaign (""), not the page shown (Agatha's clockwork universe dream from "Agatha Heterodyne and the Monster Engine").

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