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Glow-in-the-dark (or Silver Painted) FULL Sets, Translucent Nebula Fudge/FATE d6, the new Sky's Edge d6 and (stretch goal) Eclipse d10!
Glow-in-the-dark (or Silver Painted) FULL Sets, Translucent Nebula Fudge/FATE d6, the new Sky's Edge d6 and (stretch goal) Eclipse d10!
488 backers pledged €16,636 to help bring this project to life.

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Resuming operations

Posted by Gio Lasar Design (Creator)

After a long year of intense effort and some twists of fate that needed attention,
everything is back to normal. It would be great to finish the year on a good note.
As announced back in July, an order was placed for a starter batch of three full sets:
Sky's Edge, Purple Nebula, Outer Space. They all turned out great and are here!

Since this was done to avoid surprises and long waiting times, it would not feel right to let them sit further untouched, and A Dice Odyssey will start 14 hours after this update.

It will only last a week as the sets are limited, and the new campaign is tailored on the current number of supporters. Should they sell out, more sets will be made, but these batches have been made for you - so take a look at the secret preview page and decide before anyone else if there's something you like (please click on the image): 

A Dice Odyssey - from  Dec. 7th to Dec. 14th 2018
A Dice Odyssey - from Dec. 7th to Dec. 14th 2018

Breaking News

Posted by Gio Lasar Design (Creator)
Please CLICK on the image to hear the full reportage.
Please CLICK on the image to hear the full reportage.

I hope you are all enjoying these warm summer days, while I have been busy working on completing my other project and sending replacements to a few backers who didn't get their rewards. I am now rebuilding the campaign page for the upcoming Kickstarter.

The main video is ready though, so grab some popcorn and click on the image above.
I have published it on Youtube to let you see it and hear it in HD quality, please adjust the quality settings if it shows up at a lower bitrate than 720p.

Back to Earth

Posted by Gio Lasar Design (Creator)

I am so happy you can finally appreciate how well the Sky's Edge have turned out! Did you know they are almost handmade by pumping layer after layer in the mold?

Fulfillment went smoothly albeit slowly, and you should be receiving your second shipment soon (if you didn't already). It seems that those of you who enjoyed the opportunity to pre-order the full set are making everyone else really envious ;)

I could not update you before as some pressing issues took hold of me in the last month, but I am back on track in case you need assistance. I also have important news for you.

Little by little, in six months the pre-order store raised almost as much as the original campaign. This enabled me to invest in an expensive full set mold, and later in a first run of Sky’s Edge sets, all to prevent and solve any further manufacturing issues before the next campaign would even be launched.

For the same reason I have been working well in advance on more original designs, to be offered as Stretch Goals or to be unlocked as the campaign progressed.

All the same, most of my energies have been spent in the fulfillment of this one, and apparently the factory making the Sky’s Edge is increasingly busy - with longer waiting times for prototypes and production - making it really hard to define a safe strategy for a Dice Odyssey.

I guess nobody wants to wait indefinitely once again, and in our best interest I have decided to place an order right away for the three main sets, leaving the Stretch Goals and further original sets to a follow-up campaign later in autumn.

Since all three new sets share the same mold, I managed to cut a deal to make a thousand of each set instead of the usual minimum of a couple thousands per color; couldn’t afford more, and such limited quantities are feasible in a shorter time.

This means there will be a limit on available rewards, although the sets will be reprinted later if there is enough demand. If you plan to grab a set or two, please follow Gio Lasar Design on Kickstarter in order to be notified as soon as the campaign is online, or subscribe to the newsletter at

Let me know your thoughts!

Cloudy with a chance of Full Sets

Posted by Gio Lasar Design (Creator)

While the Sky's Edge are being packaged for shipping, many of you were so kind to offer valuable feedback on this campaign in addition to confirming their address. Thanks!
All details are important in space missions, and a Dice Odyssey will be no exception :)

In order to apply your suggestions, and to give full priority to fulfillment, the launch of the new campaign has to be postponed to a later date this month, when the skies are clearer!

More details in the next update.

Landing Successful

Posted by Gio Lasar Design (Creator)

Turn on your speakers! The Sky's Edge have arrived and they are BEAUTIFUL.

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You can see the final full set and d6 in the images below, surrounded by the prototype set made in December, and the first 3 layers proof of concept dating back to over one year ago, before the Deluxe Celebrations campaign begun. The improved 5 layers gradient is so much more vibrant and smooth, it was worth the effort and additional manufacturing costs.

They will be immediately prepared for shipping. Thanks for your trust and support!

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